LMS and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)


Especially in the current times of COVID-19 pandemic, companies are looking at the use of Learning Management Systems to aid their Training and Development (T&D) activities Technology has changed the mode of delivery of education or skill training drastically.

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How To Train Remote Employees In A Virtual Learning Environment

Dan Keckan

Through the prism of the 10 Principles of Customer Strategy, this article examines the question of how to train remote employees in a Virtual Learning Environment. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Employee Training Remote Working Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment


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Creating a Consistent Virtual Learning Environment


We all know that something has become clear in the educational technology world over the last couple of years; it is the challenge of integrating a compelling virtual classroom for our potential students. The desire to remain engaged in a learning atmosphere is true from pre-K through the research universities. Because of the management difficulties caused by virtual classrooms, many schools have already decided to part ways for the rest of the year.

Building a modern Virtual Learning Environment in your LMS


There are a variety of e-learning technologies and strategies that can be implemented in corporate education to achieve better results. E-learning today is limitless when it comes to designing creative virtual learning environments (VLE).

Getting Learners to Collaborate in a Virtual Learning Environment


Traditional learning environments serve as natural hubs of social or collaborative learning. Collaborative learning in virtual or online learning environments, on the other hand, happens only if learning programs support and promote interactivity and learner engagement.

Building a Modern Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

eThink Education

As we head into the second decade of the 21st century, now more than ever is the time to break away from traditional learning methods and start incorporating modern technologies and blended learning experiences into your training and education programs. There are a variety of eLearning technologies and strategies that can be utilized in any educational context, both workplace to academic, to achieve better learning outcomes. Digital Learning: We’ve Come a Long Way.

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How To Train Remote Employees In A Virtual Learning Environment

Obsidian Learning

Through the prism of the 10 Principles of Customer Strategy, this article examines the question of how to train remote employees in a virtual learning environment. The scale and impact of this event may never be fully appreciated, but from our view as learning and development professionals one thing is clear: for some time to come there will be limited in-person training, coaching and mentoring and more online, virtual, digital training, coaching and mentoring.

Getting Started with Virtual Learning Environments

Bottom-Line Performance

One of the biggest of getting into virtual world and simulation learning is the huge gap – both real and perceived – that separates the minds of the gamer and the non-gamer. Game or virtual world designers attempt to focus on experiences, and figure that their players will learn as they experience. But I’ve been focusing recently on trying to learn more about game design so that I can create better experiences for my learners.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Virtual Learning Environment


Of course, you might also consider a virtual learning platform, in which case you would join the 81 percent of companies who provide at least some of their training online. What is a Virtual Learning Environment? A virtual learning environment is an online system that allows education materials to be transmitted through the internet to transfer knowledge from organization to employee, or teacher to student.

How to Create an Impactful Virtual Learning Environment


When training moves from a purely in-person format to an online or blended learning model, there is always a concern that learning will become less “sticky” as the human element is removed from the training experience. For organizations that have trained their workforce using an instructor-led or mentor-based format for decades, it might seem impossible for the same concepts to be presented and retained by learners in a virtual learning environment.

Using Social Media As A Disruptive Innovation For Virtual Learning

Dan Keckan

This article discusses how social media can potentially spark a new educational trend for increasing student engagement in a Virtual Learning Environment.

eBook Release: eLearning Trends In 2021

Dan Keckan

eLearning Trends Continuous Learning Corporate eLearning Trends eLearning eBooks Immersive Learning Remote Working Virtual Learning Environment

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How To Create A Full Student Experience Through Virtual Learning Systems

Dan Keckan

We take a look at how you can create a full student experience using virtual learning systems. eLearning Best Practices Digital Learning Distance Learning Online Learning Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

3-D Virtual Learning Environment - Right Here in Baltimore

eLearning Cyclops

Johns Hopkin's Applied Physics Lab (APL) worked with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and the University of Baltimore to deploy a 3-D Virtual Learning Lab. This is a state of the art learning environment modeled after the facility APL uses for DoD and NASA projects. The first project will be exploring and learning about Mt. And they are planning a Moon environment too! ISD K-12 e-Learning

How To Make Your Own Virtual Onboarding Plan

Dan Keckan

Virtual Onboarding can be a true challenge. Employee Onboarding eLearning Checklist eLearning eBooks HR Best Practices Remote Working Virtual Learning EnvironmentBut by understanding the onboarding milestones and using this checklist, you have a roadmap to success.

7 Virtual Classroom Software Activities To Prep Your Team For The New Normal

Dan Keckan

In this article, I share 7 virtual classroom software activities to prep your employees during and after the coronavirus crisis. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks LMS Features Synchronous Learning Activities Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

Case Study On Transforming Instructor-Led Induction And Onboarding Training To A Virtual Mode

Dan Keckan

Due to the pandemic, businesses are moving their induction and onboarding training to a virtual mode. In this article, I use a case study to show you how you can effectively handle this transition and create highly immersive learning experiences.

Skilling Up Virtual Team Managers And Supervisors: 3 Essential Upboarding Tips

Dan Keckan

New managers and supervisors have more than ever to learn if they are stepping up to manage a virtual team. Great upboarding can have a tremendous impact on their success and on the productivity and satisfaction of the virtual teams they lead.

