eLearningGuild #Design4DevLearn t-shirt challenge


The post eLearningGuild #Design4DevLearn t-shirt challenge appeared first on Nuggethead Studioz. DevLearn is the industry’s leading annual event and every year there’s a new t-shirt to sport. All those previous years no one knew where the design came from. This year, the fine folk at the eLearning Guild decided to toss the design out to the community. The window to submit ideas was open for a few weeks and then four would be selected for final vote.

Beer Tasting at ASTD TechKnowledge - Look Out eLearningGuild Annual Gathering in Boston

Tony Karrer

Are you going to the eLearningGuild Annual Gathering in Boston? If so, I've got a suggestion. At ASTD TK07 , I was invited by Jim Javenkoski (who created his blog during one of my hands on sessions) to a beer tasting event that he was doing on behalf of Unibroue. Jay Cross , Harold Jarche , Clark Quinn all were able to join me. The beer and conversation were fantastic. I'm hoping that there will be a chance to have a similar kind of fun thing happen in Boston.


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eLearningGuild Session - 3D Simulations, DirectorMX

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

I just finished my first web session for the eLearningGuild. Breeze is very cool. My session was Interactive 3D Simulation Training Using Macromedia Director MX (session 401) If you attended today, or view the video, I would love to get your feedback. Seriously.even if its negative. If you want to see the video again click the link below: The Simulation video (google video) Also, If you want to see more, I am leading several sessions at DevLearn2006.

Top 21 Tips For Mobile Learning

Upside Learning - Mobile

The eLearningGuild recently released a great resource “158 Tips on mLearning: From Planning to Implementation” Very interestingly, in the introduction Chris Benz says – the big question last year was “Should we do mLearning?” Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Tips The eLearningGuild

Elearning Predictions 2019

Mike Taylor

elearning learning ElearningGuild predictionsEvery new year brings us opportunities to explore new tools, technologies, and strategies. This year the eLearning Guild has compiled a collections thoughts and predictions into a free ebook. 2019 Predictions for eLearning ”. I’ve included my contribution here below, but be sure to hop over and check out what everyone else has to say about their hopes and beliefs about how our industry can make 2019 the best year yet. “If

DevLearn 2009 – Day 2 Recap

eLearning Weekly

Tags: eLearning Conferences Design Development DevLearn DevLearn2009 dl09 eLearningGuild gLearning sociallearning SocialNetworks technology Tools Training

DevLearn 2009 – Day 3 Recap

eLearning Weekly

Tags: eLearning Conferences Design Development DevLearn DevLearn2009 dl09 eLearningGuild gLearning sociallearning SocialNetworks technology Tools Training

The gLearning Challenge

eLearning Weekly

Tags: eLearningGuild Tools productivity software AG09 YouTube gLearning technology InstructionalDesign Google Learning eLearning ProfessionalDevelopment Development Design

How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

eLearning Weekly

Tags: eLearning conference Conferences DevLearn DevLearn2009 eLearningGuild InstructionalDesign Learning productivity ProfessionalDevelopment Training

New Blogger - Tony O'Driscoll - and Beer Reminder

Tony Karrer

Tony will be on a panel around the what's coming next in eLearning at the eLearningGuild in Boston. Hint - several of us bloggers are still waiting for a vendor to invite us for beer (or wine) tasting in Boston - see Beer Tasting at ASTD TechKnowledge - Look Out eLearningGuild Annual Gathering in Boston One of the bigger thinkers organization learning, knowledge management and the use of technology - Tony O'Driscoll - has finally bit the bullet and started a blog: Learning Matters!

5 Tips for Submitting a DevLearn 2010 Session Proposal

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Tags: devlearn elearningguild elearning

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to The eLearning Guild!!!

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

You can tweet to @elearningguild or blog about your experiences. The eLearning Guild turned 10 years old today. Help me wish everyone at The eLearning Guild a Happy Anniversary!!! 2012 is sure to be a banner year, so renew your membership and stay connected with your colleagues in eLearning from around the world. Cheers

DevLearn 2008 Bloggers

eLearning Weekly

In case you’re not getting enough DevLearn 2008 coverage, here’s a list of awesome bloggers who are writing about their experiences here in San Jose: Jay Cross (also here). Brian Dusablon. Josh Goldman. Kevin Jones. Tony Karrer. Mark Oehlert. Clark Quinn. Brent Schlenker. Wendy Wickham. Did I accidentally leave you off the list? If so - I’m sorry! Please add a comment with a link to your blog

DevLearn 2008 - Day 2 Recap

eLearning Weekly

I kicked off Day 2 at DevLearn by facilitating a Breakfast Byte session on DevLearn Live! which is the collection of Web 2.0 apps we’re using regularly this week. Not many people showed up, but Wendy Wickham , Matt Wolf , and I spent the time well by discussing our current projects, our impressions of DevLearn, favorite technologies / tools, and more. It was a great way to start the day. Next, I went to the keynote by Dan Roam, author of The Back of the Napkin.

