JoomlaLMS Mobile is on the Apple Store Now!


Dear clients, we would like to let you know that starting today JoomlaLMS Mobile App for iOS is available for download on Apple Store. To remind you, an Android compatible version was released a few weeks ago, but the release of the iOS compatible version was delayed due to a long review process. Blog articles

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Adobe AIR & Flash Player 10.1– How it Can Benefit Mobile Learning

Upside Learning

On Feb 15, 2010, at Mobile World Congress 2010, Adobe announced Adobe AIR for mobile devices, a consistent runtime for standalone applications which is an outcome of Adobe initiated Open-Screen project. Mobile device platforms are diversified – from screen sizes to the operating-systems driving the devices. Apart from AIR app, the same code and assets in any AIR app can further be used to deliver a mobile browser version using Flash Player 10.1.


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Apple missing the small picture

Clark Quinn

I’ve previously discussed the fight between Apple and Adobe about Flash (e.g. Which Apple is blocking, for interactivity. Apple allows cross-platform media players, whether hyperdocs (c.f. Now, I understand that Apple’s rabidly focused on the customer experience ( I like the usability), and limiting development to content is a way to essentially guarantee a vibrant experience. Tags: mobile strategy technology

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Adobe Captivate 5.5: At Long Last. Publish Support for Apple Mobile Devices

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Kevin Siegel Anyone who created eLearning lessons using any version of Adobe Captivate older than version 5 is painfully aware that Captivate does not offer publishing options for any of the Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod). It's been a real issue for developers who love Captivate, but are required to create content for the Apple devices, and are therefore forced to use other tools such as Camtasia.

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Apple Proves Mobile makes the Desktop better: A lesson for us in mLearning and eLearning

mLearning Revolution

I think it’s fascinating that Apple is bringing Mobile features such as notification and Dictation to the Mac. Like millions of people around the world, I too was glued to my computer on June 11 2012, following closely every news announcement Apple shared at their annual WWDC event. The next version of Apple’s iOS was also shown and it comes with some nice features, including Passbook and Maps, just to name a few. eLearning Mobile Learning featured

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Designing Mobile Learning Solutions


With so much of our lives lived “on the go”, mobile learning has acquired a new paradigm. However, to be successful, mobile learning solutions should not simply aspire to become classroom lectures on a tablet or smartphone. Question Mobility: Before plowing all your resources into developing a mobile learning experience, ask whether the subject lends itself well to mobile delivery. If you’re a CourseArc subscriber, your content is already mobile-friendly.

The Docebo Discovery Lab: The Next Era of Mobile Learning


But how do you ensure brand consistency within your learning experience, especially with more and more learners turning to mobile devices? On the other hand, the flexibility afforded to L&D pros to configure their mobile learning experience has been limited to mobile apps listed under the name of the learning technology provider, where you can only change a few items, such as the logo, images, and colors. . Want to learn more about Docebo’s Mobile App Publisher?

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Docebo’s Mobile App Makes Learning Better


Docebo has some big news that we’re incredibly excited to announce: the latest version of our mobile app is here. The truth is, not even “working on mobile” does the trick. Today, the threshold for the acceptance of mobile content is very high – much higher, in fact, than “regular” content shared on desktop devices. Mobile is used away from work, away from your desk, at home, or even in line at Starbucks. Create Customized Mobile Learning Experiences.

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HTML5 development poised to rise, Apple responsible


HTML5 development poised to rise, Apple responsible. The flexibility and cross-platform utility of the methodology have become increasingly valued as the mobile environment has splintered. Apple drives HTML5. ReadWrite recently explained that HTML5 may be ready for a step into the app creation spotlight, and that it may be Apple that gets it there , despite the fact that the Apple App Store has done the most to promote the whole concept of platform-specific development.

5 Challenges in Taking Your Content to Mobile Learning

Origin Learning

Mobile Learning - it’s easy, it’s intuitive and it definitely gives good returns on investment. However, the inherent characteristics of a mobile pose a few challenges to instructional and content designers in avoiding the risk of defeating its purpose of learning. 5 Challenges in Taking Your Content to Mobile Learning. What runs on a PC may become different and less useful when it appears on a mobile.

eFrontPro got talent: version 4.4 released with major new features


The technology is used to secure highly critical systems such as banking websites and corporate accounts, but has been seeing widespread adoption from popular SaaS providers such as Google, Facebook and Apple too. include SMS tokens, the Google Authenticator mobile app and email. These include: • Content versioning. While we already supported previous versions of xAPI (a.k.a. TinCan ), we now have support for the standard first stable version too.

Major update: Introducing Unicorn LMS 8, the latest version of our LMS platform.

