Using JavaScript, PHP and MySQL to Log Captivate Variable Data

Adobe Captivate

I am going to show you how to use JavaScript and PHP to capture Captivate variable data into MySQL tables. Once the data is posted to the MySQL tables it can be reported on using PHP or a PHP Report Generator. The PHP $_REQUEST command receives the Captivate variables into the PHP program where the data is processed and stored in the MySQL table where it can be reported on. Blog Captivate JavaScript meditations MySQL

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Open Source E-Learning Development 21: content distribution and solution stacks

The E-Learning Curve

I'm going to look at the foundation of web-based e-learning delivery: Apache, MySQL and PHP, Perl & Python and examples of how they're bundled in *AMP packages Open Source E-Learning Development 21: content distribution and solution stacks is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. Tags: e-learning AMP package delivery: Apache e-elearning content delivery LAMP MAMP MySQL Perl PHP Python WAMP


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The E-Learning Curve Blog Lives! (Again)

The E-Learning Curve

It made Exodus look like a walk in the desert for 40 years… Following a horrendous migration to a new web service provider (don’t talk to ME about incompatibility between table structures in different versions of MySQL, thank you very… Continue Reading → The post The E-Learning Curve Blog Lives!

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How We Use Adobe Shadow for Mobile Learning Development

Bottom-Line Performance

Install MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on a MAC. Install WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on a PC. Nick demonstrates Adobe Shadow on multiple devices. Are you using Adobe Shadow ? It’s a free tool released last Spring by, you guessed it, Adobe. Adobe Shadow is a series of Applications and Plugins that makes previewing web content on all devices simple.

Notes and tracking

Moodle Journal

I have a suspicion that in the long term it may be a more effective time/benefit approach than continuing the development of my PHP/MySQL application, what with ePortfolio space and tracking soon to appear over the horizon, or so I am reliably informed Well I have completed the update of course training notes for the new 1.5 version of Moodle and finally go round, cannot imagine why it took so long though, to creating a custom scale that we can use for our Edexcel course grading schemes.

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Links of the Week

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

The kit includes step-by-step instructions on how to set up the PHP development framework and a MySQL database on your Windows machine. Flash isn't BAD and HTML5 isn't GOOD In the seemingly never ending Flash vs. HTML wars, Streaming Learning Center's Jan Ozer decided to run a simple test (using YouTube) to compare both players' CPU utilization. In summary: Flash isn't always bad and HTML5 isn't always good. Click here for his findings.

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Announcing the end-of-life for eFront 3.6 branch, including eFront Open-Source


Heck, eFront was built on top of several Open-Source projects, from PHP to MYSQL. It is with a certain sadness that we announce that we shall stop further development for the 3.6 branch of eFront by the end of 2015; this affects the open-source edition of eFront as well. Our team will focus on eFrontPro, our reshaped vision for the next-generation LMS. We will keep supporting customers of Educational and Enterprise eFront editions up to the end of 2016.

SCORM Supports It But How About Your LMS?

JCA Solutions

MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MariaDB, SimpleDB, NoSQL, no problem. SCORM Supports It But How About Your LMS? You have an LMS to deliver courses and track user data, and…it’s not doing it quite right.


12 Reasons for Why You Need This Moodle Analytics Plugin


The add-on is cross-compatible with the world’s most favorite databases – MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, and PL/pgSQL. When you think of Moodle learning analytics, what problems come to your mind while measuring them? Depending on the context, your answer might change from time to time.

The Curious Case of Managed WordPress Hosting

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

A MySQL version 5.0 For many new WordPress users, WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting, in particular, is a tough nut to crack.

Anatomy of an ISP meltdown

Jay Cross

Transferring ten years of accumulated posts on five blogs and six MySQL databases is beyond my abilities. Networking issues causing mysql and web downtime. Unfortunately, we’re experiencing some networking issues that are affecting our web (including PS) and mysql servers. Packetloss on some MySQL’s and one web-server. Ten days ago most of my websites disappeared from the web.

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Quick Glance: Conference Sessions on Using an LMS


See how to set up custom reporting within the Moodle LMS environment using Lectora, PHP, MySQL and Moodle LMS. Here’s a glance at some of the awesome sessions we have planned at the 2014 Lectora® User Conference, April 1 – 3, in Los Angeles, California. We’re so excited to head to LA for 3 days of e-Learning networking, valuable presentations and fun!

