Direct vs Consultative Digital Content Development

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There is a multitude of ways to do a simple task, like measuring a piece of string, you would expect there to be an exponentially wider array of approaches to a more complex task, like developing a piece of digital learning content. We see this building content for clients and for the clients we consult with and the clients we train. the developer makes the call about interactivity or screen layout as they develop. Content source. Content build.

7 Reasons Why You Must Convert Flash Games to HTML5

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Between 2014 and now, a large number of tech platforms have converted multimedia elements, games in particular, to HTML5, signaling an end of the Flash era. Adobe Flash is a software platform designed to support multimedia content production and display.


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Latest HTML5 convert: YouTube


Latest HTML5 convert: YouTube. Ever since Apple made the calculated decision that its devices could get by without Adobe Flash, the pressure has been on for content providers to find a new way forward. Powering through its early challenges such as a lack of compatibility with old Web browsing software, HTML5 has proved its case among an increasing group of developers. Digital Content Development.

Google underlines HTML5 importance with auto-convert policy


Google underlines HTML5 importance with auto-convert policy. This is a vital question for creators of content, as they need to determine whether their efforts are in the proper format to suit the times. The current schism worth studying involves how rich digital content appears online - for years, Flash was the standard. The source noted that Google is now presenting ad content in HTML5 format even if the original piece came through as Flash.

Workarounds: Why They Help Learners Learn

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Do you know that with an iPhone app you can walk to the Apple store, scan the price in iPhone and pay with your iPhone without having to talk with a cashier? In converting technical and compliance programs to engaging experiences, start with SWEET SPOTS, the "pleasure" experiences. storytelling ray jimenez compliance content development technical training Interactivity scenarios micro-scenarios vignettes eLearning story-based

Podcasting for E-Learning: Digital Audio Basics

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Well-designed, planned, narrated and produced audio content has the facility to engage the audience and transport the listener, providing the right cognitive environment for learning or entertainment or whatever goal the podcast seeks to achieve. and converting that amplitude into a binary number. Tags: digital audio file format Audio content development cognition content production process educational media technology in education podcast authoring podcast

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Quick Tips for Large-Scale Flash to HTML5 Migration

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Why the rush to convert Flash to HTML5? You can still salvage your Flash eLearning content by converting it into HTML5. Adobe Flash was once the trusted tool for creating eLearning content. In this scenario, what do you do with your Flash-based eLearning content?

Quick Tips for Large-Scale Flash to HTML5 Migration

Hurix Digital

Why the rush to convert Flash to HTML5? You can still salvage your Flash eLearning content by converting it into HTML5. Adobe Flash was once the trusted tool for creating eLearning content. In this scenario, what do you do with your Flash-based eLearning content?

Flash: an End of an Era – What You Need To Know


In 1996 Macromedia first introduced the Flash Player, developed to play videos, animations, and audio and to support enhanced interactivity in web browsers. Soon Flash became a source of frustration for the world’s largest technology companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook. Increases in the use of mobile devices for learning, and the maturity of HTML5 to present content over the web, have also led to a decrease in the development of content supporting Adobe Flash Player.

EBook profits: A shot in the arm for content producers


EBook profits: A shot in the arm for content producers. While traditional publishing houses no doubt recoiled in horror as screens took the place of books in consumers' hands at the turn of the century, they have bounced back on the realization that it could be their content on those screens. Digital Content Development. Reaching beyond traditional media has emerged as a sensible strategy for nearly every company that once made its money on printed materials.

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Leveraging Acrobat DC and Captivate 2017 to Enhance Self-directed Learning Opportunities

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The challenge was to develop a guided interactive course that could be used in conjunction with anatomical simulators under the following conditions: Product must be device agnostic. Once developed, relatively easy to modify by the client company. All three development products are currently being used by the client’s education team to a limited degree, and with some transition training and support they should be able to maintain the final products. Design and Development.

HTML5 content enters new era


HTML5 content enters new era. As has been widely reported, the W3C group has upgraded HTML5 to a finished recommendation, meaning the features of the language have been locked and developers working on Web browsers and software alike have solid targets to aim for with their functionality inclusions. IT's finalization may allow developers to banish old languages that are more prone to security issues. Digital Content Development.

HTML5: A future without plugins?


Finding new ways to distribute rich and interactive content is a consuming passion for many different businesses. Such companies thrive on the use of languages such as HTML5, which allows development across everything from desktop PCs to iOS devices, a range that puts it beyond older technologies such as Adobe Flash. Developers seem to have their eyes on a better future of content production and delivery, one without roadblocks. Digital Content Development.

iPad & eBooks: A Game Changer for Blended Learning


There have been countless blog posts about the theoretical potential of the iPad on mainstream media, most notably eBooks, so it was nice to see a real-world example of static content and video done in a way that equals, and even improves upon, the quality and design of the magazine layout. While training departments have been busy spending ridiculous amounts of time and money converting these training materials to e-Learning, Steve Jobs has (surprise!)

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Seeking new functionality, New York Times opts for HTML5


The relevance to content creators is great, as the reasons to convert from Flash to HTML5 are growing every month. Selecting a format could define a business's media output and, as such, it's important to watch developments in the industry world. The source noted that the Times has been working with HTML5 as its standard for new projects under development for years, with departments from editorial to interactive to sponsored content dipping into the technology.

18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

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Almost daily, new learning technology developers contact us to introduce themselves. However, because customer-facing departments typically fund, develop and deliver training to their constituents, they tend to prefer platforms that integrate with and foster relationships with external constituents. Developing group conflict resolution capabilities to elevate team performance. However, the business model for selling online content is simple and profitable.

Fluctuating device usage indicates importance of flexible content


Fluctuating device usage indicates importance of flexible content. Developing content that only works with one type of device is a common strategy, but one that may prove restrictive going forward. Content production in formats such as HTML5 may help distributors reach a wider audience than they would be able to with a selection of device-specific applications or a desktop PC program, with the added benefit of a single development process rather than several.

5 Tips For Finding (and working with) An eLearning Development Company


But while the eLearning solutions market offers several excellent LMS platforms, including our very own eFrontPro , not all business have the necessary resources, skills and time required to develop their own employee training material. Fortunately, thanks to the growth of the eLearning market, it’s quite easy to outsource eLearning content development to an eLearning consultant or firm — and there are plenty of eLearning development companies to choose from.

Best SaaS Conferences 2020


These events have ended, but still offered an on-demand style content hub of everything offered during the event: South by Southwest – All sessions available on YouTube Channel. Inbound – All content available for 119$ here.