Microsoft Project for the Thrifty Project Manager: 3 Free (or Almost-Free) Alternatives

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With what free time I have at work, I’ve lately been on a mission to find a project management suite that can reproduce the best features of Microsoft Project, add on others, and cost less than $30/month all-together. For whatever reason, getting “just-as-good” alternatives is something of a hobby of mine. issues tracking. Issues-tracking: Lighthouse. The time tracking is well done, but the other features are merely so-so.

Adobe shows off Captivate 4 and the Adobe eLearning Suite

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At the Adobe Learning Summit in San Jose, November 10th, Adobe showed several exciting new features from the next version of Captivate and from the up-coming eLearning Suite. At the Adobe Learning Summit, Adobe demonstrated the next version of Captivate, and also previewed the new Adobe eLearning Suite. Adobe says it’s OK to blog about the next version of Captivate and the up-coming eLearning Suite, so here we go.

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Adobe Captivate: Analyze and Chart Quiz Data Without an LMS

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In the past, if you created an eLearning quiz and needed to track the results, your only option was to use a Learning Management System (LMS). After that, you can use the Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer, a free AIR-based desktop application, to track the learner results.

Start Bridging the Tech Skills Gap Today


Start with the basics by keeping track of going rates for emerging IT skills. When supply and demand doesn’t work with your budget, consider alternatives like contract employees or partnerships with managed service providers.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

How it’s Viewed7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pages Interactive8 The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud9 Translate Your Learning into Hundreds of Languages10 Track and Analyze Exactly how. risks would be ideally suited to a test challenging. suits them – creating the challenge of making.

Off the rails?

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There is no deviation from the track (unless there is a disaster and there is a derailment - trains run on the rails), and generally there is a prescribed timetable that dictates the schedule of arrivals and departures of all trains in the network.

Articulate Rise, A Responsive Authoring Tool


Alternatively, you can start from scratch and use ‘blocks’ that allow you to build courses by selecting module types. You’ll still have to make some decisions on what content suits the predominant device for use. These course formats track learner progression in various ways. You can track using course completion, quiz result, or a Storyline block. Business tools used to require you to download and run an application on your machine.

Where is L&D heading?

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I find EY’s move here interesting, but I don’t expect other companies to follow suit en mass – particularly enterprise-wide. Alternatively, you could use your iPhone.

Breathing life into Employee Development Trainings – An e-learning perspective


The learner could choose the version that would best suit him or her and proceed to learn effectively. The ALT (Alternate Text) images were incorporated.

The 11 Best Writing Tools to Sharpen Your eLearning Course Text


It’s particularly handy if your business uses G Suite as your team will already have access. Most importantly, everyone is working from an up-to-date document so there’s no need for version tracking or risk of people accessing out of date drafts. Writing.

Everything You Need To Know About Workday® Learning Center HCM

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With it, you can create, track, deliver, and report on educational courses or training programs. Because they offer complete e-learning solutions and a whole range of other HR capability in one simple suite. However, the suite is designed to work well for businesses of all sizes.

Healthcare Compliance Training in the Cloud


Therefore, utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS) to train and track success is very important when implementing a strategy for becoming and remaining compliant. Consistency, accuracy, and auditing are the hallmarks of LMS data tracking and highly relevant to compliance training.

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


Trello makes it easier to coordinate everyone’s input and track the status of different tasks. Its simplicity makes it all the more likely you’ll add and track tasks, improving your productivity. Microsoft Office Suite. Google Docs provides an alternative to Microsoft Office.

25 eLearning Tools You Need Now


The many levels of project management that Trello offers – including cards, lists, and boards – makes it easy to coordinate input and track the status of different tasks. IFTTT also makes it possible to keep track of what learners are reading. Tool: Microsoft Office Suite.

Creating interactive and engaging e-content: Experiences with Articulate Storyline


The ‘ribbon’ menu controls are much like the MS Office suite which offers easy familiarity to new users. Alternatively, there are also a variety of ready-made theme-based templates available that can be utilized.

LCMS vs. LMS: A Guide to Learning Content Management Systems


It’s a platform that allows you to create, manage, host and track digital learning content. Here are three sets of requirements that would be best suited to different technologies: LCMS only. You would like the option to track using xAPI rather than SCORM.


A Conversation with Sharon Boller

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I also wanted an alternative to an LMS system that could only mark someone’s status with a course as “completed” or “incomplete. ” I wanted detailed tracking of what people were learning – and weren’t learning.