SHRM PMQ Case Study: A Binge-Worthy Leadership Training Program Featuring Scenario-Based Learning

Dan Keckan

Enter PMQ, a SHRM leadership training program for new people managers featuring high-interest, scenario-based learning. Learn how the team built a great story arc and relatable cast in this case study.

eBook Release: How Virtual Classroom Software Will Help You Overcome The COVID-19 Crisis

Dan Keckan

Our eBook shows you how to choose the best virtual classroom LMS for your SMB. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks LMS Features Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment Virtual Reality Training Solution

3 Popular VILT Platforms And Their Features

Dan Keckan

Your choice of VILT is a crucial element in a virtual classroom. Virtual Training eLearning Best Practices eLearning eBooks Modern Learners Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

How To Build A Digital Learning Culture In Your Organization

Dan Keckan

Discover performance consulting tips aimed at building a blended learning curriculum that drives learning culture within your organization. Virtual Training Leadership Training Learning Culture Social Learning Virtual Learning Environment

15 Tips And Strategies To Engage Remote Learners Through High-Impact Virtual Training

Dan Keckan

With a manifold increase in virtual training in the last few months, the focus shifts toward approaches to increase remote learners' engagement. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Employee Engagement Employee Training From ILT To VILT Virtual Learning Environment

Curating Content For A Virtual Classroom

Dan Keckan

Content is the most important element in a virtual classroom but the curation process can be quite demanding. Virtual Training Content Curation eLearning eBooks Synchronous Learning Advantages Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

4 Benefits Of Virtual Design Thinking For Creating Exceptional Learning Solution Designs

Dan Keckan

Virtual design thinking isn't right for every project. But teams who use it to tackle the right learning challenges work better together—and create stronger solutions. Virtual Training Design Thinking eLearning eBooks eLearning Trends Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

Top Employee Training LMS Platforms In 2020

Dan Keckan

An LMS tool helps build confidence in your workforce while creating a better working environment. Do you want to improve production, cut time spent on creating your product or service, or even improve employee skills? Then you must be considering employee training.

Rapid Development Of Virtual Training: Creating Just-In-Time Learning For A Critical Need

Dan Keckan

Borrow these 9 rapid development tips from the team behind the Just-In-Time virtual training solution. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Rapid eLearning Rapid eLearning Development Virtual Learning Environment Virtual Reality Training Solution

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18 Corporate Training Trends To Realign Your Workforce Training Strategy For A Digital Workplace

Dan Keckan

eLearning Trends Corporate Training Remote Working Virtual Learning Environment Workforce DevelopmentThis year, the COVID-19 crisis has reset the trends, leaving HR leaders and L&D teams to rethink the way they manage and train the workforce.

A Virtual Learning Environment gets grounded

The E-Learning Curve

The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Tags: heuristics nielsen simulation microworlds VLEs AICC principles of instruction usability guidelines HCI constructivist learning environment One of the best things about writing an e-elearning blog is its flexibility of the medium to mould itself to accommodate new events. These days, I'm regularly interrupting one series of posts to.

eBook Release: Virtual Training—SweetRush Style

Dan Keckan

Following current trends, all eyes are on virtual training. Virtual Training Corporate Learning And Development eLearning eBooks Employee Engagement Employee Training Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

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How To Develop A Sustainable Remote Onboarding Program For Your Virtual Teams

Dan Keckan

Virtual onboarding of new talent in your organization should achieve all the objectives of classic in-person onboarding. However, purely remote, digital, or fully virtual onboarding does add an interesting layer of complexity.

Why Virtual Learning Is More Than Just VILT: Myths And Truths

Dan Keckan

Virtual learning includes any form of learning that occurs with the assistance of computer technology. Although in this context we often think of virtual classrooms with a live instructor teaching somewhere at a distance, virtual learning is much more than that.

4 Virtual Learning Needs To Consider In A Remote Working Environment

Dan Keckan

Functional performance support, focused learning, effective means of training delivery, and organizational support are the key to ensuring employee engagement. How can organizations support these learning needs in remote working environments?

All About Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Dan Keckan

Virtual Instructor-Led Training has been around for decades but spiked in popularity this year due to stay-at-home orders. But even in a post-pandemic world, it is clear that virtual education will continue to reign as the preferred learning method.

7 Secrets To Set A Realistic Virtual Classroom LMS Budget

Dan Keckan

Personalized distance learning shouldn’t make you dig deep into company pockets. In this article, I share 7 tips to set an accurate virtual classroom LMS budget and improve online training ROI.

How To Transform Your Remote Workforce Into A Virtual Learning Community

Dan Keckan

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person community building has hit a roadblock, and the future appears to be leading in the direction of increased virtual interaction. In this article, we’ll look at the process of creating a virtual learning community at your organization.

8 Innovative Virtual Learning Design Tips To Engage Your Remote Teams

Dan Keckan

Virtual learning is an essential component in the Learning and Development toolkit, and it is widely used for training and educational purposes. Here are some design tips from the instructional and visual perspectives to give your virtual learning a real boost.

Introduction To The Basics Of Free Virtual Meeting Software

Dan Keckan

There is a broad range of business applications for free virtual meeting software. In this article, I explore the basics of virtual meeting platforms and the benefits they have for your SMB.

How L&D Teams Can Design A Virtual Learning Journey That Delivers Seamless Training Results

Dan Keckan

In this article, I share 6 strategies that L&D teams can use to design their virtual learning journey and deliver seamless training results. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Employee Training learning Learning And Development Strategies Virtual Learning Environment

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10 Crucial Features To Look For In Your New Virtual Classroom Software

Dan Keckan

But which features should you look for in your next virtual classroom LMS? Virtual Training eLearning eBooks LMS Features Online Training Software Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment