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Megatrends – are they friends or foes of sustainability?

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For example, the majority of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) utilise lithium-ion batteries which are difficult to recycle. While businesses are exploring new ways to recover value from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries, the need to educate entire supply chains still exists and will be critical to how sustainable these can be.

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Are eBooks More Environmentally Friendly?


Manufacturing e-readers also consume natural resources like copper, lithium, cobalt, etc. ’ — say: Agricultural residues, renewable energy, and recycled paper are quickly becoming the norm in book-making, reducing the dependency on trees. When used, an e-reader, in its lifetime, could consume 194 megajoules of electricity.

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Social Media Goals

Clark Quinn

Talking to them, and the others there (Vignette & Lithium) has me reflecting more broadly. Lithium was advertising ’successful’ communities, and so I naturally inquired about their approach. We were prompted to visit Blue Kiwi , which is probably the leading European social media platform.

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eLearning to suit my moods

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Last week a visit to wikipedia on a related topic on Lithium saw me diving deep into this mazing mineral on whose availability a lot of green movement in based upon. And what in lithium caused me to engage in deeper learning? By the way, I learnt that Chile and Bolivia control almost 90% of world's reserves!

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CAC 2009 Student Presentations

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The kit contains a Drill/Driver, an Impact Driver, a Reciprocating saw, one Work light, one Charger and two Interchangeable Lithium-ion Batteries. The new combo tool kit will revolutionize the hand tool market and allow for the powering through of work with less fatigue and all day run time.

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Rotten Apple!

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Experts point to the lithium ion batteries Apple use as the source of the problem. I was intrigued but not particularly surprised then to read that one poor 11 year old British girl called Ellie Stanborough reportedly suffered the terrifying incident of having her iPod explode on her. Chew on that for a while.

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Keeping Up - April's Big Question

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Here are the results and the level of exposure to technology tools this community provides: Twitter (2482) Social Network (1999) Wiki (1610) LMS (1346) Podcaster (1239) Facebook (1176) Flash (980) PowerPoint (922) YouTube (843) RSS (814) LinkedIn (798) Second Life (687) iPhone (602) Director (584) Moodle (550) PDF (521) Captivate (515) Wikipedia (502) (..)