Unicorn Training

Thank you to our user base for all the excellent feedback and suggestions that have contributed to our latest major release of Unicorn LMS – version 8. Learning Path update The latest version of our Learning Path app includes a number of enhancements to the online content User experience. It's available for Apple and Android devices. To view the latest features for the Learning Path app, please ensure that you update the app to the latest version (8.6)

Micro Learning and Mobile

eLearning 24-7

They can really push the envelope in terms of micro learning, mobile and engagement (right now more so on the visual only angle, but down the road – hotspots, VR, AR, MR technology). . Apple drives. Mobile smartphones. Without a mobile device, or pieces of video content or any of the other possibilities of solutions today, which, here is the kicker – YOU CAN. I said mobile engagement, not mobile learning.

Learning Designers have 3 Choices Regarding Mobile Learning [#mLearning]

mLearning Revolution

Last week Cisco published a research paper entitled “ Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012–2017 ,” which included some staggering figures, as to the speed with which we are adopting internet-connected mobile devices around the world. mobile devices per capita. Amazing statistic and one that bodes well for all of us in Learning Design, who want to seize the huge potential mobile ubiquity represent for our Industry.

Mobile Mania – The Latest on M-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Mobile the final frontier. These are the voyages of mobile learning. To, ah forget it you now the rest, but what you may not know is the latest on the mobile learning front. I already saw that mobile planet. Responsive – Talk to any LMS vendor (okay, a large swath of them) and they will tell you they have responsive for mobile. . If they are in the cloud, surprise (actually not) you can view them in your mobile web browser. . Mobile OS.

Apple strikes against lagging sales rates with new iPads


Apple strikes against lagging sales rates with new iPads. Complacency and lack of demand are the enemy in these cases, as hardware manufacturers want individuals to keep buying new versions of the same general platforms. All of this activity on the part of Apple, Samsung, HTC and their fellows has implications for content conversion - if tablets stay relevant over the long haul, they will be important platforms for media. Apple's new lineup. Mobile Readiness.

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Mobile Learning: A couple examples of the promise it offers

Bottom-Line Performance

We have integrated mobile devices into our lives at a lightning fast pace: In 2009, 83% of adult Americans owned a mobile phone (and who knows how many children!) ( 2009 Pew Internet Report ); we can assume that a poll taken today would show even higher percentages. Seventy-seven percent of the global population owns mobile phones. By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide ( Gartner IT Report ).

This Week on #TalkTech: The New Zite, Evaluating Mobile Apps for Learning, Google Maps and iOS

Bottom-Line Performance

Whether its marveling in the fantastic UI design of some of our favorites or discussing the best ways to evaluate mobile apps, we’ve got you covered: Topic 1: How does the new Zite’s multitouch interface demonstrate effective mobile UI design? We are specifically looking at the mobile UI features that make it a case in point for how to design mobile learning. Topic 2: What is the best method for instructional designers to evaluate mobile learning solutions?

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Microsoft Surface Reviewed: Is it Right For Mobile Learning?

Bottom-Line Performance

I used three Android tablets for a long time without really falling for them before finally going with the Apple crowd and getting an iPad 2 about a year ago. I simply don’t get having a trackpad as standard equipment on a touch screen, mobile, or tablet device. Again, is this supposed to be a PC or a mobile device? This is what I want to leave behind in going mobile. Office is not optimized for Mobile. Both appear to be fully functional versions.

Go.Learn Makes Mobile Learning Better


Docebo has some big news that we’re incredibly excited to announce: the latest version of our mobile app is here. The truth is, not even “working on mobile” does the trick. Today, the threshold for the acceptance of mobile content is very high – much higher, in fact, than “regular” content shared on desktop devices. Mobile is used away from work, away from your desk, at home, or even in line at Starbucks. Create Customized Mobile Learning Experiences.

Want to go mobile for learning and support?

Allison Rossett

I invited him to write this when I recognized my lack of clarity about the options for mobile development and delivery. We want to use mobile devices, but which mobile? There is great excitement about the potential of mobile devices for learning and support. Workplace learning professionals now find themselves in the middle of conversations about leveraging mobile devices for growth and support. while mobile web apps take a ‘code once, run in all’ approach.

Is Microsoft Surface a Major Step Backward for mLearning?

Bottom-Line Performance

Microsoft Surface is supposed to do everything and more… but did Microsoft miss the point when it comes to creating a truly “mobile” experience? Mobile apps are limited by nature, designed for more specific and niche applications, and can’t be relied on to finish a full day’s work. Both versions of Surface will run Windows 8…so you can theoretically use it for everything.

