Moodle VS Blackboard – Who’s the winner?


Inspite of being a paid learning management system , Blackboard rocks the boat when it comes to a number of organizations it holds under the belt for larger FTE’s (full-time employees.). This certainly doesn’t mean that Blackboard has more users than Moodle. Moodle vs Blackboard. Blackboard, on the other hand, is a paid LMS and can be used right out of the box which is much easier and hassle free. Moodle vs Blackboard comparison chart.

Blackboard Unveils Update for Flagship LMS

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5 Blackboard Inc. has unveiled a new release for its flagship LMS Blackboard Learn, marking a milestone in the company’s effort to bring innovation to its core teaching and learning products. One of the biggest changes, “My Blackboard,” aims to offer users a simpler way to access information that’s most important to them with a centralized view of updates from all of the courses and organizations they participate in. Source: Blackboard Inc

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Instilled’s parent company, Learning Technologies Group, to acquire Blackboard’s Open LMS for $31.7 million


LONDON, UK — 10 March 2020 — Instilled’s parent company, Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), a global leader in the high-growth workplace learning and talent industry, has entered into an agreement to acquire all intellectual property and assets relating to Blackboard’s Open LMS platform for $31.7 Under a partnership agreement, LTG is to resell Blackboard products integrating with Open LMS. Note: a version of this press release originally appeared on

Moodle 2.9 Pre-Release Announcement

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With more than 70 million users, Moodle is the clear market leader, with almost double the adoption of the two subsequent vendors, SumTotal and Blackboard, combined. There are 4 main areas of Moodle that will be enhanced in the new version: Moodle 2.9Moodle 2.9 is officially on its way. Moodle is the world’s leading Learning Management System.

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TEACHING ONLINE: Teachers are Going Online. Corporate Trainers Could Learn from Their Experience

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Some school systems already have virtual learning systems set up: Blackboard, Canvas, Google Classrooms, and so on. Here are the details:   Cost:   Free version.   14.99/month version: Meet with up to 100 people, with no time limit.   Webex Personal: If you are familiar with the corporate version of this software, with its rather high costs, you may be surprised to learn there is a free version!   Free version.

Upgrading to a New LMS: Have some Fun with It

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Here are a couple of parody videos designed to introduce a campus to a new version of the Blackboard LMS. To me, the clever idea of making an updgrade to a new version of a software an exciting venture worthy of some humor is a good thing.

Converting Classroom Content into eLearning


You may need to produce several versions of the content to suit the needs of a diverse audience. Unlike an ILT class, which is traditionally presented using an overhead projector, flip charts or a blackboard, your converted content should be designed for multi-modal presentations – including desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

Daily Bookmarks 12/16/2008

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Our goal is not simply to create a better and cheaper version of Blackboard. Sakai 3 Proposal. Vision for what Sakai could look like in the future. The authors envision an LMS based on widgets with lots of flexibility, social networking, and content creation tools. The proposed changes to the organization (doing away with sites) would make Sakai much more flexible outside of a traditional academic course environment.

The Top 5 Free Learning Management Platforms

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CourseSites by Blackboard. Blackboard is one of the most popular names in the learning management software market, and this is a free version of their commercial product, Blackboard Learn. Option to integrate with other Blackboard offerings. This compels companies who use the LMS to rely on Blackboard to customize the system according to their needs. Jim is the L&D manager of a large multinational company.

Learning Systems for 2018 (11 to 15)

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13 Blackboard Corporate. They have the HE version as you know and play in the K-12 space, but this for the Corporate which is for the most part the same as the HE version (not ideal IMO, but hey it is not my company). In my twenty functions for administration, Blackboard scored a perfect twenty. They do well in Government and Blackboard for the higher education market is number one for 2018. #12 Day two. A blizzard hits the prairie. It’s cold.

Top Open-Source LMS in 2020 to enhance your learning experience


Moodle is free LMS and can be used for in its vanilla version endlessly. EFRONT: eFront is open source like Moodle, but unlike Moodle, there are paid and free versions. With the paid versions there is no need to pay installation or implementation fees as the software is hosted. For your money, if you choose the paid version you get social learning functionality, integration with eCommerce and the ability to create and award certifications.

