The Role of Gamification in Corporate Learning

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Gamification has far-flung effects on the corporate learning. In this post, I am going to share the role of gamification in corporate learning. This article will open up the ways to find out about advantages of gamification and ease of ameliorating corporate learning.

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Role of Gamification in Transforming e-Learning

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Gamification is the application of game-design elements with rewards such as points, badges, leaderboards, and storyline to educational concepts for improved user engagement. Since gamification has seen huge success in the general marketplace, redefining expectations in the learning sphere, it is important for us to consider this emerging technology’s impact on education. Researchers are looking into new tools and techniques to improve the quality of learning using gamification.

The 2018 Gamification At Work Survey


In 2014, we ran a gamification survey among our users to get a picture of the use of gamification in eLearning. What’s so motivating about gamification software anyway? All respondents had experienced gamification in the workplace in an app/software they use on a regular basis.

Games To Gamification


So we know that game based learning and gamification are not new. Here I would like to mention an instance from the Indian epic Mahabarath, where gamification was used in the process of selecting a groom for a bride. All of us are gamification specialists in a way.

Gamification In Application Software Training


“The future of eLearning cannot be boring courses lacking engagement or emotional response…the future of eLearning must include games and gamification.” It is ‘Education Gamification’. Education Gamification is evolving into various forms and learning contexts.

5 Reasons to Use Gamification in E-Learning

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Thankfully, with the introduction of high-end gamification in learning , we now have back what was lost being a child – a powerful medium of learning in the adult, corporate world. Gamification allows learners to ‘learn’ these professionally important behaviors.

Developing Skills through Gamification

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That is why gamification elements transfer over to simulation training as a perfect fit for one another, kind of like yin and yang. 12 Startling Gamification Statistics (from Jane McConigal’s Reality is Broken book) : In the United States alone, there are 183 million active gamers.

Competition & Cooperation in Gamification

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Some thoughts on competition and cooperation for learning within the context of gamification. For more information on content and structural gamification, click HERE. Competition is often associated with structural gamification. In structural gamification, this is manifest by students accumulating points and appearing on a leaderboard. To be most effective, the competitive environment created with structural gamification needs to have the follow elements.

3 Ways Gamification in Sales Improves Performance

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But what if gamification in sales could actually aid in productivity and innovation? Here, we examine research from Harvard Business Review about why making time for gamification in sales may be the best thing an organization can do to bolster performance. Gamification

Gamification in Workplace Learning: The Role of Play

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Mr. Betts is the Managing Director for HT2 and his big question for this month is “Does Gamification Have a Role in Workplace Learning?” Gamification definitely has a role in workplace learning. LCBQ elearning Gamification social learning Thaigi Tony Karrer

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Podcast Episode 3: Gamification and Learning – With Karl Kapp

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EPISODE 3 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Today, we’re honored to speak with one of the world’s foremost experts and innovators in the field of gamification and learning design – Dr. Karl Kapp. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Gamification. Gamification.

A History of Gamification in Curatr

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Gamification plays a significant role in our Curatr platform and, research has indicated that the application of gamification principles within an eLearning platform can improve user engagement, organisation productivity, employee recruitment and vote apathy, among many more.

Are simulations changing the role for Learning & Development

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One such method that is changing the role of learning and development to a great extent is simulation, which we would be discussing in this post. Related Posts: The Other Side of Simulation: Gamification is Everything!

7 Steps to an Effective Serious Game or Gamification Implementation

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In an ATD survey conducted for its 2014 research report, Playing to Win: Gamification and Serious Games in Organizational Learning ( link ), 71% of organizations reported that they prefer to develop serious games in-house. 83% said they planned to develop gamification in-house.

Thinking about Gamification in Learning and Instruction

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The first part of the chapter is an attempt to identify the key elements in the definition of gamification. Gamification is an emergent approach to instruction which facilitates learning and encourages motivation through the use of game elements, mechanics and game-based thinking.

Gamification and the Hype Cycle

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Taking an in-depth look at the Gartner Hype Cycle as it applies to Gamification and predictions for millennial training. In order for gamification to be successful it can’t just rely on badges, leader boards and points. Gamification Market Forecast ( [link] ). .

Gyrus Systems Selected for’s 2016 Gamification Watch List


Gyrus Systems Selected for's 2016 Gamification Watch List. Gyrus Systems, a leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) developer, announced today it has been selected to be included in the 2016 Gamification Companies Watch List by

Webinar Summary: Practical Gamification With Karl Kapp


You’re heard the term ‘gamification’ quite a lot. But here’s the kicker: There’s not a whole lot of guidance on how to practically leverage gamification to drive real, tangible business results. Determine “Why Gamification?”. Take-away #3: Define Your Gamification Requirements.

