Media Translation and Business Success


Media is of great importance for daily life as it often shapes our vision, likes, preferences, and determines our choices. In order to get your message across to a greater audience, it is a good idea to have all your media content translated. What is media translation?

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PowerPoint 2007: Adding Voiceover Narration to Presentations Converted to Movies

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Last week I detailed how to turn a PowerPoint 2007 presentation into a movie that could be uploaded to popular video sharing sites like YouTube.      If you wanted to add voiceover narration to the movie, however, you may have run into a bit of a problem--there is only one row in the Windows Movie Maker timeline for audio. The Save Windows Media file window will appear. by AJ George.


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How to Decide the Best Media for Instruction with Betty Dannewitz

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When you create instructional content, which media do you use? Perhaps you have a favorite type of media that you turn to time and time again, or maybe certain media types resonate better with your audience. What assets are considered to be “media”?

17 Online Tools You Need For Awesome Social Media Content


When it comes to social media marketing , the situation looks a bit like a top modeling competition. Luckily, there is now an abundance of modern online tools focused on social media content creation. 17 Online Tools You Need For Awesome Social Media Content.

How to Create Compelling Video Content for Learning

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You can watch the video on this topic at the top of this post, to listen to the podcast episode, hit play below, or read on for more… A media-first approach. But Mark likes to take a media-first approach. A common learning video type is a screencast with a synthesized voiceover.

How to Make a Tutorial Video (FREE TEMPLATES!)

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The right side of the script is for your voiceover. Record and edit your voiceover. While you can record your screen and microphone at the same time, we find it’s best to record your voiceover first — especially for more formal or customer-facing tutorial videos.

PowerPoint 2010: Converting Presentations to Movies

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

PowerPoint 2010 has a new feature allowing presentations to quickly and easily be saved directly to.wmv (Windows Media Video) format.   From the Save as Type drop-down menu, select Windows Media Video (*.wmv). Following these directions, you can take the long way to insert videos from YouTube into your presentation.   Related article: PowerPoint 2007: Adding Voiceover Narration to Presentations Converted to Movies. by AJ George.

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How to insert video and audio into Google Slides


Having a voiceover throughout your presentation can bring benefits, such as engaging the audience’s focus, breaking boredom, and increasing retention. How to embed a YouTube video in Google Slides: Click Insert on the menu bar, scroll down and select Video.

How to Make Great Training Videos in 2022


In non-business settings, training videos may cover topics like how to cook a specific meal or fix your printer machine – content that most DIY videos offer on YouTube. Most screencasts will use voiceover to guide the learner to complete a set of tasks.

Keeping Video Content Up To Date

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CAREFUL : Simply saving the project file is often not enough; as most video editors only reference the actual media clips used in a project. These media clips need be archived as well. TechSmith Camtasia includes a handy “Export as Zip” option that will bundle the project file and all media together into a single ZIP file that can easily be stored and re-imported at any point for such purposes. Example: IBM’s Watson Voice Technology was used to generate the voiceover.

How to Get Your Whole Team Making Videos

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As if video editing wasn’t daunting enough, many (if not most) videos you create are going to need a voiceover. You can record and edit voiceovers right in Camtasia. At TechSmith, we use Canva for a lot of our blog and social media graphics.

Successful Online Learning: How One Professor Uses Camtasia for Her Online Classes

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Watch it here on YouTube. Folding in illustrations, examples, clips, and other bits of media — with captions, voiceover, music, and more — is crucial for creating useful online course content.”. Online courses are nothing new, but the way some professors are approaching them has made a huge impact on distance learning retention and engagement. Reaching students online can be difficult, especially when they’re across the country.

How to Edit Video (With Step-by-Step Video)

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tscproj) versions of both the intro and outro webcam videos (YouTube Intro and Outro Videos). tscproj) versions of the YouTube screen process. Three versions (all in uncompressed.wav format) of the voiceover. And then I also did a voiceover. ’ Add media.

10 PPT to SCORM Converters

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Features: File size reduction, PPT to SCORM, Animation, Audio Editor, synchronize audio tracks, customizable flash player, Insert flash movie, Record your own voiceover, and more. As you can probably guess from the name, Scormify is a platform that allows users to convert various file/media types into SCORM compliant courses. These include Vimeo, PPT, Youtube, PDF, Word, and other generic streaming videos.

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The 34 Best Training Video Software – Full Comparison Guide


YouTube Video Editing Software. Some of its interesting features are Voice recording, speed control, screen drawing, stamps, face-camera, and YouTube upload. Users can upload their videos straight to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Screencast.

Web2.0 explained - images and music only - BEAUTIFUL

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

If you are into this stuff new web stuff already, then watch this video for the amazing storytelling quality sans voiceover. THIS is new media, and WE (ISDers) don't do it well. elearnspace points to this wonderful video. 5 mins that will, once and for all, help you understand what's going on with the web. That's right an amazingly complete overview of a very complex technical topic all done without narration. You can read O'reilly's Take on Web2.0

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Free learning & development webinars for October 2021

Limestone Learning

If it feels like your time is being drained away by some evil vampire (or maybe YouTube), you’re in fine company. PT: Storytelling Is Unnecessary in Learning Lessons — Use Hyper-Stories Instead We are bombarded by multiple stimuli from all forms of media.