Learning System Award Winners 2019

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Docebo, Asentia LMS, Syfadis Experience, Saba, G-Cube, Brainier LMS, Persona Learning Management, SkyPrep, Blackboard (Corp version), . After seeing the latest version of Saba and talking to execs, and the recent acquisition of Lumesse with me:time too, Saba returns to the Top 50. .

Is the cloud hastening the demise of the LMS?


The IMS Global Learning Consortium has announced the release latest version of the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability Specification – Version 1.1. Blackboard, for example, provides a rich set of tools; however, they only work on Blackboard. If you use these tools, the packages are not portable, and you can only choose from the set of tools Blackboard has to offer. LEARNING REACHES TO THE CLOUD.

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Welcome Camtasia Relay 1.2!

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And, if you are an existing Camtasia Relay customer, the new version is a free update! Your audience can view and listen to the recorded lectures and presentations online linked via Blackboard, iTunes U, or on mobile devices such as the iPod or iPhone. Good news!

Odessa College Builds Student Success with TechSmith Relay

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The team created a resource course called Blackboard 101, focused on helping faculty set up their TechSmith account, showing them how to record video, how to use that video in their class, and how to sync the recording with the school’s Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS). “ All of our courses, whether online, hybrid, or face-to-face have a presence in our Blackboard LMS.

Digital Badges for Educational Achievement

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BadgeKit is currently in private beta testing, so a version of the web app hosted by Mozilla is not publicly available. The latest version of Blackboard Learn as well as recent versions of Moodle and our own CourseStage all have badging capabilities. Is Your Organization Ready? Learning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. But it’s often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen outside of school.

Best Software Tools and Tips for Online Teaching

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Free versions usually have constraints related to time, number of people that can join in a session, and specific features. However, explore them for limitations and constraints that come with free versions. Proctor U – for online exams ( Paid version only). Blackboard Learn.

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Learning Tools – Do these really belong?

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Blackboard generates the highest amount of revenue/sales in the entire LMS space, yet they are in the last tier of top tools, along with Axonify and D2L, both of which combined do not even get close to the total sales ($$$) of Blackboard. Articulate Storyline (latest version).

5 Free Learning Management Tools to Administer Your Online Training

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CourseSites by Blackboard. Blackboard is a very well-known name in the e-learning course administration world, and CourseSites is the free version of its popular commercial offering, Blackboard Learn. Integrate easily with other Blackboard products. This compels firms to rely on Blackboard to customize the course management tool according to their needs. Bob is the training manager of a large multinational pharmaceutical company.

When Misused Buzzwords Attack

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A non-interactive version might be a recorded lecture of an auditor discussing how to conduct an audit. A non-immersive course on the subject might have the same content presented on a blackboard and an assessment about the wording or numbering of the safety rules. Interactive. Immersive. Innovative/ Creative/ Different. Effective. All of the above. These words get thrown around a lot. Frankly, it troubles me when they’re used incorrectly because it leads to misunderstandings.

Podcast 31: Inside Open Source Learning Systems – With eThink CEO Brian Carlson

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His university relied on Blackboard LMS , which was the predominant academic learning management system at the time. Since Blackboard was the only game in town, the price points were very high. Isn’t Moodle creating its own corporate version?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud-Based Technology for E-Learning

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In response, key players like Blackboard and Moodle now have cloud-based versions of their applications. Having your head in the clouds now holds a whole new meaning with the development of cloud-based technology. The recent evolution of the internet has seen it move from a place to visit web pages to an environment allowing users to run software applications. For that reason, cloud computing is a rapid growth area of the IT sector, with Web 3.0

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Should You Switch from Moodle to LearnDash?


If you’re using Moodle, then obviously you know that Moodle is a learning platform that educators can use to manage online course content, similar to Blackboard, Teachable, or LearnDash. On the other hand, a proprietary platform, such as Blackboard, is owned by the developing company, and cannot be modified by external developers. In fact, Blackboard now offers an open-source version of its LMS for added flexibility.

The Top 5 Best Bridge LMS Alternatives


You really want to opt for a SaaS version. Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn is a learning management system that is fully scalable.

Top 5 Training Material Development Software


Google, One Drive, Blackboard Colloborate, NBC Learn, Atomic Learning, eSchoolPlus, Respondus, and more. Starts at Basic Essential version for $300 for a lifetime license. A strong training material development software is key to staying current with technological and industry advancements. You want your training and development program to drive employee skill development. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and better keep up with customer demand.