6 Popular LearnDash Hosting Options (And How to Choose the Best One)

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Geeky note:- Every session corresponds to a MySQL connection process, and hosting providers set a limit on the number of active MySQL connections you can have at any time. For any website, the choice of web hosting is a critical one.

‘Konnect’ to Liberate Learning from LMS

Origin Learning

While using MySQL as a database works well for transactional systems such as traditional LMS, Origin built a system based on Mongo DB, which includes an extended LRS. How do organizations track the progress of learning? Have you felt that the tools and methods used to monitor this aspect are archaic? Isn’t it a challenge especially given that there are not many players in the market focusing on learning big data analytics?

Check Out This Gamified E-Learning Example

Rapid eLearning

They used a JavaScript trigger to send the player data to a MySQL database. At a recent conference I ran into Ken Haas and John Kostrey who work for Sodexho. They were showcasing a nice gamified course they built as part of the training program for facility management. What I like about the course is that it’s more than the typical linear, click-and-read course. They used a lot of the core building blocks for interactive elearning.

Developing A Layar Application

Upside Learning

It uses PHP and MySQL. We believe Layar , the AR browser can have a significant role to play in mobile learning. We have been playing with Layar for a some weeks now and yesterday we released a layer for Pune city. This is our first public layer which would be useful for the public as well as (hopefully) provide us valuable feedback about Layar development. Below I share my development experience of creating the Pune Layar.

The Do-It-Yourselfer’s Complete Guide to WordPress Maintenance

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

WordPress uses the database creation and management system MySQL and administrative tools like phpMyAdmin that give you access to these databases.

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How to Build an Online Education Website Like Udemy

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

If you choose an open-source platform, you can choose open-source database management systems like MySQL. There’s no doubt in the fact that Udemy is the most successful e-Learning website ever created.

Kineo Insights Webinar: Kronos Moodle Case Study

Learning Visions

Integrated Moodle’s mySQL database to integrate with Kronos’ internal reporting system – Questions: Does Moodle have support for competency based role analysis? Today as part of the Kineo Insights webinar series – a conversation on open source. The following are my notes from Part 2 of the webinar: Our Journey: Harnessing Moodle to Deliver Customer Training Kronos – Scott Severn and Lynn Bennett – manage the customer training team for Kronos.

A Toolkit to Develop E-Learning in an Open (XML) Environment

The E-Learning Curve

Returning from content development theory , the gratis/libre debate, and the pros and cons of each approach, this post will focus on the range of tools that you need to develop e-learning content in a (relatively) open environment. Now read on… The key to developing e-learning courseware in an open environment is to use a production model that liberates instructional design and content authoring from your final media outputs.

Supply and Demand, the Battle for Knowledge and Skills

CLO Magazine

Here is a sampling of a few skills and knowledge in demand: Citrix software, Drupal, FileMaker Pro, Google adWords, McAfee software, MySQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc. The world is changing incredibly fast, and like hamsters on the spinning wheel, learning leaders are trying to keep up. Sadly, many of us are running faster and faster and falling ever further behind. The issue here is not the state of the world, but how we are reacting to it.

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eLearning Thought Leaders: Mark Lassoff

eLearning Weekly

Mark works with and trains javascript, PERL, XML, CSS, PHP/MySQL, and the new and somewhat talked about HTML5. Mark Lassoff of I was very lucky to catch Mark Lassoff in between speaking at DevLearn, working on his forthcoming book from Focal Press, and producing his next training video for the company he founded, Mark is an anomoly in the world of elearning these days, because he knows how to code.

The Real Cost of a Free (Open Source) LMS!

Upside Learning

If IT doesn’t have the skills (mostly PHP and MySQL and of course a good understanding of the LMS code) you either outsource that part or hire additional staff to do the same. Moodle is a good LMS with which has grown over the years and offers a host of functionality and features that are very useful to have in an LMS. Add to it the fact that its open source which makes it free to use, has made it very popular.

10 Best Learning Software in 2020

Ed App

Claroline is a free LMS, ie an online learning management system based on PHP and MySQL. To make distance learning part of their knowledge management process, companies need to form, administer, and maintain appropriate infrastructure.

