Creating PDF Forms

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by Sally Cox    PDFs are everywhere, and forms are still one of the most popular PDF types. Whether you are creating a form from scratch or updating an existing one, I bet I can show you a few things you didn't know about PDF forms. Creating a New PDF Form.

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10 Benefits of Converting PDF to ePUB

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And since all this is not possible with content in a PDF format, it builds the case to convert your PDF content into eBook format that is PDF to ePub. To give some context, eBooks, when they first came into being, were mainly available in the static PDF format.

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PDF or ePUB- Which is the Better Format for ePublishing?


Constantly evolving technology and rapid content digitization have completely transformed the epublishing world today with PDF and ePUB emerging as two of the most common eBook formats used across the industry. PDF (Portable Document Format). Pros of using PDF.

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Small is Big: Converting PDFs to E-Learning Modules

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What does a PDF bring to mind? Existing PDFs, can however be converted into short e-learning courses, keeping the following things in mind: Chunking content. Chunking content will be the basic task of converting any PDF to a course. Pages and pages of words?

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How to Convert a PDF file to a SCORM Package in a Few Clicks

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You can convert any PDF to SCORM with a special tool. For example, you may use the iSpring Suite authoring… Read More. How-to Tools

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PDF Forms Part 2: Text Fields

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Now that I have a PDF that I want to convert to a form, I am ready to add text fields.    As you'll recall, I created a postcard-sized PDF in Adobe Illustrator that I want to use for my form.   Here is my PDF opened in Adobe Acrobat. (If

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How To Convert Files To PDF

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For the purpose of eLearning, converting any file to PDF is most important when the user can send files without another individual interfering with their published work. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Free Educational Technology Educational Technology eLearning Interactivity Free Educational Technology Tools Learning Solutions

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Converting a Text-heavy PDF Document into an Engaging E-learning Curriculum

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Do you have stacks of documents in the PDF format, each running into hundreds of pages? Are you looking to convert them into good e-learning materials that can be accessed easily by your people? Transforming a bland, text-heavy PDF document into an online curriculum.

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7 PDF Tools for eLearning Professionals

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Sometimes your online course PDF files can get a bit out of hand. Instead of wasting your time and resources on unsuccessful PDF editing, check out these great PDF tools. These tools can help you easily modify, convert, or view any PDF file.

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How to Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to a PDF File

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If you want to make your PowerPoint presentation universal, printer-friendly and compact, then converting it to PDF may be a good idea. This article explains how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file and also how to share a presentation without sacrificing interactivity.

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How To Convert Your PDFs into eLearning


No matter where you go, you will run into a pdf file! It’s a pdf again – electronic or hard copy. Go through the pdf to learn “step by step” how to and several other how-to’s – all in pdfs. Divide a large pdf into parts.

Introducing Our Updated SCORM Converter


Today, Knowledge Anywhere has released its second generation SCORM converter, Scormify. Scormify was created to help training professionals easily take their current content and convert it with the click of a button. The app allows administrators to convert videos and documents.


How to Transform a PDF into an eLearning Course

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In this post, we will shed light on how to transform PDF content (training material) into an online course. PDF and PowerPoint are the two major formats that we use for training material and/or presentation. If you already have the training material in a PDF format, you are good to go.

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Best Practices: Working with Text-Based (PDF) Courses

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This blog discusses a few best practices on working with text-based ( PDF ) courses. Just like any course, PDF-based courses need to be created keeping the learner in mind. Before you begin uploading your PDF into your course authoring tool , it is always a great idea to analyze it. If your files lack consistency, create a standard course material template in a Word doc, add the text, make necessary adjustments, and then export it into a PDF format to be used in the course.

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Convert eLearning into microlearning to supercharge your LMS

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That might contain additional PDF documents and maybe cheat sheets, handouts, anything that could be maybe downloaded or printed.

Adobe PDF Online

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Create Adobe PDF Online is a web-hosted service that lets you convert a wide variety of documents to Adobe PDF files. Select a file from your hard drive, and the online program creates an Adobe® PDF file for you. Enter the URL of a Web page, and the program will capture it as an Adobe PDF file. You upload the file and choose the way you want it delivered - converted immediately in the web browser, or emailed to you as a link or attachment.

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10 Reasons to Convert Your Credentialing and Certification Programs to eLearning

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Need a reason to convert your existing instructor-led credentialing and certification programs to eLearning? Here are the top 10 reasons associations should convert their credentialing and certification programs to eLearning: 1.

Fantastic File Converter

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Via , please welcome CometDocs - Free Online File Converter. Popular options such as converting from PDF to MS-Word, PDF to Excel, and html to PDF are just some examples. It was easy to use and converted each of my files within one minute.

Converting Content To Microlearning: How SmartUp Does It


At SmartUp , we understand that transforming textbooks and PDF documents into microlearning content may seem like a daunting task. The post Converting Content To Microlearning: How SmartUp Does It appeared first on SmartUp.

