PDI Ninth House Introduces Assessment-Driven Leadership Development Model

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The service aims to blend PDI Ninth House's simulation-based assessments with live and online elements. 29 Global leadership services provider PDI Ninth House has announced the launch of its GreatLeaderGPS, a service that blends PDI Ninth House's simulation-based assessments with live and online elements. Immediately following the assessment PDI Ninth House will then offer live online coaching and deliver a development plan to participants.

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Here is a link to an article by Margery Weinstein with an interview from me and great additional pieces and interviews with James Sharpe, senior vice president, Strategic Solutions, PDI Ninth House and Chris Musselwhite, Sue Kennedy, and Sue Probst of Discovery Learning Inc.

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Manager Training Online Courses

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Thus far I've looked at Element K, SkillSoft, Vital Learning, Ninth House, and Achieve Global. I received an inquiry from someone I know, and I'm hoping people who read this blog can make suggestions. I'm looking for vendors who supply off-the-shelf training for basic manager skills such as, time management and delegation. What I like about these providers is the scope of what they offer -- many courses to choose from. Are there other providers you'd recommend I look at?

Even the Leadership Playing Field

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A 2012 research report from global leadership firm PDI Ninth House called “Can Women Executives Break the Glass Ceiling?” To help organizations unlock the professional potential of women, PDI Ninth House researchers set out to understand how men and women differ in competencies, motivations and experiences, and if those differences can help explain why more women are not achieving higher roles.

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Boston - Beer - Bloggers - Learn.com

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We did something similar at TechKnowledge in Las Vegas - Beer Tasting at ASTD TechKnowledge but this time we had as pretty amazing group of people including: Jay Cross , Mark Oehlert , Brent Schlenker , Stephen Downes , Judy Brown , Clive Shepherd , Lance Dublin , Tom Crawford , Mark Prasatik , Melissa Dailey from HBS, a bunch of great folks from Learn.com, Adam Nelson from Ninth House, Silke Fleischer , and others.

Talent Development Strategies and Tips from Leading Organizations

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In order to address the challenge of how to create a culture of learning that supports talent development, we can learn from Cori Hill, the Director of High-Potential Leadership Development at PDI Ninth House and co-author of Developing Leaders and Organizations Through Action Learning.

A Dedication to the Craft

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He later went on to work for Ninth House, one of the first companies to create high-quality learning simulations, and the Forum Corp., Photos by Brian Flaherty When Brian Miller was just 6, his mother, an accountant by training, would take out her ledgers and spreadsheets, lay them on the floor and invite her young son to play a game. Literally she would spread them on the floor and say, ‘I’m off by two cents. Help me find it,’ ” Miller said.

Together Everyone Achieves More

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Cori Hill is director of high-potential leadership development at leadership consultancy PDI Ninth House. Cross-functional leadership development is a practical response to organizations trying to do more with less. It provides real experiences and learning opportunities so participants understand how they operate and what they can do differently. Post-recession organizations have emerged into a new normal way of doing business.

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