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Skillsoft Acquires Element K for $110 Million

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

The acquisition adds to SkillSoft's existing offerings in learning content and learning platform technology through the addition of Element K's complementary offerings in e-learning content, virtual labs, ILT print materials and custom development services."

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Adobe eLearning Suite training

Adobe Captivate

One is Element K (and we should have this available on the Adobe store at some point); the other is Lodestone. elearning suite training , lodestone , elementk. continues to be the single biggest request I hear from the eLS user base. . Recently a couple of vendors have started offering training on eLearning Suite.


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Phew! Reflecting on #ASTD10

Learning Visions

Talking content As always, it was great to connect with Thomas Stone (@ThomasStone) of ElementK and hear what they’re up to with off-the-shelf content and LMSs. I like his approach to training, “We create leadership packages – tools and resources for managers based on situational needs.” (He And I mean that most sincerely.

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Content – Change the Narrative

eLearning 24-7

At one time, it was the biggest brand out there, and a vendor who bought up other well-known content providers such as NetG and ElementK. Actually, let me re-state that, because back in the day, ElementK published Microsoft Office content that was highly engaging and interactive and IMO the best Office content I had ever seen.

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Manager Training Online Courses

Tony Karrer

Thus far I've looked at Element K, SkillSoft, Vital Learning, Ninth House, and Achieve Global. I received an inquiry from someone I know, and I'm hoping people who read this blog can make suggestions. I'm looking for vendors who supply off-the-shelf training for basic manager skills such as, time management and delegation.

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More on Mobile Learning Trends

Integrated Learnings

Jason Cohen of Element K made a sensible point about mLearning design and development. It was a great and informative evening, particularly Margaret Martin's demo of Merlin Mobility's augmented reality app that is just astounding; below are a few other items that stood out to me.

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The LMS Debate rides again

Clark Quinn

Yes, Dave Wilkins of and Tom Stone of Element K have already argued that the label is still needed in the marketplace, but I’m really trying to shift the way people think about what their role is, and to me using the label LMS is a major barrier to shifting out of the comfort zone.

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