Virtual Teams Are Here To Stay (No Matter What Yahoo Says)

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How InSync Training Enables Its Virtual Workforce. If you are a regular follower of this blog, you probably know that our company, InSync Training , specializes in live online training. We work with clients all over the world to develop their live online training content, produce/facilitate their sessions and train their trainers to ensure their trainers are confident and prepared to handle the complete delivery of their synchronous training.

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Note 3 The total Spanish force in Santiago under General Linares was 6,000: 4,000 regulars, 1,000 volunteers, and 1,000 marines and sailors from the ships

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How to Show Up in Local Search Results on Yahoo ! Local

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SEO For the Do-It-Yourselfer. Gravity is founded on the expertise of its two partners, authors of the acclaimed SEO book Search Engine Optimization: An Hour A Day

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Culture vs. Control

The Performance Improvement Blog

The dust has settled a bit on the working-from-home issue which was stirred up about a month ago when Yahoo's 11,500 employees received an email from the HR department putting an end to “work-from-home arrangements” throughout the company. Apparently, Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo, is trying to change a culture that had lost the nimbleness and creativity that it needs in order to compete in the world today.

Culture Change is More Than Skin Deep

The Performance Improvement Blog

Marissa Mayer , new CEO of Yahoo, received notoriety recently when she instituted a new policy that ended employees working from home. While each of these leaders, from the Vatican to Yahoo to Dynergy, recognizes that culture change is essential to the future success of their organizations, they would be well served to recognize also the complexity of organizational culture and the necessity of going beyond symbols and artifacts.

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At Yahoo, a need to hit refresh - c/net. At the time, the approach made sense and Yahoo saw dramatic financial improvements. But those "big company" controls had a downside: they caused people to think about how to protect their own turf and put themselves--instead of the company--first, according to people familiar with Yahoo. Designing E-Learning - University of Leicester.

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Failing to See Money Hiding in Plain Sight

Skilful Minds

Tags: Collaboration Digital Ethnography Experience Design Ubiquitous Computing user experience social media marketing Location-based service Video Yahoo Group Viral video Money Amy Krouse Rosenthal Business and Economy

Lambda Solutions Will Be Attending ATD 2015

Lambda Solutions

Fellow attendees will include Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Yahoo!, Lambda Solutions will be attending the ATD 2015 International Conference & Exposition in Orlando this year. Lambda looks forward to networking with industry peers, engaging and discussing with keynote speakers, and building relationships with training partners. and HBO

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What do Indian women want freedom from?


As India celebrates its 72 nd Independence Day, Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to seven women to ask them what freedoms Indian women are still fighting for today. She recently talked to Yahoo about why Indian women need freedom from being stereotyped. Kamalika Bhattacharya , the CEO of QuoDeck believes women are more than a single dimension. Freedom IndianWomen Press QuoDeck Social Learning Trends Start-up's best practices India Indianstartups storytelling Women

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Internet Time Blog » Future of Media Summit ’08

Jay Cross

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5 Insights into Workplace Social Learning Technologies

Lambda Solutions

The evolution of social technologies from Yahoo in 1995 to Facebook in 2004 has greatly impacted the way we communicate and hence the way we learn in our professional lives. Saba and the Human Capital Media (HCM) Advisory Group surveyed over 500 senior leaders from a wide range of industries and company sizes to better understand how organizations are adopting social learning technologies to achieve their learning and talent development goals.

Extended Reality meets New York Fashion Week


Yahoo and designer Christian Cowan are utilizing extended reality to enhance their digital presence. After 18 months of remote digital life, Yahoo and Christian wanted to create a digital invitation that would bring a personal life like touch. Back to Blog Page.

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Delicious Upgrade

Tony Karrer

Yesterday, at my presentation Introduction to eLearning 2.0 - ASTD OC , I mentioned that Yahoo MyWeb had a few features that And that had made me previously conclude: Yahoo MyWeb better than, rollyo, had been acquired by Yahoo and it was likely that slowly these features would get integrated. And today, I just saw - Delicious Preview - Next Gen Search For Yahoo?

The Week That Was

CLO Magazine

Also, Yahoo''s Mayer breaks her silence on banning telework The top five stories from the week of April 22.

