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Year in Review: The Worst Employee Training Mistakes of 2011


Employee training is not absent from these countdowns of shame, either, with several media outlets setting out to nominate the stupidest training blunders making the rounds in organizations. The first of these comes from Katie Morell, writing for the American Express OPEN Forum, who manages to round up five common training errors that bedevil companies. Her blunder? ’”.

iPad for eLearning


SkillSoft iPads Make Smarter Salespeople - JPL Learning Technology Trends To Watch In 2011 - the eLearning Coach Growing Up Digitally: The iPad As a Learning Device - Technologizer Free educational apps for the Apple iPad - Examiner Create iPad Stories with StoryPatch - Moving at the Speed of Creativity Learning Trends - Where will they lead in 2011? Why iPad was created?

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E-Learning Innovative Products – They are Out There

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Not, some 3rd party aggregator like Skillsoft or Element K, where you can purchase courses from. 2011 will show profitable gains for a large portion of vendors across the sector. authoring tools content authoring tool E-Learn Info e-learning e-learning vendors elearning LCMS learning portal LMS m-learning mobile learning Product Review rapid content authoring tool SAAS social learning Uncategorized craig weiss instructional design learning online learning training wbtI love innovation. It is what makes any product or service, aspire to new heights. New concept. Everywhere.

Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

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This meant only three or four respondents were citing these trends as tools or tactics in their talent development toolkits: Computer-based training (CD-ROMs). Mobile is no longer new, but it does appear to be “stuck” with adoption not proliferating as trend watchers predicted back in 2010, 2011, and 2012. This meant a ton of training on how to use a computer or how to use software.

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Part 1: The Shift From Push to Pull Learning

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When pest control and exterminator service Orkin first introduced its video on-demand learning module in 2005, employees were intrigued but skeptical, said Greg Baumann, vice president of training and technical services for Rollins Inc., learning courseware company Skillsoft experienced a similar situation when it first invested in pull types of learning technology. Research from Bersin found in 2011, 25 percent of companies in the U.S. Further, large companies more than doubled their spending on informal learning between 2010 and 2011. the parent company for Orkin.

When is a LMS not a LMS?

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Not that I expected it to do so, mind you, because I recognized late 2011 that it would be big. I re-affirmed it in my forecasts for 2012. Cannot upload off the shelf content from a 3rd party vendor – say Rosetta Stone or Skillsoft or in some cases e-learning marketplaces. For the longest time they called themselves a training management system.  Now they are “easy online training” ProProfs - “create online training and courses easily” Coursepark - “learning networks” you need to scroll down to learn more. The twist?

Seven Things I Learned This Year

Tony Karrer

iPad (and iPhone) are Much More Useful Than I Expected I didn’t actually think that I would care about the iPad except as a tool for training and performance support in environments like retail and restaurants where it’s always been an issue having access to machines. For example my search for an LMS Solution for Simple Partner Compliance Training didn’t really arrive at just the right solution. I was also struggling for clients who needed very simple learning tracking but with some customizations. So here are a few of the things that are a bit different for me. 1.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

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Back on December 30 2011, I scoped eight predictions ranging from hardware/software to content types and authoring tools to macro-level mobility trends our team felt would influence the market for mLearning products and services for the year and I wasn’t disappointed (or much surprised) about how it all played out. Here’s the analysis of how it all played out. On Target But. Bullseye.