Information Overload and New Initiatives

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workplace learning and performance wlp design information behavior informal learningA recent article over at CLO online talks about the problem of information overload in the workplace. The article talks about the impact of this problem on the quality of work, the morale of employees, and the amount of time information overload causes when people have to keep re-orienting to tasks they get pulled away from, or get prioritized into.While the thrust of the article is about how to.

CLO's Top Stories of 2012

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workplace learning and performance wlp instructional systems design HPT HPII received ISPI's Performance Digest for the day, and I was struck by the lack of substance. Indeed, a couple of the stories seem to conflict ("Change Management vs. Change Leadership" and "Rise of the Change Manager"), many are the obvious ("The Best Approach to Training", "Stop Long, Boring Staff Training; Start Short, Social Learning Modules"), others are laments ("Intelligence Lost: The.

What's the "High Concept, High Touch" Solution for Organizational Learning Today?

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June's Big Question over at LCB asks how WLP professionals might break down organizational walls to learning. I recently read Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, and one of the central themes of the book is that we are in an age where we have to think more conceptually, and less analytically, partly because the tools to free our minds from rote work are readily available. I want to borrow that theme. performance barriers organization adult learning

WLP 12

Informal Learning And the Empowerment of Curiosity

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LC's Big Q: How To Make The Case For Social Media?

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As a WLP professional that uses SM Tony Karrer posted November's Learning Circuits Big Question today, and the subject of this one is compelling. The question is how to sell the use of social media (SM) for training and performance improvement purposes in the workplace, particularly when there may be fellow colleagues and/or management that may be not familiar with or are biased against it.

Esse quam videri

The Learning Circuits

The cover story of the last issue tells WLP (workplace learning and performance) professionals that Business Acumen is Priority One. The article, Build Your Business Acumen , tells us that we WLP professionals "need to think and talk like their internal customers."


He Had a Bad Day

Tony Karrer

I'd personally rather have us talk performance, but the industry has landed on learning, e.g., CLO, LMS, WLP, oh and eLearning. I just saw a post by Mark Oehlert - I'm tired people, so I'm only going to say this about 1,000 more times. - and it appears that Mark has had a bad day. The point (hard to see though as it is) however, is that with learning - the changes are going on inside our own heads and bodies.