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Jane McGonigal is Looking More like a Prophet: Gamers Map Aids Enzyme in under Three Weeks

Adobe Captivate

She guided me to this fascinating news story from Yahoo! I was pleased to hear from an old friend Cynthia Calongne, who is Chair of Emerging Media at Colorado Tech. LINK: [link] You might also recall that a few months ago I blogged about Jane McGonigal who has become well known for the radical proposition [.]. Whats new

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NFL’s Carolina Panthers creates viral Mixed Reality Panther


Yahoo, NBC, and various other media outlets wrote featured articles. Creator from The Famous Group mentioned in an interview with Yahoo the two main differences. Back to Blog Page. The mainstream adoption of Mixed Reality continues. If you do not believe so.

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Internet Time Blog » Seeing through the crystal ball

Jay Cross

Internet Time Blog » Bulk Flickr downloads

Jay Cross

Informal Learning Blog » Younger Workers Demanding Web 2.0 Tech On The Job

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

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Top Game Lists from Others: Best and Worst

Kapp Notes

Over at a Yahoo! So its the time of year to talk about best and worst. So, from the video game perspective, here are some ideas. Worst. Here is the list of top ten most disappointing games of 2010 found at Wired. site check out 5 Worst Video Games of 2010. Here is a list of top ten video game awards from msnbc. Here is a list from CNBC. Let me know what you think. What are the best and worst of 2010? Content Guide Games video games

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How to Engage Your Learners Using Viral Videos


Other timely opportunities: Another hot news topic, security hacks are becoming more and more common, such as very high profile leaks from Yahoo! Why did people assume an Asian woman in the BBC news video was the nanny? . By now, most of the Internet seems to have seen the video of a BBC interview being interrupted by two small children. International Relations Professor Robert Kelly’s interview about South Korea was briefly interrupted when his two small children walked in.

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Marijuana in the Workplace: How to Craft an HR Policy That's Right for Your Company

ej4 eLearning

Those are the findings of a Yahoo! More than half of American adults have tried marijuana at least once in their lives, and close to 35 million consider themselves "regular users."

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Delicious Upgrade Only Skin Deep

Clark Quinn

However, it interestingly left out a lot of what I said was missing in my post - Yahoo MyWeb better than, rollyo, My claim back then was the Yahoo MyWeb has some features that made it better for a lot of corporate users, and while I hate to argue for its use, the fact that two years later after Yahoo acquired (delicious), they've not addressed these issues is a surprise.

10 resources I enjoyed in February 2013

Jane Hart

One of the hot topics on the Web over the last week or so has been Marissa Meyer’s decision to terminate working at home for Yahoo employees. Thanks to an internal memo leaked to Kara Swisher by a Yahoo employee, we have insight into a recent decision by their C-Suite. has mandated any Yahoo employee currently working from home (full-time or on occasion) must relocate their fingers and keystrokes back to the office by June. “The conclusion for Yahoo!:

More Social Media Marketing Tips

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Become a Yahoo Answers Source of Knowledge Often when I have a question, I'll run a Google search on my query and one of the top results will typically be someone else with the same question on Yahoo Answers. For more tips on building traffic with Yahoo Answers, click here. by AJ George A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an excellent online Social Media Marketing course I took.

Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 Policies

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Yahoo Employee Blogging Thomas Nelson Guide Plaxo Internet Policy Ray Jimenez, PhD "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" www.vignettestraining.comThese are examples of policies to guide employees on social network conduct and behaviors.

Delicious Upgrade Only Skin Deep

Tony Karrer

However, it interestingly left out a lot of what I said was missing in my post - Yahoo MyWeb better than, rollyo, My claim back then was the Yahoo MyWeb has some features that made it better for a lot of corporate users, and while I hate to argue for its use, the fact that two years later after Yahoo acquired (delicious), they've not addressed these issues is a surprise.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

mLearning Revolution

In 2012 tech giants like Google, Yahoo, Adobe, Microsoft, Intel and HP posted disappointing earning results. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile! This year we have seen technology companies introduce a myriad of mobile devices of all sizes, prices and operating systems. In 2012 Apple announced the iPhone 5, two new iPads and the new iPad mini; Google unveiled their first tablet, the nexus 7 and later the 10″ version; Amazon gave us three Kindle Fire HD tablets.

Hire the ‘loud’?

Clark Quinn

The recent story of Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, struck me as an interesting case. Both of these would be good outcomes for Yahoo. In thinking about how organizations can ‘learn’, it strikes me that everyone needs to be simultaneously learning and teaching. How does that happen? I think it can be scaffolded, but it may also be an inherent trait.

