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Maximize Your Content: A Guide to Nine Curation Tools

Learning Rebels

The Learning Rebels’ Top Curation Tools Evernote What it is: Evernote is a powerhouse for content curation. Workplace Example: Use Evernote to curate resources for specific training modules, tagging each item for easy retrieval during planning sessions. So, make your first move, and let us know how it goes.

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Using Evernote to Design and Deliver Training


On Thursday, August 18, I attended the first ever Evernote Trunk Conference in San Francisco. I have heard of people using Evernote for all kinds of reasons up to and including “putting everything in Evernote.&# Evernote is not just a place to record ideas. I wanted to learn more. Keep Track of Ideas. Capture It.


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Evernote Participant Profiles: A conversation with EverwiseWomen


Evernote demonstrates their commitment to supporting women in positions of influence as a founding Silicon Valley EverwiseWomen partner. As a way of celebrating Women’s History Month, we wanted to highlight a few of the talented EverwiseWomen participants Evernote is sponsoring. What attracted you to join Evernote? That’s easy.

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How To Create Your eLearning Checklist With Evernote

DigitalChalk eLearning

Evernote is a virtual workspace to help you get things done. Communicate, collaborate, and share in real-time, all within Evernote. Bonus: Evernote is compatible on all devices. Let’s create a checklist with Evernote. First, log into your Evernote account. If you are ready to present, it’s no problem.

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Post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Evernote from Snagit!

TechSmith Camtasia

Once you install them, you'll see buttons inside Snagit to upload images and videos directly to Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube! The buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote must be installed manually. On Mac, you can use the Evernote output with version 1 but will need version 2 for the others.

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The Only 5 Tools You Should Use To Create An Ebook


Evernote: Evernote is good to use when you are in the brainstorming stage and still coming up with ideas to create an eBook. Basically, Evernote works as a digital format of the yellow sticky notes – instead of messing up your desk and using paper, you can put all your ideas and notes on folders in Evernote.

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30 Day Brainstorm Challenge Day 2: I’m Ready to Rumble

Learning Rebels

and using these techniques I’m able to access and review my notes – from there they become blog posts, other resources or stored in Evernote. So, I went into my Evernote app to begin to set up a “Creative Notes” page. I read most of my business/L&D related books on my ipad using the the Kindle app.

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