Does Your Online Course Need a Forum?


Course forums can give learners a reason to come back and stay engaged, but they’re also a lot of work. This is why, for many course creators, the preferred solution is a forum. Forums come in all shapes and sizes. Downsides to launching a forum.

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Why Discussion Forums Are Helpful In Training

Dan Keckan

One of the most important social elements added to an eLearning training course is the discussion forum. A discussion forum enables instructor-to-student and student-to-student interaction.


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Online Course Forum Tips


Many online courses today have some component of online forum for discussion about the course material. But creating an effective forum takes more than having the proper technology in place. Start Simple - Before asking users to answer questions based on content, get them used to the program you are using for your forums. Promote Community - Give other students an opportunity to facilitate (or lead) discussions in the forum.

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Grading Moodle Forums (New, Improved, and Easier Than Ever!)

Lambda Solutions

Forums help build community and social learning by connecting learners to each other so they can discuss concepts, work on projects, problem solve, and share ideas. Online discussions are a great way to increase engagement in online learning.

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Lambda Analytics: Forum Moderation Made Easy Out-Of-The-Box

Lambda Solutions

When interacting with your learners in forums, you can affirm, guide, and motivate your learners--all essential aspects of creating a positive learner experience. Moderating online discussions is an essential part of the learner experience.

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Learning Leaders Winter Online Forum

Dan Keckan

The Learning Guild is excited to announce our first Learning Leaders Online Forum. The winter Forum takes place on February 24 & 25 and will focus on strategies to successfully lead through the most recent challenges in the way we work.

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How To Create Engaging Discussion Forums

Dan Keckan

This article will discuss innovative ways you can make your discussion forums "the happening place" in your online classroom. The forums are the most interactive part and the heart of your online classroom.

Add Private Forums to Your Courses!


Which brings us to our latest update, an integration… Course Specific Forums with bbPress. For those of you who are not familiar with bbPress , it is a free forum plugin offered by Automattic (the same folks behind WordPress). It’s the same forum plugin we use for our LearnDash support. Automatic Forum Access: As soon as someone purchases (or registers) for a course, they are granted forum access so that they can create new threads and topics.

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The Fully-Threaded Forum Concept

Dan Keckan

Replicating the traditional face-to-face classroom inside an online forum can be quite difficult, if not impossible. The "fully-threaded" forum concept may help solve this problem and highlight student interaction.

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EduNeering Leadership Forum Resources

Kapp Notes

Here are my slides from the EduNeering Leadership forum on the topic of Blended Learning. Related Posts. Think Like the Caveman: Campaign, Not Event. Designing an Interactive Training Event. Online Learning: Better Than the Classroom? Check out my Gamification course on The Gamification of Learning explores how to use game concepts to make your learning design engaging. Get a free 7 day trial of The Gamification of Learning and other Courses! Books.

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World Economic Forum: the top 10 skills needed for the future of work


The second issue of the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs” report predicts the loss of 75 million jobs by 2025. The World Economic Forum advises us on the essential skills to develop today and tomorrow, with predictions for 2022! More than 80% of the skills identified by the World Economic Forum are covered by Coorpacademy’s catalogue. The post World Economic Forum: the top 10 skills needed for the future of work appeared first on Coorpacademy.

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The Good and Bad of Support Forums


This decision often comes down to one of two choices: forums or a help desk – but which is best? As we got more customers they started requesting that we implement forums. We were reluctant at first to implement a forum. But we went ahead and added forums as another option for support due to the demand, and looking back I am so glad that we did. Our Forums have become a HUGE Asset. Without the forums, this would have never been possible.

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Forums vs. Social Networks?

Clark Quinn

I'm debating the value of forum / group / threaded discussion software vs. social network software for a particular situation. So, I'm trying to figure out what's going to be the right software / service to adopt, but I'm also trying to think about the differences in: Forum / Threaded Discussion / Group Examples are Google Groups and Yahoo Groups. Some thoughts I have about why we might adopt threaded discussions / forum software vs. adopting a social network solution.

