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Why You Need A Top Notch Training Solution RFP To Improve Vendor Vetting

eLearning Industry

Is an outsourcing RFP worth the time and expense? Here are 7 convincing reasons why you need a top notch RFP for compliance training services. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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How to Write a Winning RFP to Hire the Best E-learning Vendor

CommLab India

Have you, as a training manager or L&D professional, shortlisted e-learning vendors to develop customized learning solutions for your organization? A training manager followed certain e-learning vendor selection criteria and received the following proposals from two different e-learning vendors. Can this be avoided?


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When should you outsource your training or eLearning development?


Outsourcing training is yet another service strategy that uses external suppliers to deliver a broad range of training-related services. How does outsourcing training work? How organizations outsource their training needs depends on the sourcing strategy they pursue. Outsourcing eLearning development—what you should know.

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How to Create a Really Good LMS RFP

WBT Systems

Ask around for request for proposal (RFP) samples and send one of them to a dozen LMS vendors? You know the answer already if you read last week’s post : an LMS RFP is not the first step of the selection process, it’s the result of the first step. Narrow down the field before sending out an RFP. What’s in an LMS RFP?

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14 Key Elements to Include in Your Learning RFP With Free RFP Template


Being on the receiving (vendor) end of several Learning and Development RFPs over the course of my career, I feel I can safely say I’ve seen it all. Some RFPs are short and sweet, and others are dozens of pages long.

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Association eLearning Book Helpful for Vendor-Client Relationship

Web Courseworks

What peaked my interest was her insistence that the book is a necessity for an association hiring a professional vendor to develop a new eLearning initiative. When it comes to a highly interactive product, should you do it yourself (inexpensive option) or outsource to a vendor? Tips to assist you in writing a more precise RFP.

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Making The Jump Into eLearning

ICS Learning

If you develop it yourself, there are many issues to consider regarding the necessary skill sets, tools & technology, and outsourcing and teaming with experienced vendors. This will probably cost less than hiring an outside vendor and may give you more control over the project. Outsourcing the Development.