Product Review Raptivity

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Product: Raptivity. Don’t get me wrong, this is a product that offers some really great features, but it constant pitching within the product to upsell, becomes irritating, so much so, I can easily see someone blasting the product into recycle bin space.

Product Review: Lectora Snap! Empower

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interfaces directly with the product (ribbon? is not the only product which has an issue with a 64 bit Windows computer but in combination with PPT 2010, I’m unaware of any other. When I looked at the product, I immediately thought on the song by Snap – called Power!

New Tool: Create Awesome eLearning Interactions Online

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swf) and use it in your next course. You can even mix-and-match to create custom themes and upload your own background images. swf) Download. Interactions Products/Reviews eLearning games interactionsMake your eLearning Awesome! Quickly create eLearning Interactions.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8: One Smart Player

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Arguably, the most common way to publish a Camtasia project is as a Flash SWF. This is an excellent solution because SWF files can be used by the vast majority of the world's personal computers, browsers and operating systems. Although your learners will not need Camtasia installed on their computer to use a SWF, they will need a modern web browser and the free Adobe Flash Player (

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10 Random ELearning Facts You Should Know


Every $1 spent in elearning results in $30 of productivity! jpg, gif,swf) take more time to recreate than editable source files (.psd,eps,fla). Articulate, the popular rapid elearning development platform, boasts 28,000+ customers.

How to cope with Autoplay turned off?

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I logged this feature requests several times, even when only publishing to SWF existed. Being able to have several Play icons, to replace the Play icon by a custom graphic, or at least to be able to edit the colors. If the second feature request is realized, where you can replace that button by a custom button, the dimming percentage is not that important. Design Discussion eLearning discussion productivityIntro.

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eLearning Mega Flash and PPT Temple Bundle

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Specs: Files included: fla, psd, ppt, pptx, jpg, swf. Tutorials: We have an entire website dedicated for tutorials to assist you in customizing these templates. Tags: Articulate Featured Flash Products Templates On Sale for $1,500 (Sells separately for $2,670).

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Harbinger Raptivity: Packaged Interactivity by Joe Ganci

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Raptivity (Harbinger Knowledge Products Inc.) allows designers to create and customize over 225 types of interactions. Interactions are Flash SWF files and can play independently or within any authoring environment that accepts SWF files. You don’t use Raptivity to build whole courses, rather, you build rich interactivity with it, one interaction at a time.

Things to Consider Before Investing in eLearning Development Tools

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First, what is the course customization that you require within the confines of your training program? Besides, some tools allow you to customize these templates to position and strengthen your brand. Overview.

Raptivity Essential : Now Build HTML5 and Flash Interactions Simultaneously

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As Harbinger Knowledge Products unveils a brand new version of Raptivity Essential that lets you publish interactions in the HTML5 format in addition to Flash SWF format, I thought it would be interesting to talk to Shweta Kulkarni, who was involved deeply in the engineering of this product upgrade. We designed custom scroll bars.

e-learning Game Templates

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I came across these products at the recent DevCon09 conference - and purchased them all. You have to have Flash to make your customizations but there are tutorials on the site that show you how to do it. You get both the FLA and the SWF files so you can brand the games for your clients.

Enhance Lectora e-Learning Courses with Embedded Objects


Products. Custom Development Services. Custom Content Creation. Live Product Demonstrations. Customer Support. Product User Guides. Trigger Lectora Action Groups from within a SWF on the page. Products. Product User Guides. Forum. Logins.

Camtasia Training in Philadelphia

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Production options. Specifically, recording custom dimensions, editing tips and tricks, using captions, customizing your production settings, and more. Custom Callouts. More Production options. MP4, SWF, FLV, WMV - which one?

Camtasia Studio Training Hits the Road.

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Production options. Specifically recording a specific dimensions, using captions, customizing your production settings. More Production options. MP4, SWF, FLV, WMV - which one? Customizing your Flash player settings. Calling all Camtasia Studio users!

Articulate ’09: Tips for Resolving Common Issues

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Articulate’s suite of products rate high in the rapid authoring segment. To get around this, we created a new custom certificate wherein the HTML file containing the certificate SWF file extracts the user name from the LMS using a SCORM API.