Better Conferences

Tony Karrer

Discussion of Wifi issues at conferences, George Siemens lamenting about ED-MEDIA 2007, Jay Cross and Karl Kapp calling for an unconference in Monterey - and my suggestion to colocate with the eLearningGuild in Santa Clara/San Jose, a question of whether virtual conferences are better, and more. The post / poll / discussion around having better conferences continues to grow. There are quite a few really good comments and the trackbacks from the post are really quite good.

DevLearn 2008 - Day 1 Recap

eLearning Weekly

Day 1 of DevLearn 2008 kicked off today with a great keynote from Tim O’Reilly ( @TimOReilly ), where he walked us through the Web 2.0 movement and how it has impacted learning and training. Here are some of the notes I took during his keynote: We should always try to follow the “alpha-geeks.&# These are the people who are constantly hacking and studying things in unconventional ways.

DevLearn 2008 - Day 3 Recap

eLearning Weekly

Today was the final day of DevLearn, and technically, it was only a half-day. I presented Session 702: Virtually Anywhere: A Case Study of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm , along with Barbara Ludwig. The slides are below; I’ll try to get the handouts posted soon.). Unfortunately, I missed the keynote by John Medina , author of Brain Rules. I talked with several people who raved about it, so I may have to pick up a copy of John’s book.

A-ha! Moments of DevLearn 2008

eLearning Weekly

Did you learn something at DevLearn this year that opened your eyes? Did you learn something that could make your life easier or save you time? If so, please add a comment to this post and share your thoughts. This will help us share our great experiences with those who couldn’t make it to San Jose this year. So, what did you learn

Let’s Meet at DevLearn!

eLearning Weekly

If you’ll be at DevLearn in San Jose in a few weeks, let’s meet up! I’m always anxious to meet other people involved with learning, technology, and performance improvement - and events like DevLearn provide a great venue for this. Get a hold of me any time at the conference if you want to chat. I will be floating around from session to session, and I will be pretty active on Twitter ( [link] ). In fact, see my next post…

Using Twitter at DevLearn

eLearning Weekly

My eyes were very much opened to Twitter at the last eLearning Guild conference. About 15 of us used Twitter to… Keep in touch with other conference attendees, co-workers, and friends, Tell others about good and bad conference sessions (ex. “Come check out session 702, it’s great!!&# ), and to. Arrange dinner outings (ex. “Interested in dinner? A group of us will meet in the hotel lobby at 6:30…&# ).

DevLearn 2008: A Case Study of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm

eLearning Weekly

I will be presenting Session 702: Virtually Anywhere: A Case Study of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm , at DevLearn 2008 next month along with a co-worker, Barbara Ludwig. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ll cover in this session: Mobile technologies are transforming the way we work. But are we harnessing their potential to transform the way employees learn?

Advice for Learning and Technology Professionals

eLearning Weekly

I will be facilitating one of the Breakfast Byte sessions at the upcoming DevLearn 2008 conference. The session will be called, " I’m new to eLearning and I have no idea where to start! " " This will be an open session for people who are new to the learning and technology (eLearning) field. I will provide resources, tips, tricks, suggestions, etc. I’ll do my best to help people get on the right track.


DevLearn 2008 - Register Now To Save $100

eLearning Weekly

Early bird registration is almost over for DevLearn 2008 ! Register by September 26th to save $100.00 off the total cost. DevLearn, which runs from 11/14 to 11/18, will be held once again in San Jose, CA. If you’ve never been, DevLearn is an excellent conference for learning and technology professionals. You’ll have great opportunities to learn new skills, see what other organizations are doing, and network with peers.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | January 24, 2019

Mike Taylor

If you missed it live, you can catch the replay of Science of Attention and Engagement by @usablelearning in the @eLearningGuild archives [link]. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” – Theodore Parker. Here are this week’s finds. Thanks for reading!

eLearning Guild Simulation and Gaming Survey

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

From Clark Quinn and Mark Oehlert , a plea for help completing a very quick eLearningGuild survey. If you are new to the eLearningGuild, then check them out HERE. I will second, or third, the plea. Check out Mark's post in the link above for a quick 4 Step process to get it done

Free Webinar: Leveraging Voice Tools for Training

Take an e-Learning Break

Nancy has been a presenter for regional ASTD chapters, eLearningGuild's mLearning Conference and a repeat presenter for the Chicago eLearningShowcase January27th, 1:00pm ET Space isLimited Reserve Your Webinar Seat Now At: [link] You've tried every trick in the book to engage your learners. Everything fromsimple drag and drop to highly animated avatars but you may be missing out onone of the best and simplest forms of engagement, conversation.