The Evolving Role of E-Learning in Corporate Training


They include big data, gamification, corporate MOOCs and mobile learning, along with a brief explanation and an example against each of them. The post The Evolving Role of E-Learning in Corporate Training appeared first on Learnnovators.

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How to Align Gamification with Business Objectives

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Find out how to use the power of gamification to transform your business. Many companies throughout the world have turned to gamification for the answer. How Gamification Helps Solve Seven Business Dilemmas. The Gamification Solution. The Gamification Solution .

The Big Question: Does Gamification have a role in Workplace Learning?

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October's Big Question at the Learning Circuits Blog addresses the application of games to workplace learning and in the process uses the word that everyone loves to hate - gamification. If this is gamification, then please let's have plenty of it.

Find your personal gamification guru

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A curated list of games and gamification experts that offer practical tips for your L&D needs. A Google search for gamification in business has more than 1,340,000 results. Kapp is synonymous with games and gamification in elearning.

Gamification is …

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Gamification is using elements traditionally thought of as “fun” or game-like to promote learning and engagement. To put it simply, “gamification” is the process of employing game thinking, elements and mechanics to engage people, promote learning, drive participation and/or solve problems.

Interactive: What Does It Really Mean?

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Role-playing. Creative Design eLearning Game-based Learning Gamification Instructional Design Learning Theory branching scenarios interactive interactivity project-based learning role-playing

The Birth of Gamification (History of Gamification Pt.2)

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2002 – ‘Gamification’ is born. While designing a game-like user interface for commercial electronic devices (ATMs, vending machines, mobile phones) Nick Pelling coins the ‘deliberately ugly’ word, gamification. 2005 – The First Modern Gamification Platform.

Curated Insights: Taking Gamification to the Next Level


I was asked this question during a recent meeting as I described the way a gamification strategy can motivate user engagement as part of a modern learning strategy. The fact that someone thought a “game mechanic” was a person (honest mistake) made me start thinking about the evolution of gamification and learning during the past few years as well as my own practical experience with the concept. Interview with Karl Kapp on Games, Gamification, and LEARNING!

Gamification Books

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Here are some books that can be read that discuss different elements of “Gamification.&#. This book primarily focuses on massively multiplayer online role play games (MMORPGs) and is focused toward a business audience. Total Engagement: Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the Way People Work and Businesses Compete by Byron Reevers and J. Leighton Read. Published by Harvard Business Press.

Kris Duggan #LnDMeetup Gamification Mindmap

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Kris Duggan spoke on gamification at the Bay Area Learning Design & Technology MeetUp. He talked about some successes at his Badging role and then his new initiative bringing gamification more intrinsically into organizations.

Rewards of Glory and Other Ways to Keep Gamification Interesting

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When some one is engaged with a gamification experience, one of the key elements is often some type of reward structure. I have written about this before in Measurement vs. Completion Achievements in Gamification. Games Gamification



The post COMPILATION OF 45 GAME-BASED LEARNING JOURNALS: PART 2 appeared first on Learnnovators.

LMS and Gamification


Do you have a learning management system in place but cannot figure out how to use gamification? Well, look no further beyond gamification. In this article, we talk about the many ways you can overcome the gamification struggle in your learning management system.

Gamification in the Realm of Employee Training

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Gamification can play a key role in how organizations train employees because it does two key things. First, Gamification forces designers of instruction within organizations or supporting organizations to think through how to make learning more engaging.

Use of Challenge in Gamification and Learning Design

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Challenges should be used in gamification to initially engage learners to start learning a task and to encourage learners who are reluctant to start to learn content. Structural Gamification. If the structural gamification platform is too easy, the learners will not care.

Gamification – a cross-generational affair


If we are to take a look at the term itself, gamification is, according to Wikipedia , just one of the 98 nouns derived with this particular suffix. Trivia aside and returning to our subject matter, gamification uses game mechanics in non-game environments.

Gamification in business is a guaranteed way to boost engagement


Gamification is the new kid on the block in training terms of advances in elearning. Away from the purely financial there are a number of benefits to gamification in business which are worth exploring. Gamification in business is trending.

Engagement: A Critical Element in Learning and Gamification

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If you want to have effective learning engagement, in gamification or any type of learning, you need to consider carefully how to grab and hold the learner’s attention. These are established prior to a student engaging within the gamification experience.



Learnnovators, a leading provider of innovative e-learning solutions, recently conducted a webinar series on “Gamification” in association with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Southern Region. The webinar series sought to provide a primer on gamification, clarifying myths and misconceptions surrounding the term. CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organization, playing a proactive role in India’s development process.