Leveraging Acrobat DC and Captivate 2017 to Enhance Self-directed Learning Opportunities

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After some research and a great deal of thought a decision was made to develop an interactive PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC and Captivate, and to create a supplemental iBook to address the shortcomings in Acrobat DC reader for Apple mobile devices. PDF Design. Overview.

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Using Screencasts to Create High-Converting Sales Proposals

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It was so painful spending all this money on marketing, doing twice the amount of work preparing super-detailed PDF proposals, and then having my win rate slashed in half,” Chad lamented. For example: Points don’t get lost in translation because he can add extra details and visuals that he wouldn’t typically include in a PDF proposal. The post Using Screencasts to Create High-Converting Sales Proposals appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

Educate the Mobile Generation: Convert WORD documents to ePub and MOBI

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I was providing nice printer-friendly PDF files as one format and PDF does work on most mobile devices but it’s not optimized for mobile delivery. I am converting my WORD documents to ePub and MOBI formats. In addition, it also converts from one eBook format to another.

Publishing for the Mobile – Dos and Don’ts


Keep a close eye on the metrics: The main reason for shifting from PDF to using digital assets is the ability to keep a tab on real-time metrics. Consider converting PDFs to ePubs and use the IDPF defined ePub 3 format if you are an ebooks, journals or magazine publisher.

Making the Move: Converting Training into Online Courses

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If you are an expert in your field and have some great training up your sleeve, why not convert it into elearning courses? Pull together and evaluate everything you have (PDF, presentations, audio, videos). eLearning is on the rise and it’s here to stay. Effective instructional technologies and rich learning experiences coupled with flexibility and cost-effectiveness make elearning an ideal way for people to develop knowledge and learn new skills with ease.

How to Quickly Convert PowerPoint into HTML5 Online Courses Using iSpring

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You can convert your PowerPoint presentation into different formats, such as video, PDF, and XPS, with just a few clicks. Let’s see the steps involved in converting PowerPoint decks into HTML5-based online courses using iSpring.

Make Reading Accessible To All With Our Ebook Conversion Services

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Magic has a great tool aptly named SmarTouch that allows authors, production engineers and publishing house to easily convert and export their content. . The interactive eBook creator (EPUB3 Converter) enables the customization of eBooks to suit their reading and learning style. .

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How to Convert Your Training Content into Mobile Learning Format


Best Practices to Convert Your Training Content into Mobile Learning . The process of converting traditional learning material into a mobile-ready format can be simplified if you follow the guidelines of being brief, relevant, and interesting. You can also start with existing slides or a policy PDF, if you already have them in your content files, and break them down into smaller pieces.

MagicBoxTM is Exhibiting at ISTE 2019


The platform is equipped with a state-of-the-art conversion tool, which can convert PDF files to high-fidelity, IDPF compliant, ePub3 format , with a click of a button. Event : International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2019. Date: June 23-26, 2019. Venue: Philadelphia.

XML Workflow: The New Content Process Publishers Need

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A typical XML-first workflow follows this path or similar: authoring in Word; manuscript converted to XML; online editing in XML; XML assembly or typesetting; proofreading in PDF, on paper, or in XML files; XML corrections; XML files published for print, eBooks, websites, apps, and so on.

Yo Quiero Learning! Taco Bell Spices Up Training

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Phase two involved converting the format of all standard operating procedures to dynamic, interactive “Inkdocs.” In addition to hyperlinks and videos/sound clips that can be included in an interactive PDF, Inkdocs include flashcards, quizzes, self-assessments, timelines and more.

Tips & tricks for self publishers – Part 3

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When converting to PDF – which CreateSpace requires – check the page size again in the printer settings. When the PDF is produced, check yet again the size of the pages. It’s important to appreciate that PDF is a WYSIWYG technology: What You See Is What You Get.

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Tips & tricks for self publishers – Part 3

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When converting to PDF – which CreateSpace requires – check the page size again in the printer settings. I used BullZip’s free PDF Printer ; if you do too, I recommend picking “Flate” for your image compression and “Prepress” for the output quality. When the PDF is produced, check yet again the size of the pages. It’s important to appreciate that PDF is a WYSIWYG technology: What You See Is What You Get.

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Online courses must die!

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Frankly, there’s nothing most online courses do that a PDF can’t. Anyone (and I mean just about anyone ) can create and update a PDF. Suddenly SMEs are back in the game… Write up a Word doc and convert it? Update the Word doc and re-convert it?

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Free Webinar: 5 Must-Haves in an LMS to Get Mobile Learning Right

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Clicking the link will download a PDF of the paper.) Captivate Prime mLearning Uncategorized Webinar Adobe LMS blended learning convert to responsive design eLearning Learning Management System LMS mobile Learning qr codeI can’t believe we’re already scheduling classes for September… My new webinar is inspired by Adobe’s white paper by the same name. Check out page three for useful L&D studies and resources.

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Acrobat: CreatePDF Service in the Cloud

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It's called Adobe PDF and can be used to create a PDF file from any application that has print capabilities. You need to produce a PDF on the spot, but without your Adobe PDF print driver at hand, you're stuck. by David R.