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Blackboard + Elluminate + Wimba = Blackboard Collaborate (Breaking News) by Bill Brandon


announced late today that it is acquiring Elluminate and Wimba, leading providers of. Blackboard Inc. synchronous and collaboration technology. The teams from the three companies will combine to form. Blackboard Collaborate, a standalone platform.

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GoTo Meeting, Centra, Wimba, and other Web Conferencing Solutions…Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Kapp Notes

PowerPoint is slowly starting to broaden its capabilities and will, I predict, soon infringe on some well known software applications in the field of e-learning such as…web conferencing tools (and others).

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Teaching & Learning Conference

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With regard to content I took the opportunity to demonstrate Wimba Create , which in itself would act as nice advertisement for my training session. Overall the sessions seemed to go very well and there was a lot of interest pursuing the use of Wimba Create as a tool for converting Word docs.

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New eLearning Projects Approved

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One late request was from myself for the acquisition by the college of a licence for Wimba Create. We are currently in the process of generating an instance of Open Simulator for one and the iPad’s will be arriving soon for the other. For those of you out there who remember courseGenie, Create is the new incarnation.

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Training starts for 2013

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The idea that you are going to require staff to carryout major changes to their existing materials is always likely to induce an expected and to be frank understandable level of reticence, however by using Wimba Create , which will convert materials produced in MS Word into Scorm compliant packages, can pretty much neutralise that.

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Preparing for eLearning

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Next creating the content, and potentially that could be very difficult, in that am I really expecting everyone to either rewrite existing material, and fortunately the answer is not really, instead we are going to be using Wimba Create. I first began using Wimba Create a few years ago now, when it was called course- Genie.

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What you don’t need to know about SCORM

Integrated Learnings

About 5 years ago the company I was working for had a product called Wimba Create and the term SCORM started swirling around in my head again. Wimba Create is an add-on for Microsoft Word and can convert content to a SCORM package that can be used in a learning management system (LMS).