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Using JavaScript, PHP and MySQL to Log Captivate Variable Data

Adobe Captivate

I am going to show you how to use JavaScript and PHP to capture Captivate variable data into MySQL tables. Once the data is posted to the MySQL tables it can be reported on using PHP or a PHP Report Generator. This instructional video will show you how to do this: As shown in the instructional video the JavaScript $.post

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Installing Moodle™: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

Lambda Solutions

Database: Set up a compatible database system, such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server. PHP: Ensure your server has PHP installed, preferably version 7.2 or higher, with necessary extensions like GD and XML. Domain and Hosting: Domain name: Register a unique domain name that reflects your Moodle site's identity.

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PointClickCare Meets Demands on L&D & Engages Top Talent with Degreed


Helping the company stay competitive, people embraced content on a wide range of topics, exploring leadership, communication and project management and technical skills including React, MySQL and Docker and Kubernetes. Importantly, people feel engaged in their development as they ??own

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FAQs of IETMs – Code And Pixels

Use of IETMs for Navy Air Force Defence

All the manuals are converted into the MYSQL database and stored. This IETM framework or software is designed using Angular, Node.Js, MYSQL databases. S1000D uses XML files whereas JSG uses MySQL as a database. Level -3 IETM uses XML or HTML and makes it much dynamic than PDF. Level -4 is database-based IETM.

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Links of the Week

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

The kit includes step-by-step instructions on how to set up the PHP development framework and a MySQL database on your Windows machine. " You can get started with PHP by downloading Mary's free PHP Code Starter Kit. You also learn how to query and display dynamic content from the database to a PHP page for display on the Web.

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eILT survey

Moodle Journal

Giving it some thought over the end of term break I decided to put my php/mysql to use and create a web database for the purpose, this was we will have ready access to reports also.

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Teaching Data Management Skills: Tools and Resources for Educators


Database Management Systems (DBMS) To equip students with the knowledge of how to create and manage databases, introduce them to popular DBMS such as MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Oracle. This will help enhance their problem-solving abilities and prepare them for the practical demands of data management roles in various industries.

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