Q&A: Using the Flexibility of Lectora for Language Learning


Record-keeping is done through the use of forms talking to a MySQL database and managed through a separate front-end. Here at Trivantis®, we love hearing and sharing what our customers are doing with Lectora®. Andrew Lian has been teaching languages since 1971—and he was one of the pioneers of technology-enhanced language learning.


E-learning Deployment – Considerations and Tools


The most commonly used are Apache and MySQL, but there are several options, including IIS and SQL Server in the Windows side of the fence. So you decided to deploy an e-learning solution for your enterprise or organization. Or maybe build an e-learning school of your own. As long-time e-learning experts we welcome you to this exciting endeavor.

Open source in corporate learning – The need to take it seriously.

Learning Cafe

The software behind the web site is based on LAMP (Lamp, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and the application it uses is WordPress, one of the most popular blogging application. The world of learning has been buffeted by the GFC and its after effects. Almost all forms of learning have been impacted. In Australia, as in other parts of the world, corporate training budgets have been cut and any training considered “discretionary” (read non – compliance) is being questioned.

Professional Support at an Open Source LMS: Interview with Athanasios Papagelis Co-founder & Technical Director at Epignosis Ltd


Many issues are raised due to infrastructure problems (Server characteristics, PHP and Mysql installed, Operating system -- and this is a very short list). What is one of the reasons that SMEs choose eFront as an eLearning solution? Athanasios Papagelis - Co-founder & Technical Director at Epignosis Ltd: One of the reasons that eFront is an extremely successful eLearning solution especially for medium organizations is the fact that is well supported.

Duolingo: The Smartest Business Model in Education Technology


MySQL. Everybody wants to learn an exotic foreign language and be good at it for what it’s worth. And yet, the foreign language learning platforms on the web have never really picked up. That is, until the arrival of Duolingo. What is Duolingo? The Duolingo business model is for a person who wants to learn new languages like German, French, and others.

How can I start my own e-learning business?


Also, MySQL and Redis cache can use for brilliant database management and performance. Starting an e-learning business is one of the most trending business in 2019. As the sphere of e-learning is getting enlarged with more courses and genres, online tutoring businesses has become prevalent across the globe. With these courses, learners are getting easy and accessible ways to earn new skills and work on their self-improvement.

Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

April's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help. For me it is a blog community and following many experts on Twitter. Not only am I often made aware of new tools, but also get opinions, tips, and examples of their use.

4 ways to maximize microlearning effectiveness


One of the best ways to guarantee that the eLearning content translates seamlessly across all devices is to build it using open source technology, such as Moodle, PHP, MySQL, or JavaScript frameworks. 4 ways to maximize microlearning effectiveness. The concept of microlearning makes sense.

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Build a Learning Portal Using WordPress

eLearning Weekly

Essentially, you’ll need to have PHP and MySQL installed wherever you want to set up the portal. The hardest part about setting up WordPress is making sure you have PHP and MySQL installed and ready to go. I’ve written before about learning portals and how they can be a great way to improve access to learning materials for users.

Knowledge and Learning In The News

Big Dog, Little Dog

MySQL Users Conference (podcast). Going Home. We have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have gone before us; the labyrinth is thoroughly known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero path. It's All About Leadership! Leadership is not about power or position, but the power of positive influence regardless of position. Building a system that is capable of handling one billion transactions a day is easier than it sounds.

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How Modern Trends Impact E-Learning Courses


For example, if an employee successfully completes courses on PHP, MySQL and HTML with positive results, then the system will assign a badge “Web programming specialist” to such a user. by Michael Treser The last few years have drastically changed the approach to how people interact with e-learning courses and how those courses are created.

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An Open Source Environment for E-Learning Content Development

The E-Learning Curve

MySQL - database software. As I'm in the process of updating my website ’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS), I though it would be interesting to discuss open source environments, and how they can be implemented in an e-learning content development ecosystem. Context When I began developing my website and blog, I decided to use an open standards approach during the course of their initial development, as much for philosophical as for financial or any other reasons.

Building an Internal Simulation Capacity

The Learning Circuits

mySQL) to even manipulation of batches of number in Excel languages programming - Organizations need people with some sort of programming and scripting to generate interactivity.