Create Your Virtual Team Tech Toolkit

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Organizations find themselves embracing the future of work: globally dispersed, virtual teams. Virtual TeamsBYTE Session Recap.

Global Virtual Teams: What’s Working? What’s Frustrating?

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Virtual teams have grown rapidly and widely in the last 10 years – managers can lead , even when working from different continents then their reports. Recently, guest BYTE speaker Mary Kingsley provided sage advice to leaders looking to inspire their global virtual teams.

Adapting Tuckman’s Model for Global Virtual Teams

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Offices and teams come in all shapes and sizes these days. Members of the same team may live on different continents. One proven possibility: adapt an existing model based on our understanding of successful remote teams. Virtual Teams BYTEBYTE Session Recap.

The Virtual Team Challenge

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The Virtual Team Challenge is an entirely FREE online, multiplayer business simulation that takes place in the animated 3D world of New City: Spill! The team objective in the simulation is to help the mayor stage the most efficient oil spill recovery effort.

Now Hiring! Join Our Virtual Team

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Are you a GREAT virtual classroom producer? Do you have experience supporting WebEx Training Center, Adobe Connect, or any other virtual classroom platform? We are seeking qualified contractors to join our dynamic production team. Our producers ensure flawless virtual learning events by providing instructional and technical support to facilitators during live learning events, training sessions, and meetings

Managing Virtual Teams


Virtual teams are the talk of the town right now – and with good reason! This very modern mode or working takes collaboration and turbocharges it – giving you the opportunity to spread your team across continents, time zones, and cultures.

Creating, Leading, and Maintaining Highly Functional Virtual Teams

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Over the past 20 years, Jennifer Hofmann has built an entirely virtual and highly functional team at InSync Training. Interestingly, when she started her company, “We used to hide the fact that we were a 100% virtual, work-from-home team. Virtual Teams

Virtual Team Management

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I was going through the Demonstrations and Case Studies on the Enspire Learning website when I came across a marvelous simulation on Virtual Team Management. The company sought a way to teach virtual team management skills to a multicultural, transglobal audience of project managers.

#ASTD2014 W206 - Creating Highly Functional Virtual Teams

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W206 - Creating Highly Functional Virtual Teams. Join me at the ASTD 2014 International Conference. Wednesday May 7 10:45 am - 12:00 pm. Ballroom B. Conferences

Virtual Teams – But Real People

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Virtual teams offer challenges for the team’s leaders, members - and for L&D professionals as they meet the team’s L&D requirements, often in a cross-cultural context.

5 Best Practices For An Effective Virtual Team Experience


Working in virtual teams is hard. And yet, we can all agree that virtual collaboration is vitally important and is here to stay. Estimates indicate nearly half of organizations use virtual teams – and it is even higher for companies with global operations.

Why L&D should prepare for training global virtual teams


Generally, when we are thinking about a team we picture a group of people working together in the same space, having formal and informal meetings, face to face interactions and perhaps even hanging out after office hours. Global virtual teams are the future of teamwork.

Tips for Leaders of Virtual Teams


One illustration of that efficiency in action is the use of virtual work teams. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of virtual teams. He opened the position for remote workers, and just three weeks later was virtually onboarding Jessica and Simon.

Creating Highly Functional Virtual Teams @ASTD

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My session will focus on Creating Highly Functional Virtual Teams. I will be speaking at the ASTD 2014 International Conference & Exposition and would like to personally invite you to attend. Conferences

Leading Virtual Teams – But Real People – Effectively

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Virtual teams offer challenges for the team’s leaders, members, and Learning and Development professionals, as they meet the team’s Learning and Development requirements, often in a cross-cultural context. Corporate eLearning Corporate eLearning Best Practices Corporate Learning And Development Distributed Teams Leadership Development

Virtual Teams Are Here To Stay (No Matter What Yahoo Says)

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How InSync Training Enables Its Virtual Workforce. What you might not realize is that InSync Training is 100% virtual , with approximately 50 facilitators, producers, instructional designers, project managers, and other core staff all working remotely from home offices wherever they happen to be in the world. We believe in virtual training. We believe in virtual work. Virtual Work Virtual teams The opinions expressed herein

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Virtual Classroom Technical Producers Needed - Virtual Team, Flexible Schedule

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InSync Training is seeking Virtual Classroom Technical Producers that speak English, Chinese, Japanese, or Polish. All contract positions are virtual, and candidates can expect up to 20 hours per week. Virtual Classroom-Production

Virtual Classroom Technical Producers Needed - Virtual Team, Flexible Schedule

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InSync Training is seeking Virtual Classroom Technical Producers that speak Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish. All contract positions are virtual, and candidates can expect up to 20 hours per week. Virtual Classroom-Production

Virtual Team Leadership Training: 4 Tips To Lead Your Team To Success


Team success is often dependent on cohesiveness and progress towards a goal. When teams meet in person, natural roles tend to emerge as teammates are able to relate to each other on an informal basis. However, virtual teams often depend more on a successful team lead to ensure success when there is not an in-person familiarity. Leading a virtual team has its difficulties, but is an important skill to learn in this increasingly digitized world.

