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Cornerstone Acquires SumTotal For $200 Million

Josh Bersin on Enterprise Learning

Today was a pretty iconic announcement: after decades of investment, Skillsoft decided to give up on the LMS market and sell SumTotal Systems to Cornerstone for $200 Million. Read more» The post Cornerstone Acquires SumTotal For $200 Million appeared first on JOSH BERSIN.

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OpenSesame announces partnership with SumTotal to streamline learning across the employee lifecycle


Portland, OR- 11 August 2020- OpenSesame, the global elearning innovator, announced a partnership with SumTotal to deliver its curated 20,000+ elearning courses on SumTotal’s talent development platform. Large enterprises and high-growth companies can now access a broader range of high-quality elearning content.


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OpenSesame and SumTotal Integration Improves Employee Learning, Upskilling, and Training Process


OpenSesame, a market-leading SaaS global eLearning innovator, announced an integration with SumTotal—learning, talent, and workforce management company. The integration allows Learning & Development administrators to send OpenSesame content to their SumTotal LMS quickly and effortlessly. About SumTotal. Learn more: [link].

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SumTotal Acquires GeoLearning

Kapp Notes

Today, SumTotal announced the acquisition of GeoLearning. As of January 5, 2011, SumTotal and GeoLearning are now one integrated company with a unified strategy and vision. Why is SumTotal acquiring GeoLearning? Will GeoLearning management team and employees join SumTotal? Here is some information from the announcement.

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eFront as a SumTotal alternative


The client was using SumTotal as its backbone LMS and was in need of a comprehensive and efficient alternative solution. Why change from SumTotal. The decision to move away from SumTotal was not an easy one. SumTotal is one of the leaders in the LMS space for numeral reasons. Cost of ownership. This one is obvious.

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Skillsoft buying SumTotal – My Take

eLearning 24-7

Like many of you, I was surprised to find out that Skillsoft is in the process of acquiring SumTotal. Combination of Skillsoft and SumTotal offers comprehensive, content-rich HR solutions. Getting back to Skillsoft and SumTotal. I have no problem with Skillsoft buying SumTotal. I doubt it.

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Skillsoft Acquires SumTotal: Crazy or Genius?

Talented Learning

In only a few short days, my reaction to Skillsoft acquiring SumTotal Systems has shifted from “Wow!” I love acquisitions. They shake things up and restack the competitive deck giving new competitors a chance. to “Hmmm” to “Eureka” to “Yeah!”.