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The association marketplace has caught my attention as a promising avenue for eLearning services. Professional consultant Jeff Cobb has positioned himself as an expert on eLearning and associations. His current research report on the association eLearning space is a bargain at $200. As I mentioned in eLearning Blogs Contribute to Industry Dialogue , Cobb did an excellent job on his three part series on “Marketing Your Blog.”

eLearning Guru Horton disappears! Where are the Hortons?

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If I had to pick one eLearning must-read, it would be Bill Horton’s eLearning by Design. I was skeptical initially—Bill and his partner Kit had simply dropped out of the eLearning community and taken a sabbatical over a year ago. I was shocked that “the book” was not even for sale in the eLearning Guild’s Annual Gathering’s bookstore this year. Tags: Bill Horton eLearning books eLearning Guru

Instructional Design Explained - Interview with George Joeckel


If you use an LMS to run an eLearning project, then you probably know that course development is inseparably connected with instructional design. How to develop an effective eLearning course?

Infographic on Learning Experience Design Trends in 2018

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Design plays a major role in the success of an eLearning program. Modern eLearning is all about creating engaging and powerful learning experiences that drive the user to complete the training program with ease.

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VIDEO BLOG: Weiss Paints Picture of eLearning in 2020

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It is something that impacts on both eLearning vendors and buyers alike - eLearning in five years' time will be as unrecognisable from today as today is from five years' ago, if not even more so. eLearning guru, Craig Weiss, took some time out on his recent two-day visit to London to commit some of his thoughts and predictions as to what online learning will look like in 2020 to video.

Conversation with Kevin Kruse–Best Selling Author

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Since that first meeting, we’ve co-presented on the topic of evidence-based training, worked together when he was a CEO of one of his many companies, collaborated on parts of his ground-breaking website/blog eLearning Guru and frequently meet up at speaking engagements.

Will the LMS still be a viable platform for eLearning in 2020?

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In part three of our exclusive interview with eLearning guru Craig Weiss, Craig reveals why he thinks the Learning Management System (LMS) industry is here to stay.

February 2016 Updates


10 ways characters can improve your eLearning courses : My 10 favorite ways to use characters in eLearning. 10 Tips from L&D Pro Jane Bozarth : Interview with eLearning guru, Jane Botharth. Free eLearning tool of the month. 4 quotes relevant to eLearning.

The Future of eLearning with Craig Weiss, Part II

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In the second part of our exclusive interview with eLearning guru Craig Weiss, Craig reveals how he got into eLearning and how his education space experiences helped him foresee the future of the industry. We caught up with Craig during his first ever UK seminar, supported by eLearning Age, where he uncovered his thoughts and predictions as to what online learning will look like in 2020.

A little reflection ahead of Craig Weiss' annual LMS report

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We’re just a few days away from eLearning guru, Craig Weiss, revealing his much-anticipated Top 50 LMS Report for 2017, and yep, there are a few nerves kicking in.In

News: Tomb Raider Creator Confirmed For E-Learning 20-20

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Discover how Lara Croft became a gaming icon when one of the men behind the Tomb Raider phenomenon looks at what eLearning can learn from its global success at the second ‘E-Learning 20-20 – Stay Ahead of the Game’ seminar later this month.

How will MOOCs and SPOCs effect the eLearning world?

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But what effect will MOOCs and SPOCs have on the eLearning world? To find out, we asked influential eLearning guru Craig Weiss for his thoughts. Read more: New Media Writing Prize Winners Announced Will the LMS Still Be a Viable Platform For eLearning in 2020?

Are You Always Out of Time?


For more advice on time management strategies see what elearning guru Kevin Thorne has to say here. We live in a world of limited resources, and the most limited of resources is time. Easily wasted and impossible to get back, time is the only resource required for every aspect of your life. February is Time Management Month, so we’re doing a lot of thinking about we manage our time!

