LMS and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)


Especially in the current times of COVID-19 pandemic, companies are looking at the use of Learning Management Systems to aid their Training and Development (T&D) activities Technology has changed the mode of delivery of education or skill training drastically.

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How To Train Remote Employees In A Virtual Learning Environment

Dan Keckan

Through the prism of the 10 Principles of Customer Strategy, this article examines the question of how to train remote employees in a Virtual Learning Environment. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Employee Training Remote Working Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment


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Virtual Learning Environment Challenges: Designing VILT To Be More Accessible

Dan Keckan

Accessible Learning Closed Caption eLearning eLearning Challenges eLearning eBooks Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning EnvironmentMany businesses today are focused on inclusion.

Autism Education Trust develops Virtual Learning Environment with Stream LXP

Learning Pool

The Autism Education Trust (AET) will implement Learning Pool’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Stream to create its first virtual learning environment for 5,000 teaching professionals. . About Learning Pool. Learn & Connect Learning Pool News

How to engage learners in a virtual learning environment?


Engaging learners in a virtual learning environment is one of the biggest challenges training leaders facing today. In digital learning, this means the use of various surveys and forums, the creation of co-creation learning materials.

Top 10 Virtual Learning Environments

Ed App

Virtual learning environments and other online learning platforms have become an increasingly essential part of today’s education and training landscapes, especially due to the recent pandemic. Nowadays, virtual learning environments come with varying capabilities.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Learning Environment in Corporate Training

CommLab India

Hybrid workplaces need virtual learning schemes, yet they hamper the process of effective learning. In this blog, learn about the pros and cons of virtual learning and everything in between in corporate training! eLearning Design Virtual Training

6 Ways to Help Universities Create a Virtual Learning Environment

Hurix Digital

In today’s pandemic-hit world, virtual learning environments (VLEs) are irreversibly shaping the way of learning and teaching at universities. What is a virtual learning environment? Adding new and innovative learning experiences.

Creating a Consistent Virtual Learning Environment


We all know that something has become clear in the educational technology world over the last couple of years; it is the challenge of integrating a compelling virtual classroom for our potential students. The desire to remain engaged in a learning atmosphere is true from pre-K through the research universities. Because of the management difficulties caused by virtual classrooms, many schools have already decided to part ways for the rest of the year.

Getting Learners to Collaborate in a Virtual Learning Environment


Traditional learning environments serve as natural hubs of social or collaborative learning. Collaborative learning in virtual or online learning environments, on the other hand, happens only if learning programs support and promote interactivity and learner engagement.

New Virtual Learning Environments

Moodle Journal

It did soon became clear to me that bringing anyone into such a rich, immersive and social environment is going to be a pretty overwhelming experiences for the senses, and so after a basic lightning tutorial I simply let them go and explore the facility and have fun for about a hour, which represented the first half of our double period.

eBook Release: Virtual Training—SweetRush Style

Dan Keckan

Following current trends, all eyes are on virtual training. Virtual Training Corporate Learning And Development eLearning eBooks Employee Engagement Employee Training Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

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Building a modern Virtual Learning Environment in your LMS


There are a variety of e-learning technologies and strategies that can be implemented in corporate education to achieve better results. E-learning today is limitless when it comes to designing creative virtual learning environments (VLE).

3 Steps To Help You Start Your Virtual Training

Dan Keckan

Every virtual training program begins with a few small steps. Virtual Training eLearning Content Development eLearning Design eLearning eBooks Learning Objectives Virtual Learning Environment

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The Best 10+1 Content Development Companies To Help You Create Your Virtual Training Programs

Dan Keckan

Are you planning to kickstart your virtual training content development? Even though online learning and virtual training solutions are not new to us, COVID-19 is reviving the need to explore online training solutions and learning opportunities.

5 Implicit Signs That Your Virtual Classroom Is Set Up To Fail

Dan Keckan

Is your organization prepared to make the leap to virtual training? This article highlights the warning signs that can indicate your virtual training is headed for less than successful outcomes. Know what to look for so you can get your virtual learning back on track!

9 Techniques To Humanize Virtual Learning

Dan Keckan

It is possible to make virtual education interactive and engaging if we understand the nature of the evolving learner and make the content palatable. eLearning Design and Development eLearning Development Best Practices Remote Working Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

Understanding UX/UI Design For Virtual Learning Success

Dan Keckan

Understanding the basic principles behind these concepts can help learners and instructors alike better navigate the tools they now depend on and derive more value from the “new normal” of learning online.

Custom Remote Learning Or Off-The-Shelf? A Classic Dilemma For L&D Managers

Dan Keckan

Choosing between custom remote learning and off-the-shelf is always a tough choice for L&D experts. Virtual Training Custom eLearning Custom eLearning Development eLearning eBooks Remote Working Virtual Learning Environment

The 5 Criteria MEANS Test For Effective eLearning delivery

Dan Keckan

Do your eLearning design protocols meet the MEANS test to optimize participant learning? eLearning Design and Development eLearning Networking Measure Training Spaced eLearning Virtual Learning Environment

How To Train Remote Employees In A Virtual Learning Environment

Obsidian Learning

Through the prism of the 10 Principles of Customer Strategy, this article examines the question of how to train remote employees in a virtual learning environment. The scale and impact of this event may never be fully appreciated, but from our view as learning and development professionals one thing is clear: for some time to come there will be limited in-person training, coaching and mentoring and more online, virtual, digital training, coaching and mentoring.