You Need To Be Learning From Your Training Analytics

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Once your course is live, you should be tracking training analytics surrounding competency scores. Track User Progress. Completion is easy to track, if courses are prerequisites of each other. You know your learners are learning something from your courses.

You Need To Be Learning From Your Training Analytics

ThinkingKap Solutions

Once your course is live, you should be tracking training analytics surrounding competency scores. Track User Progress. Completion is easy to track, if courses are prerequisites of each other. You know your learners are learning something from your courses.

Closing the Leadership Gap in Your Organization

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Alternatively, what elements do you think are lacking in your more advanced leaders that could be resolved with someone younger? A common mistake made by many organizations is the assumption that top-performing employees are the ones best-suited to leadership roles – this isn’t always the case. Track your learners’ progress, pass/fail rates, completion rates and connect your learning outcomes to business objectives.

8 Tips To Create Onboarding Online Training For Baby Boomers


Especially those who have been in the industry for several years and have an impressive track record. Offer other gamified alternatives, such as points that enable them to track their own progress privately.

Answers to Challenge ‘Sequence in advanced action’

Adobe Captivate

Why is using a shared action not considered to be an alternative. Remember: the user variable v_click is tracking the number of clicks, there are 4 images to show in sequence and a loop has to be created. Shared action not an alternative. One week ago I posted this challenge.

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What is eLearning?


xAPI is often described as the next evolution of SCORM, as it has redefined some of the fundamental practices of tracking learning experiences. It offers a level of flexibility that suits today’s fast-paced world. xAPI only governs how data is tracked and stored.

Why Your Software Company Needs Virtual Training Labs


Even the common alternatives are flawed. This is perfect for today’s modern learners who don’t have the time nor the patience to sit through day-long training sessions, but want to learn when it suits their schedule.

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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These systems help organizations strategically track, organize and analyze customer and prospect interactions — including training. Your organization long ago settled on Cornerstone, Saba, SumTotal, SAP or another full-blown talent suite LMS and there is little chance of change.

Tin Can API vs SCORM: which should you choose?


They provide alternative methods for achieving similar outcomes. An iPhone can track and record data about the call: call duration, your call history, and even information about how many steps you took when collecting the pizza. Better tracking.


Is Social Media Learning Hype or a Valuable Tool?

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Alternatively, each person can contribute to an ongoing thread as it fits their schedule. The other form is available only if you choose to utilize the G Suite product line from Google. Capacity per user in the G Suite ranges from 30 GB up to 1 TB each.

LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

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Alternatively, some LMS cloud vendors integrate with third-party ecommerce sites such as Shopify and Magento to deliver ultra-professional storefronts with a full breadth of ecommerce capability.

With a little help from our friends: the services we use to build our business


However, after the Mandrill fiasco , we had to look for an alternative solution. G Suite – Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar. We use Google’s suite of business productivity solutions for handling company email, file sharing, and meetings scheduling.

ADDIE: 5 Steps To Build Effective Training Programs


The delivery, tracking, and reporting are all handled by the LMS. This provides you with a structured method for tracking the movement between the stages and it’s also a great way to document any developments or takeaways from each stage.


Distance Learning and the LMS: Advice From a Higher Education Expert

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EDITOR’S NOTE: As the non-traditional student segment of the higher education market continues to grow, demand for greater program flexibility is following suit.

Partner Onboarding Best Practices for your Business


Delivers a faster track to productivity. A partner onboarding process can enable you to quickly roll out training on product updates and track that partners have taken the training and are therefore providing end customers with the most up to date product benefits.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


Asynchronous learning allows learners to train individually, enabling them to complete courses at a time, place and pace that suits them. A cloud-based LMS is a web-based platform that helps companies to deliver, track, and report on eLearning.

The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms


Content On Demand/ A user decides when the download of content suits their schedule. In terms of eLearning it means that a learner can take their courses when it suits their schedule. The tracking and evidence of learning activities taken past their initial training and qualification.

Securing your Video Player

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KZO’s Video Suite provides a flexible, secure enterprise video platform – but what exactly does this mean? If you are worried about the security of your online video (and you should be), The KZO Video Suite can easily secure your video content via a number of ways, including: User Authentication. KZO enables you to set controls so that you can keep track of who is viewing your content and any and all discussions and comments.