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Search Is A Learning Activity

Take an e-Learning Break

When a team of Pennsylvania State University researchers set out to discover the cognitive processes underlying search behavior, the team discovered that Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other search engines have become part of the learning process for people who venture online.

Future of Media Summit ‘08

Jay Cross

My table of five here at the Future of Media Summit at the Computer History Museum analyzed Yahoo! We looked at Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! It’s $10 billion over the current market cap and we’re skeptical Yahoo! to try out Future Exploration Network’s Strategy Tools. past, present, and future along the dimensions of connecivity, interfaces, relationships, services, content, and standards.

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Scary MOOC Savings

Your Training Edge

Based on the partnership between Yahoo and Coursera, for training and credential Yahoo’s software engineers for a price-this could become a “new normal” for the employees carrying out their education [4]. Though Silicon Valley has vigorously promoted MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), however, some universities and organizations are still reluctant to consider it appropriate to include it in their learning and training structure.

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Fired Over the Phone

CLO Magazine

As Susan Burnett, senior vice president of talent and organization development at Yahoo!, smiles outward from the cover of our current issue and on the front page of this website, news comes that Yahoo! According to various news sources, on the way out she sent an email to Yahoo!’s s 13,000 employees stating: “To all, I am very sad to tell you that I’ve just been fired over the phone by Yahoo’s Chairman of the Board. Today sees the release of a Yahoo! Yahoo!

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Network-Feedback Question

eLearning Cyclops

I have used Facebook, Linked In, and I blog, but I still find that user groups , such as groups in Google and Yahoo, have been the best way to network. This month's question on the Learning Circuits Blog is regarding the best place to network, or receive feedback. It is a very easy way, via e-mail, to request and receive advice, feedback, and network among peers. Of course this is still second to meeting with people face to face, for example at conferences or workshops.

The Adapter’s Advantage: Tiffani Bova on Finding Your Superpower


Tiffani has been named to the latest Thinkers50’s list of the world’s top management thinkers and is a welcomed guest on Bloomberg, BNN, Cheddar, MSNBC, and Yahoo Finance, among others. Welcome to The Adapter’s Advantage : Breakthrough Moments that Lead to Success.

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Harold's PKM Process

Tony Karrer

But I do like the full-text search of Yahoo MyWeb for finding past stuff. Another great post by Harold Jarche - My PKM System. His picture is a great visualization of how I personally go about Personal Learning for Learning Professionals. It's worth looking at his picture. Also, Harold says that the tools don't matter that much - I would tend to agree. It's more the discipline. Keywords: Personal Learning , Informal Learning

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My New Social Bookmarking Tool

eLearning Cyclops

With the initial rumor that Yahoo will be discontinuing it and now the news they may be selling it , I imported my bookmarks to Diigo. I have been a big fan of social bookmarking and my preferred tool for social bookmarking has been Delicious. It was a very easy process and retained all of my tags. This is great because I often share these tags on my blog, Twitter, e-mail and even in the classroom, so seeing them preserved was very important to me.

Cyber Security – Part II – The Cost of Hackers

Jigsaw Interactive

While computer knowledge is necessary for them to operate, and some notable breaches into heavily-protected systems have been made: Yahoo, LinkedIn, EBay, Equifax, Heartland, and JP Morgan Chase, to name just a few, hacking is usually a simpler process than you might think. In computer terms, “hacking” means using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.

How to Turn Your Employees into Perpetual and Willing Learners

SHIFT eLearning

Companies like Yahoo , HMV , Blackberry , Kodak , Polaroid , and Blockbuster failed to keep up with the times. A fat paycheck? Yes, but not always. The corner office within the next five years? Yes sure, but what about now? 401(k) plan. Health and dental insurance. Paid vacation. Well, these would be nice. What do you think is the single biggest factor that motivates employees to recommend their company as THE place to work for young, ambitious people?

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udemy Course with Marissa Mayer

Jay Cross

In this week’s ExtraCurricular, you’ll learn how to cultivate great ideas from new Yahoo! New Yahoo! Her job at the helm of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, win $1,000 for your best design, and learn how a student just like you is succeeding with what she learned on Udemy. Learn How to Cultivate Great Ideas with Marissa Mayer. CEO Marissa Mayer is an ideas expert.

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