Uptraining Your Construction Crew Through Virtual Learning

Dan Keckan

Allowing your construction crew to develop helpful skills through virtual platforms can future-proof your company while keeping employees productive and safe. Corporate eLearning Online Training Upskilling And Reskilling Virtual Learning Environment

Remote Working Roadblocks: Is Your Team Ready For Virtual Learning?

Dan Keckan

How can virtual learning help your team overcome remote working roadblocks and get your business objectives back on track? Blended Learning eLearning eBooks Learning Experience Virtual Learning Environment

How Will The Metaverse Drastically Transform The Healthcare Industry?

Dan Keckan

Gamification Healthcare Training Virtual Learning Environment Virtual RealityThe fast-paced technological advancements of the twenty-first century are rapidly transforming multiple industries.

VR Is Going To Change Human Beings, Our Professional And Personal Relationships

Dan Keckan

An interview with Jesús García González, co-founder of Xperiencia Virtual, on his views on the future of Virtual Reality. Tell Your Story Educational Technology Virtual Learning Environment Virtual Reality

Top eLearning Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Dan Keckan

eLearning Trends Corporate eLearning Trends Corporate Learning And Development Learning And Development Strategies Virtual Learning Environment

Trends 107

What's Better Than An LMS?

Dan Keckan

This article explores virtual learning environments, how they compare with an LMS, and why they might be better. Learning Management Systems Educational Technology Tools Online Training Software Comparison Virtual Learning Environment

Psychological Factors To Consider For Virtual Learning Strategies

Dan Keckan

Which psychological factors in virtual learning should your L&D teams consider in order to create meaningful training experiences? Blended Learning Brain Facts eLearning eBooks Virtual Learning Environment

The Brain Science Behind Memorable Virtual Learning Experiences

Dan Keckan

How can proven brain science help you create more memorable and meaningful virtual learning experiences for your team? Blended Learning Brain Facts eLearning eBooks Virtual Learning Environment

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Will The Metaverse Benefit The eLearning Industry?

Dan Keckan

Educational Technology Augmented Learning Educational Technology Trends Virtual Learning EnvironmentThe metaverse is the new catchphrase in the tech world. It will empower the eLearning sector.

3-D Virtual Learning Environment - Right Here in Baltimore

eLearning Cyclops

Johns Hopkin's Applied Physics Lab (APL) worked with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and the University of Baltimore to deploy a 3-D Virtual Learning Lab. This is a state of the art learning environment modeled after the facility APL uses for DoD and NASA projects. The first project will be exploring and learning about Mt. And they are planning a Moon environment too! ISD K-12 e-Learning

3 Ways You Can Use Digital Tools To Boost Student Motivation

Dan Keckan

Use these simple strategies to effectively maneuver technology toward increasing students’ motivation and engagement, whether virtually or in person. eLearning Best Practices Educational Technology Tools K12 Education Virtual Learning Environment

When The Metaverse Meets Online Learning

Dan Keckan

How our learning ecosystems prepare must also advance to meet these new opportunities. Immersive Learning Augmented Reality Corporate eLearning Trends Corporate Learning And Development Virtual Learning EnvironmentThe metaverse is happening.

VARK Model In eLearning Gamification For Effective Corporate Virtual Training Solutions

Dan Keckan

With ever-increasing workplace training costs, it is a challenge to devise a virtual training solution that is engaging for all employees. In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of gamification in eLearning to deliver unparalleled training experiences across all learning styles.

Using Social Media As A Disruptive Innovation For Virtual Learning

Dan Keckan

This article discusses how social media can potentially spark a new educational trend for increasing student engagement in a Virtual Learning Environment.

What Is Virtual Reality And How Can I Use It In My Organization?

Dan Keckan

No doubt if you work in L&D or HR you’ve heard someone talk about virtual reality (VR). Immersive Learning Virtual Learning Environment Virtual Reality Virtual Reality Training Solution

3 Ways Simulations Can Improve Employee Communication Skills

Dan Keckan

Virtual Training Remote Working Simulations Skills Development Virtual Learning EnvironmentSimulations allow employees to practice and gain feedback on their communication skills such as public speaking, sales pitching, leadership communication, and more.

Learning In The Metaverse: New Tech For Business Impact

Dan Keckan

Workplace learning and education must figure out how to apply the metaverse for their benefit. Consider that if the metaverse eventually lives up to its promise, then the learning opportunities are limitless.

How To Create Amazing Virtual Experiences For Popular L&D Use Cases

Dan Keckan

However, truly memorable and meaningful virtual training experiences are personal, engaging, and consider cognitive overload. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks From ILT To VILT Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

Transition From Physical Classes To Virtual Training In 7 Stress-Free Steps

Dan Keckan

This article outlines 7 key steps to switch from on-site training to virtual training for your team, minus the stress. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks From ILT To VILT Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment