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eLearning 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

Hurix Digital

In the realm of workforce learning, online training modules play a pivotal role in shaping the skills and competencies of employees. Identify the specific skills and knowledge gaps within your organization, aligning them with your business objectives. Why Are Online Training Modules Important for Workforce Learning?

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Improve The Effectiveness Of Corporate IT Training with Learning Analytics

IT Training Department Blog

I’m not a data scientist or anything but I can provide you with some ideas of how corporate IT training can be improved with learning analytics. Corporate learning analytics can revolutionize the way companies evaluate and optimize their IT training initiatives. This is precisely what corporate learning analytics enables.

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Digital Assessment-Fast, Flexible Evaluation


In the modern world, digital assessment is revolutionizing the way we evaluate learning. With BrainCert's digital assessment tools, you can quickly and easily assess online courses, quizzes, and exams. BrainCert is a revolutionary platform that streamlines assessment processes by leveraging advanced digital tools.

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Measure whether your employees have become better through learning analytics 

Creativ Technologies

Learning analytics can now ensure that the elearning content gets used by learners. So the people should be helped to increase their skills for retaining them in the company. But there are some problems which arise in collecting such analytics. Why is learning analytics needed? But are the test scores enough?

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10 Skills Assessment Tools

Ed App

One of the first steps to improve your skills is to be aware of the areas that need development. A great way to assess is to test your learners so that you can tailor their training to help them strengthen their weak points. We’ve gathered 10 skills assessment tools you can use to determine the skills of your employees.

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When to Use Formative or Summative Assessments in Education?

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This digital shift necessitates more effective assessment methods, making online assessment test systems crucial. Classroom assessment answers essential questions about student progress and learning objectives, guiding educators to enhance the overall academic experience.

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Gamified Assessments: Evaluating Learning Outcomes with Educational Video Games

Hurix Digital

Educators are also benefiting thanks to game-based assessments that provide opportunities for interactive assessments, formative assessments, and summative assessments. Read on to learn about 10 types of game-based assessments, and 10 ways educators can use them to evaluate student learning and progress.