My impressions of fluid boxes.

Adobe Captivate

The first thing that I don’t quite understand the purpose of is the inability to use grouped objects or to place png or jpg files on top of each other within a fluid box. I just drag two pngs from the project library and place one on top of another. After working on a little project created with fluid boxes I want to share some impressions and maybe present some problems. Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere in my descriptions.

How to Choose The Best eReader for Your Institution


However, keep in mind that not all eReaders can handle all formats, for example, some will support HTML, plain text, and JPG, but not the open-standard ‘ePUB’. Does it have a library of additional resources and is it possible to upload new ones?

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5 Best Software for Book to eBook Conversion


It makes increased business sense for publishers to digitize their library of books using eBook conversion tools and tap this additional source of revenue. . This tool can handle various types of conversions such as Word to PDF, ePub to PDF, and JPG to PDF.

Spruce Up Your Seller Profile for Optimal Presence and Performance


With this in mind, we highly suggest you create several bundles within your library. jpg,png, etc.) We suggest you select the most popular course within your library or a course that is relevant to current training regulations in your field.

Three graphic design tools to help you create superb learning assets

Superb Learning

The free plan comes with public projects, a number of widgets and charts, download as JPG, limited templates, 100 MB of storage, and the ability to do up to five projects. If you are looking for the best graphic design tool, you will have a number of different options to select from.

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Creators’ Guide to SEO Success


Think of it like this: WebP > JPG > PNG. You can just Google “compress images” or “jpg to webp” and choose what works for you! There are more than 3.5 billion searches every day only on Google. As a course creator, you want to get your courses in front of as many people as possible.

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How to create custom social media graphics in PowerPoint


Go to File > Save As then change the file type to JPG. Alternatively, BrightSlide has a built-in animation library you can pull animation combinations from to add a little professional polish to your slide.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

Mike Taylor

The Doodle Library – hundreds of unique hand-drawn SVG doodles – free to download, share and adapt under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Grab this free downloadable library of 150 Custom Color schemes for Microsoft #PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Unearth – A music library for content creator. cchound is a curated library of free music for content creators. VectorMagic -Easily Convert JPG, PNG, GIF Files to PDF, SVG, EPS Vectors.

M-Learning: Landscape Changer: E-Reader

eLearning 24-7

Again, eventually the big guys will have to follow suit.GIF,JPG,BMP. You can add a “Library&# to your LMS and offer the same features and capabilities to your end users. How about sections in your library? Same as the library, they pick what they want – templates, mini guides, social media offerings, you name it, it can be done. I know that there are quite a few out there right now going HUH??

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The ULTIMATE Guide to PowerPoint Alternatives


Organization (Coming soon): All Pro features and shared slide and asset library, single sign-on, brand control. There’s a decent library of images and icons, but you can also import images from your computer or pull from other presentations you’ve created with

Tech Toolbox | January 2021

Mike Taylor

AI Image Upscaler – Enlarge Images & Photos Online for Free Free online smart upscaler software to enlarge images and photos (JPG, PNG) without losing quality. 200+ Free Christmas Designs (Clipart, Images, Fonts) – Christmas HQ Get your Christmas designs off to a great start with our library of over 200 free holiday fonts, backgrounds, clip art, images, borders and so much more. YouTube Audio Library [link].

Product Review: Liquid Authoring Content Authoring Tool

eLearning 24-7

Media Library upload is fast, but I’m running at 20Mbps for upload, the only time it was somewhat slow was when uploading a PDF file. Can create root folders in the media library. jpg,gif,png), audio file (.mp3), When selecting a file within the library, you have to double click it to have it go into the course, even though you click once to choose it and it will identify what type – image, audio/video depending on the option button you select.

L&D Toolbox for February 2021

Mike Taylor

Convert PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, merge PDF, split PDF, compress PDF, etc. Merge PDF, split PDF, compress PDF, office to PDF, PDF to JPG and more! FormSwift: Create Legal Documents – Select a template from our library of 500+ documents. Office 365 Stock Library – Choose from thousands of royalty-free images, including stock images, icons, videos, cut-out characters, and stickers that you can insert in your Office files.

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Adobe eLearning Suite CS4

Big Dog, Little Dog

Its complete in that it contains just about all the applications you need for building an engaging elearning platform and the applications are integrated in that they work well together, for example, when you update an asset (external file) in Captivate's Library, it is automatically updated in the Library, which provides a seamless workflow. To help with the creation of content Adobe ELearning Suite also contains: Photoshop for working with graphic files such as JPG and GIF images.

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