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ID and e-Learning Links (8/25/14)

Experiencing eLearning

Freeware application for creating “action mazes” or branching scenarios. tags: freeware e-learning scenarios branching. Currently everything is written by Kevin but you can sign up to contribute. tags: elearning wiki research learning training seriousmanifesto onlineteaching.

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Top eBook to Audiobook Converters


All you will need is freeware or an app. Make sure that the freeware you select has a textbook reader that supports your eBook formats and converts them into MP3, WAV, and other audio formats. If you have a Mac, you may want to note that you do not need to download any freeware. However, you can also create your own.

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Tune-up Your E-Learning Workstation for the New Year

E-learning Uncovered

Freeware maintenance software. When comparing commercial and freeware tune-up suites, be sure to focus on the types of maintenance utilities you are most interested in. When comparing commercial and freeware tune-up suites, be sure to focus on the types of maintenance utilities you are most interested in.

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FAQs of IETMs – Code And Pixels

Use of IETMs for Navy Air Force Defence

Is IETM freeware or open source? IETM is not freeware and not open-source. This IETM was initiated in US defense having MIL-PRF-87268A number (MIL-M-87268, 87269) Based on these MIL standards, the Ministry of Defense, Directorate of Standardization, Joint service Guide (JSG) has framed guidelines which is 0852:2019.

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Daily Bookmarks 03/16/2008

Experiencing eLearning

tags: freeware , graphics , tools. Resources, expertise, technology, needs (of learners, educators, society), and funds impact what we choose to do. In a world: context. The mix of multiple, mutually influencing factors determine what we types of technology we select. Paint blends with other colors and has texture like actual paint.

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Embracing The AGILE Method For Great eLearning Results


Leverage technology, in the form of tools such as JIRA Software systems , some of which, such as Taiga and Freedcamp , are open-source and freeware that you can use without obligation. As your Agile online training development team starts working, you should start thinking of ways to support them in becoming even more agile.

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Question: Tracking CBTs

Experiencing eLearning

My experience has mostly been in higher ed, so I’ve always needed to do grading or more tracking than what this reader needs: I am the sole person involved with e-Learning in my branch, and I am mostly limited to using freeware. Â At present we are developing self-paced CBTS using PowerPoint, a PowerPoint-to-Flash converter, and HTML.

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