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Three Time-Saving Rapid E-Learning Tips

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The reason is that I want to show you a few production tips that will help you build your own templates and speed up your production. If you have PowerPoint 2010, you can even combine shapes to quickly create custom shapes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Adobe Captivate

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Corporate training professionals, educators, instructional designers, and all types of business users with limited programming capabilities who want to create product demos, application simulations, soft skill and compliance training, and mobile learning. Special upgrade pricing is available to customers who have valid licenses for Adobe Captivate 9 and want to upgrade to the 2017 release of Adobe Captivate. I am a volume licensing customer. I misplaced my product key.

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Adobe Captivate 6 Tutorials

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You can also customize themes to suit your requirements. Simply select from a wide range of stunning out-of-the-box interactions like Process Cycle, Glossary, Accordion, Pyramid, Animated Rollover, and more, customize the content and appearance, and you’re done.

Adaptive and Responsive Design for eLearning: Part 2


Courses were prepared using software products that were almost all based, to a greater or lesser degree on the Microsoft PowerPoint model of slides, templates and bullet points.

Three Time-Saving Rapid E-Learning Tips

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The reason is that I want to show you a few production tips that will help you build your own templates and speed up your production. If you have PowerPoint 2010, you can even combine shapes to quickly create custom shapes.

Adobe eLearning Suite Announced

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Here’s the full press release from Adobe: “Adobe Introduces New eLearning Suite And Captivate 4 — Learning Professionals Gain Unmatched Productivity Through Courseware Authoring Tools. Adobe Captivate 4, a new point product release and also the cornerstone of the suite, is the latest version of Adobe’s eLearning software for creating professional eLearning content and courseware that combines simulations, scenario-based training, quizzing, rich media and interactivity.

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Why Dissecting an E-Learning Course Will Improve Your Skills

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By doing this, you learn new production techniques, think through instructional design ideas, and gain confidence in your skills. So instead of using Flash to build a SWF, you’re using PowerPoint to build a SWF.

Latest E-Learning Trends – Some good, some bad

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So, how about this for a twist: Increase in Revenue, boost in numbers but for some vendors, the gain is in actuality a negative because their current and potential new customers suffer. Unhappy current customers. I am seeing many vendors whose products were built for SMB (and more aligned on the lower side of mid size companies) who are now pushing into the mid/upper mid to large size customer band. The product suffers from lots of bugs after the last update.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

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Preview Flash content on your computer: SWF Player and FLV Player [ original post ]. Videomaker Magazine : great resource to learn video production tips. Kuler : site to create custom color schemes. for custom fonts.

2010: mLearning Year in Review

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In fact, each of the “Four Horsemen” who rule the enterprise – namely SumTotal , Saba , Plateau & Geolearning – gave it a go in some way although no one outside their immediate customers or PR agencies seemed to notice. Yeah, check out this new product we’re selling next month!”).

Here’s Why PowerPoint 2007 Helps You Build Better E-Learning

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With PowerPoint 2007, you’ll be able to increase your productivity. Built-in graphics and design features will speed up the production of many of your images and objects. There are a number of presets and customization options. Last week was a blur.

Adobe shows off Captivate 4 and the Adobe eLearning Suite

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Following is a rundown of the major new features of Adobe Captivate ‘next’ (4) and the Adobe eLearning Suite as demonstrated at the Adobe Learning Summit by RJ Jacquez, Senior Product Evangelist at Adobe. This is an extremely exiting feature that is bound to be a significant productivity enhancement for those working in teams. Custom user variables Another exciting things RJ showed us was custom variables in Adobe Captivate.

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Here’s How You Can Save Your Training Job in this Economy

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By creating rapid elearning courses, you bring value to your organization because you can drive down the cost of production. I restructured the info-centric slides to be more customer-focused. I also made the assessment based on a customer interaction rather than a pure knowledge check.

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M-Learning: Landscape Changer: E-Reader

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A smart phone is an amazing product and in the m-learning sector will compliment learning, but her statement, makes just another reason, why an e-reader can change the market. Umm, lets see: Swf (yes, Flash and not Flash lite either) – An e-reader already boosts this as a new feature into the marketplace. You can sell any type of materials, content, courses you can think of, your customers buy it via a bookstore with e-comm on your LMS.

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