Not All Remote Workers Are Lonely

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As an entirely virtual team of over 70 people, we understand the perception of isolation. When a single team spans the globe , how can real connections possibly exist? Virtual Teams

Incorporating Technology into the Training Room

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This month, guest contributor Jenny Holt explores the helpfulness of technology in supporting both virtual learners and virtual teams. Virtual Teams EdTech Global Virtual Classroom

How to stimulate creativity in online teams: A 100% online process to design a blended learning trajectory

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The members of our design team live in Namibia, Switzerland, Suriname, Nairobi and the Netherlands. The design team knew each other pretty well. The design team was used to Zoom instead of Adobe, but we chose Adobe Connect because of the whiteboard, and the ability to work in groups.

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Planning for Natural Disasters and Their Impact on Virtual Sessions

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At InSync, we often talk about mitigating virtual classroom disasters with preparation and planning. With a solid plan, we can avoid most “virtual training emergencies.”. Virtual Teams

Leadership & Revolution, Social Media, Memory, & Virtual Teams

Big Dog, Little Dog

A better distribution pattern has larger influential region and greater clustering factor, which can equip the leaders with the capability of influencing more followers in a given period and strengthening the persuasion power on the followers as well," says the team. CC photy by DRC.

Video - The Art & Science of Being a Remote Manager

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Leading a virtual team presents a unique set of challenges. Virtual Teams InSync VideosCommunicating effectively requires extra attention, and identifying personnel issues can be difficult for a remote manager.

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Video - The Art & Science of Being A Remote Employee

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Virtual team members must possess a specialized set of skills in order to be successful on the job. Virtual Teams InSync VideosAdditionally, they need to create their own work space and complete their daily tasks while separated from their coworkers.

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Virtually There: 10 Ways to Immediately Influence the Modern Learning Culture

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Virtual Teams Collaboration Virtual Learners Virtually There Modern LearningAs the workplace continues to evolve, and training approaches evolve to support it, at some point it will be hard to distinguish the difference between working and learning.

BYTE Session Recap - The Art & Science of Working Remotely

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I’m looking for best practices for managing remote teams.”. “I’ve Virtual teams BYTEGuest speakers Amy Lins and Susan Hillebrandt presented The Art & Science of Working Remotely to a large and enthusiastic audience on July 27.

BYTE Recap: The Art & Science of Working Remotely

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This post will share new information Amy and Susan discussed about interviewing for remote positions, hiring virtual team members, and the pros and cons of this unique employment arrangement. Virtual Teams BYTE

Learning Thursday #12: Five Ways to Promote Training Team Productivity Using Your Email Application

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Here are five ways you can use your email application to better coordinate projects and team activities. Make sure your team members use the calendar to indicate their scheduled time off and any dates they plan to work in another location. Manage your team’s email volume.

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The Pros and Cons of Working from Home as Part of a Remote Team

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InSync Training operates under a thoroughly modern business model: the entire team works remotely! Many businesses are moving away from having dedicated office space in their facilities for team members to work in. Virtual Work Virtual Teams

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Seventh Way to Evolve with the Modern Learning Culture: Reflect as a Team

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Today's workforce workforce is more global, virtual, and mobile than ever before. Seventh Way to Evolve with the Modern Learning Culture: Reflect as a Team. To continue to evolve with the modern learning culture, I encourage you to reflect as a team.

Facilitators: Make Your Virtual Training Stick

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For many organizations, virtual training and virtual facilitation have become the de facto answer to most performance challenges. what is virtual training? Virtual training is a broad term and includes any learning experience performed out of a face-to-face setting.

Training on the Edge: Training Context 2014-2019

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Virtual teams Trends This is the second in a series of six posts exploring current issues facing training professionals and the upcoming trends in training for the next five years.

Brandon’s App of the Week – Textastic

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Apps eLearning development tools Mobile apps virtual teamingEach week Brandon Penticuff , Bottom-Line Performance’s Director of Technology and admitted app-obsessed iOS user will share an app that he is using that week.

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