6 Tips To Keep Your Online Academy Discussion Forums Alive

Dan Keckan

Discussion forums offer the ultimate place to share ideas, comments, and feedback. Online social media habits can be replicated in eLearning discussion forums. You need a sense of community when it comes to online classes.

xAPI Camp Videos on Connections Forum


As promised, almost every other day we’re posting something new from our one-day xAPI Camp that took place at University of Central Florida on March 24. There are many more videos to go, and you can check out what different organizations are doing with the Experience API right now ! Andy Johnson. LRS and xAPI Conformance. Ben Betts. Enabling Personal Data Ownership. Marty Rosenheck. Driving Innovation in Teacher Education. Art Werkenthin on CMI5. John Delano.

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The new Adobe Captivate forum

Adobe Captivate

Our community has embraced social media with gusto, and in the last year this has presented some interesting challenges- for one, the number of forums and sites discussing Captivate related threads have multiplied. While this allowed our users to seek answers in the forum they felt most comfortable in, it also meant that you were [.]. eLearning this week Whats new Adobe Captivate Adobe Captivate forum Adobe Captivate on Facebook Adobe Captivate on Twitter

CIBP Forum Resources and Slides

Kapp Notes

Here are the slides from my virtual presentation to the CIBP Forum. Game based learning from Karl Kapp. Also, here are some links that provide some additional information about what we discussed in the workshop. Articles. Improve Training: Thinking Like a Game Designer. The Gamification of Retail Safety and Loss Prevention Training. Blog Entries. Creating a “Story” as the Foundation for Virtual World Learning Events. Storytelling and Instructional Design. Tell Me a Story.

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Golden Rules of Forum Posting


Nearly every online course or training program today has some way for students to comment on the material, most often in the form of forums. Online forums have been around for a long time now, so most people are generally aware of the proper etiquette when interacting on them. It seems like there are always some individuals who lack the general understanding of forum protocol. Here at LearnDash, one of our support avenues is a community forum.

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Executive Forum At DevLearn 2018

Dan Keckan

The eLearning Guild's Executive Forum is an exclusive event for senior learning leaders to gather and build strategies that address the key challenges of the modern learning organization. This post was first published on eLearning Industry

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Highlights from LT Summer Forum 19

Unicorn Training

We had a brilliant show earlier this month at Learning Technologies Summer Forum in London. We had some great conversations with existing and prospective clients about our eLearning solutions, and were excited to be letting them know that we are part of The Access Group along with health and safety training software experts Safety Media, who were also exhibiting. Check out our highlights reel:A HUGE thank you to everyone who visited our stand

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LMS Forums Can Facilitate Better Communication

Dan Keckan

The answer to keener communication is the LMS forum. Here, we will examine the diversity of the Learning Management System forum, and the industries that would most benefit from them. Information travels effortlessly – however, many people today are still averted by tedious forms of communication. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Learning Management Systems Learning Management System Benefits LMS Features Online Discussions Online Learning Management Systems

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Highlights from the Spring Client Forum

Unicorn Training

We're not quite sure where the time goes, but this week we were back with the first of our biannual Client Forum events for 2018. a brand new feature at this forum, we were also delighted to be joined by a number of our partners - including Video Arts, The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), MicroLearn and FSTP. Oh yes, it's that time of year again!We're

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Kineo Client Spotlight at Learning Technology Summer Forum 2016


Kineo and clients will be speaking at 12:45 in Theatre 1 for this year’s Learning Technology Summer Forum. We know the challenges, so now it’s time to discuss the solutions. In this free seminar session we will be putting a spotlight on clients to discuss how to crack L&D challenges from engagement to evaluation, and retaining employees.

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EdCast Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum


I am excited to announce that EdCast has been selected to join World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers Class of 2020.

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Autumn Client Forum Announced

Unicorn Training

We can’t quite believe it’s been nearly four months since our last Client Forum, but we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be back this October for another one!Having If you have a specific query relating to the Unicorn Forum, please contact your Relationship Manager, or the Unicorn Marketing Department.