Voice 52

Update on Software Simulations Tools

Tony Karrer

I'm never sure what updates people will see, but I wanted to alert people that I've made a small update to my page: Software Simulation eLearning (w/ links to Tools) The update primarily added some data from the eLearningGuilds Research at the bottom of the page - eLearning Tools Satisfaction.

Role and Voice of Community Leaders - Your Input Needed

Tony Karrer

Based on the post He Had a Bad Day , Mark Oehlert , Heidi Fisk and I have had an email conversation that raises an interesting broader questions around the role, voice and communication norms of people who are the leaders / organizers of groups like the eLearningGuild. Certainly, if you look at the eLearningGuild, Masie, ASTD, VNU, Brandon Hall, etc.,

Voice 100

eBay - eLearning 2.0 and Formal Learning

Clark Quinn

I presented at an eLearningGuild online symposium a couple weeks ago. The topic of the symposium was eLearning 2.0 (or or is it Learning 2.0). This presentation is where the Examples of eLearning 2.0 - which showed clearly these things are being applied to formal and informal learning opportunities. One of the other presentations of the day was This Isn’t your Mama’s Training: Implementing Learning 2.0 at eBay by Eric Hunter & Rich Reitter of eBay.

Use of Wikis as Compared to Other Tools

Tony Karrer

Heidi Fisk suggested I look at the eLearningGuild research reports. It gives some interesting indications: Number of evaluations by eLearningGuild Members of the use of the types of tools: Courseware authoring tools - 4,000 Rapid eLearning authoring tools - 3,000 MediaWiki - 40 users This analysis is very crude as compared to the rich data.

Wiki 100

How Valid are Research Results? And What to Do

Tony Karrer

How Research is Conducted So let's start with how Bersin and the eLearningGuild gather their data. The eLearningGuild asks industry experts to formulate survey questions that are then sent to their members. So the eLearningGuild gets surveys based on asking a large audience and receiving somewhat random inputs based on who responds. The eLearningGuild received roughly 1,300 respondents.

New Blog - and a Great Post Conference Practice

Tony Karrer

that was good to see: It was Tony Karrer's session [at eLearningGuild], An Introduction to New e-Learning Technologies that inspired me to start this blog. I just saw a post - Welcome to My First Post! That's always good to see and makes you hopeful that there actually is some good coming from presenting. But it was also great to see the other comments made by this blogger about what they feel they learned from the conference, a few things they are planning to do, etc.

Examples of eLearning 2.0

Clark Quinn

as part of an online event for the eLearningGuild, I mentioned a few common ways that I've seen eLearning 2.0 During my presentation last Thursday that was an introduction to eLearning 2.0

Conference Preparation

Tony Karrer

As I'm thinking about going to the eLearningGuild Annual Gathering in Boston next month and ASTD in Atlanta in June, I went back to look at some notes I had created before around getting ready for conferences.

5 Tips for Using Social Media in eLearning

DigitalChalk eLearning

eLearningGuild, @learningsolmag and @elearnindustry are a few great ones to start your list with. As social media continues to grow in popularity in the eLearning industry, there are many benefits and values to using it. Instructors, educational institutions and companies can share practices, promote information and educational material, share opinions, and more.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | June 28, 2019

Mike Taylor

Dip into the happenings from @elearningGuild Realities 360 Conference this week #Realities360. “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” — Simone Weil. I’m posting a little bit later than normal today. Which means if you subscribe via email, you’ll see this on Saturday instead of Friday morning. The reason was that I had an unexpected opportunity for a good conversation with my wife.


Clark Quinn

I just took a quick look on the eLearningGuild site and DevLearnis looking good again this year. DevLearn is coming up. My guess is that I'll be getting together with a few folks there to have a drink and discuss things like eLearning 2.0 yeah, we know how to have fun). Quite a few of the speakers are straight out of my blog roll, so I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Web 2.0 Corporate Access

Clark Quinn

I’ve been working with Steve Wexler and the eLearningGuild on the eLearning 2.0 survey. This is resulting in some pretty interesting data such as the Web 2.0 Tools Used in corporations. One of the comments I received on Network Effects - YouTube - Video Blogs and More that had a video hosted on YouTube was: We see and hear more and more about corporate content published on YouTube. How many companies are giving their employee's access?

Web 117

Rapid eLearning Tools

Tony Karrer

Rapid eLearning Tools Satisfaction from the eLearningGuild Research reported Feb 2007 - Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Tool Satisfaction See also Software Simulation Tools. When the above graphic was taken, it shows the overall satisfaction reported by eLearningGuild members about various tools. Page update Mar 2008. I was reminded of the various Brandon Hall shoot-outs.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | January 10, 2019

Mike Taylor

Catch Julie Dirksen ( @usablelearning ) in this free ElearningGuild webinar reprising one of the best-rated, most popular sessions from the Learning Solutions Conference earlier this year: “The Science of Attention and Engagement”.