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Discussion with Lucid Meetings

Kapp Notes

The other day I had a chance to learn about Lucid Meetings and to hear what they are doing in terms of creating interesting meeting spaces. We offer a solution for working teams to help improve the quality and effectiveness of their meetings.

Do you know what the advantages of e-learning are for companies with distributed teams?


Large companies or multinationals tend to have teams that are distributed over a large geographical area. New technologies allow companies to work incredibly well this way, but training is where things can get tough. It allows you to align your team.

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Determinism, Best Practice, and the ‘Training Solution’

Performance Learning Productivity

If we’re to learn from others we should be looking at good practice and novel practices that we can adopt and adapt and massage to work in our own specific context. Best practice exists only in simple working environments.

5 Key Ways to Improve Training and Development


The advantages can help differentiate your service and allow you to meet a larger range of your customer’s needs: • More Flexibility : many companies are becoming more unwilling to allow workers large amounts of time away from their desk for in-person training.

?ot just cat videos: 5 Social Learning Myths


But even before a formal study of social learning was put forward, people have been learning from others outside of a strict teacher-learner relationship for millennia , both in and out of school setting (at work, at play, at home, etc.). The ancient world had its myths.

Global digital tribe

Learning with e's

Most anthropologists agree that a tribe is a (small) society that practices its own customs and culture, and that these define the tribe. These often exhibit customs and cultural values that separate them from activities that occur in ''real life'' contexts.

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