Top 10 Higher Ed/EDU LMSs for 2017

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The higher ed version is different in many ways and while students at that level need a fun atmosphere, overwhelmingly in the HE space – those dedicated solely to it, the approach is not there. Again, this is for HE version, not the corporate or K-12 ones. #9 8 Blackboard Learning Insight (HE) – I know, I know. Nowadays, it seems that if a university has Instructure and decides to switch, they seem to go Blackboard. A good tiding to you all.

10 Training Tracking Tool Options To Boost Team Learning


Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn is another great option in terms of a learning management system. If you would like the cloud-based version, prices start at $37 per month for up to 50 users to $592 per month for up to 10,000 users. If you’re in the market for a new learning software provider, a training tracking tool is a must. Since every company has different needs, we’ve created a list of the top 10 providers.

A technology angle to Christmas and the way we greet!

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Like learning which has broken the confines of classrooms and blackboards and coming to terms with virtual realities , Christmas is an ‘indulgence’ that everyone voluntarily gives into to bask in the yuletide spirit that has become the hallmark of this world-wide popular festival. Versions will vary from time to time but the conversations will always revolve around the heady spirit and the magical body that the festival has come to symbolize!

E-Learning is Becoming More Social: Here’s How it’s Happening


Applications like Blackboard are already in use at many universities and technical colleges, acting as their online class platforms. The best versions of e-Learning will combine both of these social needs. In March of 1999, the movie “The Matrix” was released. In addition to revolutionizing the way cinema was made, as with most sci-fi movies, it introduced new concepts of where technology could eventually take us.

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10 Free Learning Management Systems

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CourseSites is the free version of Blackboard Learn, the premium solution from the Blackboard Company which specializes in providing educational technology solutions and services. Learning is an integral part of being human. We learn our whole lives, from the groundwork of mathematics, such as counting, addition and subtraction, to more complicated concepts such as how the universe works and what our place in the galaxy is.

How to choose an LMS


You might already have stumbled-upon Moodle, Dokeos, Blackboard, Saba or Sumtotal. Start with an easy-to-use LMS (intuitive for people, easy to maintain, visually appealing etc) and whenever your needs exceeds its capabilities check for an advanced version of it or something better altogether. So, you are looking to buy an LMS. You have definitely stumbled-upon eFront, otherwise you would not be reading this message.

Can you recommend an LMS?

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I admit I was surprised that Cornerstone Learning Suite, Saba, Blackboard, Bridge, SuccessFactors, Linkedin Learning and even Docebo did not. Schoolguru (corporate version). Blackboard (corporate) – but I’m hearing that their web conf component (usually extra cost) is having issues (according to some readers). Perhaps you have to someone you know. Or maybe you have posted this same question on various social media platforms such as Linkedin.

How to Train Faculty to Create Quality Online Courses

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Both the readable and watchable versions should show faculty where to click for each step, and what to do next. Or, they can hand-write equations for calculus, physics, and more, right on their screen, as if they are writing on a blackboard.

My Workflow with Synergy

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Setting up courses in Blackboard. I have different versions of Internet Explorer on my computers, so I use both for testing purposes. This is a follow-up to my post on the features of Synergy. My last post covered how Synergy works. This post focuses on how I work with Synergy, both when I’m in live online events and during my daily work. Liveblogging & Team Meetings.

Global LMS Functionality: Do You Speak the Language?

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Localized versions of content are standalone content items. Each piece of content has the ability to be delivered in localized versions. In this high-value, low-hype webinar our Lead Analyst, John Leh teams up with Tom Holz, Blackboard International Senior Director to share their best advice. Global LMS — What does that term mean to you? Truth is, it means many different things to different organizations.

The 10 Best MindTickle Alternatives


Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn is a learning management system that is fully scalable. If you would like the cloud-based version, prices start at $37 per month for up to 50 users to $592 per month for up to 10,000 users. If you are considering MindTickle for onboarding, coaching, sales enablement or learning, weigh your options before selecting this platform. There are several MindTickle competitors worth a look.

A first look at Sakai 3

Clive on Learning

I've worked for many years with Moodle and Blackboard, but have had absolutely no contact with Sakai, so what he had to show us was interesting: In the development of version 3, they have borrowed ideas from social media sites and built these ideas into the VLE, rather than "going out into the wild." Our goal is not simply to create a better and cheaper version of Blackboard.

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