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Adding Discussion Forums to Your LMS


Adding a discussion forum is a good idea to achieve a vibrant LMS that engulfs learners and elevates their appetite to learn. Therefore, including a discussion forum in LMS is an ideal solution to build collaboration by bringing learners and instructors on a single converging point. How to Add a Discussion Forum to Your Learning Management System? ProProfs has come up with a unique way to help you add a discussion forum to your online training.

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5 Ways LMS Forums Can Be Used By Educators

Dan Keckan

This article outlines 5 interesting approaches to using forums for online courses. Examining the potential uses of forums helps educators to develop online class environments that have clear pedagogical intentions which keep the student experience at the core of course design. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Educational Technology Educational Technology Trends LMS Features Social Learning

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The Membership Forum Dilemma: How to Build Community and Discussion Areas for Students


Yet the membership forum dilemma remains: are discussion forums… Blog Creating Membership SitesAhh engagement… it’s a shiny metric in the membership site and online course world. Online teachers and membership website owners are constantly thinking up ways to increase engagement, and building a community where members can engage with each other is a natural way to do that.

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Why Make Discussion Forums Part of Your Online Courses?

CommLab India

Discussion forums are integral to collaborative learning. Find out why you need to make them an integral component of e-learning courses. Learning Technology Online Courses

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The Benefits of Using an LMS forum


Using a discussion forum in your learning management system (LMS) is one way to introduce a social component to learning. In this post, we explain what a forum is, how it works, and list the benefits. In the early days of the internet, asynchronous social tools like chat rooms and discussion forums allowed people to communicate with others on a scale that had never been seen before. What is an online forum? What are the components of an online forum?

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7 highlights from Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2020

Sponge UK

We have reviewed the program and curated these seven highlights that deserve particular attention

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Asia Pacific Forum, leading coalition of National Human Rights Institutions, selects EdApp to help drive human rights goals through mobile education

Ed App

The Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (APF), has today announced the implementation of EdApp to support member National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) promote and protect human rights at the national and international level. . Welcome, Asia Pacific Forum!

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Coorpacademy awarded as «SEF.HIGH-POTENTIAL» by the Swiss Economic Forum


Swiss Economic Forum’s experts recognise the great growth potential of Coorpacademy and have awarded the company the “SEF.High Potential SME” seal of quality. The swiss Economic Forum awards the SEF.High-Potential quality label to SMEs with proven growth potential that is reviewed in a three-step process by an interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs and other experts. Be part of the Swiss Economic Forum ecosystem is also a great networking opportunity for us.

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CIBP Forum Resources and Slides

Kapp Notes

Here are the slides from my virtual presentation to the CIBP Forum. Game based learning from Karl Kapp. Also, here are some links that provide some additional information about what we discussed in the workshop. Articles. Improve Training: Thinking Like a Game Designer. The Gamification of Retail Safety and Loss Prevention Training. Blog Entries. Creating a “Story” as the Foundation for Virtual World Learning Events. Storytelling and Instructional Design. Tell Me a Story.

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JoomlaLMS Tips: How to Add a Forum to a JoomlaLMS Site


forum tool. We abandoned the integration in favor of a JoomlaLMS native forum tool that is in the development stage currently. The native forum tool ought to be added to an official JoomlaLMS release before too long, meanwhile, to make the wait shorter we would like to share with you a workaround suggested by one of our quick-witted clients. As you might know, by default, JoomlaLMS is not integrated with any Joomla!

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Engagement, impact and the road ahead: tessello User Forum

Brightwave Group

Join the team and your fellow tessello users at our first User Forum event. At the User Forum in Brightwave’s central London Learning Studio, the leaders of team tessello will share our new roadmap and their insights into the development – what’s now, what’s next, and what’s in store for the future of the wider learning technology ecosystem. The post Engagement, impact and the road ahead: tessello User Forum appeared first on Brightwave Group.

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7 must-see highlights at LT19 Summer Forum

Sponge UK

Make the most of the summer’s biggest learning conference with our handy guide to some of the unmissable highlights

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