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Articulate Storyline 360: Background Audio Now Supported

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Note: You can import the following audio formats into Storyline: AAC, AIF, AIFF, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA.) Click the Add Audio icon (the plus sign) and select  Audio from File  or  Media Library  to upload your audio.

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Adobe Captivate: Export Audio

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  The Save dialog box will open where you can select from either  WAV or  MP3. While MP3 files are not as high quality as WAV files, the smaller size of a typical MP3 will more than make up for what you might lose in sound quality. When in doubt, I would suggest  MP3. Check out the Library (Window menu).


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Top eBook to Audiobook Converters


Make sure that the freeware you select has a textbook reader that supports your eBook formats and converts them into MP3, WAV, and other audio formats. This converter can convert eBooks in HTML, TXT, RTF, DOC, and MHT formats to the WAV audio format. You can also use free software to read aloud your documents. Panopreter Basic.

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Podcasting like a pro! (Part 2) – How to edit and publish your podcast recording


Two things must be done before you begin: First, use AoA Audio Extractor to extract your file from GoToMeeting (or other recording tool) & convert to “WAV”. Note: if your recording tool allows you to export your file automatically to “WAV” you can skip the first step. Step 1: Convert your file to “WAV”. Import Intro WAV.

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How to Produce Good Quality Audio for eLearning Courses


Also, the best sound formats to work with for the sound is going to be WAV. You can also convert WAV into MP3 without much audio loss, and then sync it on top of any of the videos that you are working with. For sound quality, though, you should always start off with a WAV file.

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Q&A: Audio in Captivate

Adobe Captivate

If you import audio, you choose best for the uncompressed WAV-format over MP3. Only wav files can be edited. If you want to edit an imported MP3-file, Captivate has to expand that file to create a WAV file. You will see 2 files with different format in the LibraryAudio folder in that case.

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Reduce the Size of a Captivate Project

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wav and.mp3 files). Recently our customer Paul Thrippleton raised a CPTX file size bloating issue in forums. Thanks Paul for raising the issue. We worked on it and have found out that the issue is seen because of the audio files (.wav " You can find the full article on the Adobe Captivate blog.

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