3 Tips to Take Control of Lectora’s Title Explorer

eLearning Brothers

Brother Adam is an eLearning guru, instructional design expert, and artisan sandwich aficionado at eLearning Brothers. Blogging mostly about Lectora, human performance technology, and the state of eLearning.

eLearning tips from Tom Kuhlmann


I had the pleasure of interviewing eLearning guru Tom Kuhlmann, VP of Community at Articulate and the author of the Rapid eLearning Blog , the most popular blog in the eLearning industry with over 100k subscribers. Tools like Storyline have democratized elearning.

News: Weiss Sees Future In Games As E-Learning 20-20 Looms

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eLearning guru Craig Weiss has described gamification and education as “the perfect fit” as he prepares for next week's ‘E-Learning 20-20 - Stay Ahead of the Game’ seminars in London. Craig added: “There is no doubt in my mind that by 2020, corporate training will be 90% eLearning. "We

NEWS: David and Laura New Captains of Content Ship!

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Two of our award-winning instructional design team have taken the helm in helping steer our eLearning strategy forwards through 2014. Laura Hooper, 2012 Learning Awards Instructional Designer of the Year, is our new Head of Content Development, with responsibility for the eLearning Development gang and our Digital Design and ID teams.

EVENT: E-Learning 2020 - The future of eLearning with Craig Weiss

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e.learning age in association with Unicorn Training presents 'E-Learning 2020 - The future of eLearning with Craig Weiss'. For the first time ever in the UK, inspirational eLearning guru Craig Weiss will be flying in from LA to provide his unique insights on the evolution of eLearning and what’s next for the industry. Founder and CEO of E-Learning 24/7, Craig was named the fourth most influential person in the world for eLearning in 2013.

NEWS: Weiss - "British eLearning Needs To Push WOW Factor"

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eLearning guru Craig Weiss believes that the ‘WOW’ factor in British eLearning is not filtering down to the market quick enough. Speaking ahead of his first ever UK seminar, ‘E-Learning 2020 – The future of eLearning’, on 27th of this month in London, Craig believes that the products, features and innovation are undoubtedly there in the British eLearning industry for buyers to capitalize on.

BLOG - Has The UK eLearning Sector Got Complacent?

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Fresh from picking up the Outstanding Learning Organisation Award at the 2013 eLearning Awards, Unicorn CEO, Peter Phillips, asks has the UK eLearning sector got complacent? Does this leave the traditional eLearning companies in a perilous position?

Career Reflections: Alex Lindsay and Digital Media Literacy

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And it was only a few years ago that I really started to hear Alex talking specifically about education, corporate training, and elearning projects. And one that I hope will help you see that Corporate eLearning is not what you think it is today.

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DevLearn…. a word from Jackie

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We Brits have to stick together, so the only concurrent session that we both attended was the last one titled “The New Learning Architect” by the Uk’s very own eLearning guru Clive Shepherd. Thanks to the eLearning Guild for once again organising a top quality event One feature of DevLearn is the concurrent sessions. In each 1 hour timeslot there may be a dozen or more of these sessions to choose from, so Jackie and I generally split up and cover different topics.

The Insider’s Guide to Student-Centered Approach – Interview with Sam Gliksman


Don’t worry, Sam Gliksman, an eLearning guru and author a book “Creating Media for Learning.

A Conversation with New York Times Bestselling Author Kevin Kruse

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Since that first meeting, we’ve co-presented on the topic of evidence-based training, worked together when he was a CEO of one of his many companies, collaborated on parts of his ground-breaking website/blog eLearning Guru and frequently meet up at speaking engagements.

eLearning: Top 20 Must-Read BLOGS

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Sean Stoker    In our own, considered, humble opinion, we have an awesome blog that every eLearning professional should read. But sometimes we like to see what our colleagues are doing, which means taking a look at the multitude of eLearning knowledge that exists all over the web. Here are a few blogs that you simply must bookmark and read on a consistent basis: eLearning Industry. The eLearning Coach. Rapid eLearning Blog. By