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Custom eLearning Solutions for a Post Covid19 Workforce

Infopro Learning

Now in 2021, organizations are no longer planning on a return to the learning solutions of the past. Forward-thinking organizations are now developing new custom eLearning solutions that build business resilience in preparation for the post Covid19 workforce. An outcomes-based approach for more effective learning solutions.

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Using eLearning As A Cost Effective Training Solution


Employee eLearning has great potential to offer a cost effective solution for many businesses. Companies that provide employee training, or are looking to, will want to know where the cost benefit lies and what the rewards of training online are, especially in these trying times.

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Corporate Meeting Solutions: Cost-Cutting Tips To Boost Remote Collaboration

eLearning Industry

The best corporate meeting software features take video conferencing to the next level. It’s no longer just for remote client pitches or quick team chats. You can use the tool to train your team, provide JIT support, and foster knowledge sharing, as well as build stronger rapport with loyal customers and bring in new business.

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How To Create Cost-Effective eLearning Courses

Brilliant Teams

Learn how to create cost-effective eLearning courses that deliver high-quality education without breaking the bank. However, creating cost-effective eLearning courses can be a challenge for many individuals and organizations. Leverage Existing Content One cost-effective approach is to repurpose existing content.

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Why B2B Contact and Account Data Management Is Critical to Your ROI

The digital age has brought about increased investment in data quality solutions. You'll learn about: The true cost of bad (and good) data. 64% of successful data-driven marketers say improving data quality is the most challenging obstacle to achieving success. How data impacts your organization as a whole.

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How AI-Based Custom eLearning Solutions are Transforming Employee Training

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Unlock the potential of your workforce with AI-based custom eLearning solutions! So, let’s dive into how AI-based custom eLearning solutions are transforming employee training, and shaping the future of professional development! That’s where AI-based customized eLearning solutions come in.

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eLearning Solutions, an endowment for the Retail Industry!


The eLearning is an effective way to bond the gap by delivering valuable training with the use of a learning management software with less cost, unlike any other traditional training. Hence, the Retail Industry has cleverly planned to incorporate eLearning solutions. The post eLearning Solutions, an endowment for the Retail Industry!

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Content Distribution Made Easy: Serving Customers Your High Compliance Training

But with various options for managing and delivering courses, what’s the right solution for your organization? Our free eBook covers considerations to note when selecting any distribution solution. And if they aren’t able to access your high stakes training, the consequences for your customers can be extremely costly.

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Does Your Company Need Help Solving These 4 Common eLearning Challenges?

Lambda Solutions has identified the most common and costly challenges faced by eLearning providers today. These include: Overcoming the high cost of scaling. If you want to know how to get ahead of the game and avoid the common mishaps in selling your eLearning courses, you’ve come to the right place!

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Best Practices for Accelerating the Sales Process

More often than not, sales leaders strive to accelerate their deal cycle, but it’s critical to also consider the opportunity cost. Solution-centric mentality. The bottom line is that, in B2B sales, speed is useless without control. What's covered: Targeted prospecting. Efficient outreach strategy.

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Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

This ebook outlines 5 critical steps to develop learning solutions that will help you achieve the most ambitious objectives. A well-designed learning curriculum develops and nurtures skills needed to achieve organizational and business goals with the most effective and engaging set of experiences.

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Give Your Microlearning Strategy a Makeover

Speaker: Margie Meacham

While microlearning may be a solution, it takes time and resources to rethink instructional design. With disruptive technologies changing the nature of work, you’re facing pressure to produce more results with less – less time, smaller staffs, fewer resources and shorter learner attention spans.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Knowing what you need from an eLearning authoring tool can be hard, especially when there are so many options on the market. gomo’s new ebook aims to save you time and hassle by identifying 12 must-have authoring tool features.

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Agile Microlearning Explained

Learner engagement and retention doesn’t have to be a mystery. Cognitive science theories already supply the answers. Learn how OttoLearn packages them into a single platform you can use to deliver microlearning based reinforcement training, and go beyond completions to focus on outcomes.