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Instructional Video Styles: Choose Your Own


These two terms can be generalized to the broader notions of “human embodiment” and “instructional media” respectively. In this article, we are using those terms to characterize several lecture styles we met on YouTube. However, we have to mention that the speaker is not always in competition with the instructional media for the attention of the learner. The presenter is interspersed with slides or other media. The presenter is interspersed with slides or other media.

How to MOOC: Technology-Enabled Learning Tools, Part 1

Your Training Edge

In fact, they have been in development for nearly 100 years (check out this excellent Mindflash infographic on the history of the LMS ), but MOOCs, social media, and the demands of educating hundreds of thousands of people all at once have moved LMSs from mere online content delivery portals to fully interactive learning tools. Other video tools include films, whiteboard animations, voiceover PowerPoint presentations, and Prezi presentations – you name it, your MOOC can handle it.

How to Make a Great Educational Video (Free Template)

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If your video will include any other visuals or assets, such as music, screenshots or other images, or other videos, import them by clicking Import Media and navigating to the folder where your assets are located. Recommended Reading: The Best Way to Record Voiceover for PowerPoint.

Part II : Where Are You with Your Blended Learning Strategy?


The bandwidth just wasn’t there and for several years, and the alternative of sending out “training in a box” with a DVD with its production and distribution costs paled in comparison to quickly developing a few pages of text, static images, and later voiceover. Then along came YouTube and other video streaming services supported by an explosion in bandwidth and the distribution of video as part of eLearning is no longer an issue. Part 2 of Part 4.

22 Powerful Tools to Create and Edit your Own Instructional Videos


Users of Storygami can transform YouTube videos into interactive experiences known as ‘folding stories’. Apart from these feature TouchCast also provides valuable analytics and comes with a variety of interactive elements that are called video apps (vApps): Image vApps, Video inside a video, PDF vApps, Dropbox vApps, Video vApps, Hotspot vApps, YouTube vApps, Photo and Map vApps, Google Drive vApps, etc. Finally, you can save your video to your device or share it on social media.

11 Mind Blowing Uses Of Virtual Reality In Enterprise L&D And HR


If you look at the media, you’d probably think that video game enthusiasts and marketing firms are going to be the biggest winners as hardware costs decrease and more people get access to the headsets. According to Rayna Hollander of Business Insider : Boeing plans to cut engineer training time by 75% by using the Microsoft HoloLens to train engineers in recognizing and combining different pieces of equipment, aided by digital text pop-ups and a voiceover providing guidance.

Fantastic Five: Know Your E-learning Development Tools

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Library of media elements: Captivate 9 also comes with an asset store containing more than 25,000 media elements that is a boon to developers. Courses can be directly uploaded on YouTube using the iSpring Publishing Window. This tool can add voiceover to a character’s lines in dialogue simulations, infusing conversations with a realistic touch. How do you develop an engaging online course?

The Ultimate Video Marketing Playbook (2021)

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Put your video content strategy in three categories: Traffic driving videos (short, concise videos for social media platforms) Content marketing video (longer, more in-depth videos for YouTube & your website. Social media videos. Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


What’s great about this tool is that it allows you to print your final result and share it with others and promoting it on social media. Once you finish, you can save these posters to your computer, share them for other users to see either through your website or embed it in wikis, external sites and social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. If you want to create your own webinars, you might want to use the following tools: Youtube Live.

The best infographic tools for online training


Sharing your infographic on social media is made super easy with Adobe Spark. As well as providing templates, there’s the option to embed images and videos from YouTube. There’s even the option to animate or include video and audio content — including recording your own voiceover.

10 Training Video Software

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You can also add videos from external sources, such as YouTube and Vimeo, if you already have existing videos uploaded on those platforms. You can even create your own character to use in your videos and add voiceovers with auto lip-sync so you don’t have to worry about editing it later on.

7 Questions To Ask Before You Hit Record: A Pre-Production Checklist

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Tone and style are made up of the language you use, how you speak on-screen or in voiceover narration, musical choices, along with the visuals you include. But, a general “how-to” YouTube channel might be appropriate for both topics, depending on your target audience.

How to Get Publicity and Influencer Marketing for Course Creators with Esther Kiss


When most people think about publicity, they think of traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Publicity can be generated from new media, such as podcasts, YouTube shows, Facebook live events, blogs, and all kinds of ways. Esther shares insights on how new media may be more niche and have a smaller audience than traditional media outlets, but the audience is highly targeted compared to traditional media.

63 Great eLearning Posts and Hottest Topics for November 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

Mark’s focus is to look at social media tools, their impact on an organisation’s culture. The catch is that you can use social media and Web 2.0. YouTube. and now social media) and then fade. My argument is that new media and new opportunities for learning trhough digital technologies requires new literacies. According to their recent reports, every minute 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. Social Media (94). Voiceover (6).

Video Length: How Long Should Instructional Videos Be? (New Data)

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The optimal video length for a YouTube video is different than a Facebook video. Use storytelling techniques and/or an engaging speaker/voiceover to help even dry topics seem less boring. We get the question all the time: “What’s the ideal length for a video?”

6 COVID-19 Lesson Templates for Your On-Demand Workforce


In EduMe , you can add videos from YouTube, should you find something that sufficiently conveys required information. Images and GIFs work too While you can have a lesson comprised of text alone, the more media, the merrier.