Is Microsoft Surface a Major Step Backward for mLearning?

Bottom-Line Performance

Microsoft Surface is supposed to do everything and more… but did Microsoft miss the point when it comes to creating a truly “mobile” experience? Mobile apps are limited by nature, designed for more specific and niche applications, and can’t be relied on to finish a full day’s work. Both versions of Surface will run Windows 8…so you can theoretically use it for everything.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

mLearning Revolution

2012 has been an amazing year for mobile! This year we have seen technology companies introduce a myriad of mobile devices of all sizes, prices and operating systems. In 2012 Apple announced the iPhone 5, two new iPads and the new iPad mini; Google unveiled their first tablet, the nexus 7 and later the 10″ version; Amazon gave us three Kindle Fire HD tablets. Become an Active, Observant Mobile user. The two most popular mobile OSes are iOS (e.g.

Chad Udell on Tools for Mobile Development (#ASTDLN)

Learning Visions

Chad Udell (@visualrinse) of Float Learning is doing a quick rundown of tools he uses to help design, manage and build mobile projects. Fieldtest - web based tool to create fast mobile prototypes. link] (focused on smartphones and up = android, iOS, windows mobile) Chad shares a prorotype he created that you go checkout: [link]. if you want to build high quality mobile learning apps, you have to use dedicated mobile tooling.". mobile astdln

Do Learners on Mobile really know what they want in mLearning?

mLearning Revolution

I really liked the tweet and immediately ReTweeted it: Ask how your audience is using mobile devices, then design for them ~ Lasher #mLearnCon — Jay Lambert (@LambertJay) June 21, 2012. The thing is, most people are asking the wrong questions regarding what people really want out of mobile learning, including eLearning tools vendors. Of course there’s nothing like being a mobile user yourself, and see what you like and dislike about the whole experience.

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The Open Screen Project – Will It Succeed?

Upside Learning

Adobe recently announced AIR for Mobile devices. The Open Screen Project was started to help create a singular experience on multiple devices (using Flash) be it Computers, Mobiles, TV or Game consoles. Since the start of the project virtually everyone has joined the project , except for Apple. It is estimated that ARM based devices will overtake x86 based ultra-mobile devices in near future. Opera has released a HTML 5 version (Opera mobile) for Windows Mobile.

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Why I disagree with Mark Zuckerberg who claims the iPad isn’t mobile [Poll]

mLearning Revolution

I came across this interesting article on, which also includes a short video (below) of Mark Zuckerberg answering a question from the audience and basically saying that the iPad is not mobile. The author argues that Facebook’s lack of a mobile story should terrify investors, especially now that Facebook is a public company. Please watch the video and chime in on whether you agree or not in that the iPad is mobile via the poll below: You hear that?

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4 Traditional PC Features Mobile is NOT About

mLearning Revolution

I am back and looking forward to more great mobile conversations. I don’t disagree with James in that all the features he mentioned are unique to Windows 8 tablets, and I’m not entirely sure these may even be some of the reasons why consumers are not buying the Surface tablet from Microsoft, but the list got me thinking about what ‘ mobile is NOT about.’ Mobile is about doing more with less. Mobile Learning featured mLearning mobile PC

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The New Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) is a Sign of the Mobile Times

mLearning Revolution

It is also worth pointing out that this launch in some way marks the reinvention of Adobe as a company after the whole Apple vs. Adobe Flash debacle. There’s so much to like about what’s new in CS6, but to me what stands out the most is everything Adobe did around designing for mobile. This is exciting for all of us in mobile learning (mLearning), who are looking at ways to design learning in a device-agnostic manner. eLearning Mobile Learning featured

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The new Camtasia Studio 8, the Flipped Classroom and Mobile Learning [Review]

mLearning Revolution

However, now that the desktop has been reduced to just one of many screens we have to develop learning for, coupled with the fact that Flash is no longer the ubiquitous technology it once was, perhaps video is about to play a bigger role in how we develop the next generation of learning experiences, that will be consumed by learners across a multitude of mobile devices. Here’s the link to our version of this flipped video, created using Camtasia Studio 8: [link].

Why Mobile eLearning is on the Rise


This is why more working professionals prefer mobile elearning as their learning method of choice. Mobile elearning allows you to learn in the few moments of downtime you have wherever you are, whether that happens between meetings, on your commute to work, or during an afternoon break. The added productivity to your day along with the ease of accessing mobile courses are some of the reasons why mobile elearning is rising drastically in demand from businesses like yours. .

Why Windows 8 and Touch-enabled Laptops Bode well for the Future of Mobile Learning – [Video]

mLearning Revolution

I recently had a number of epiphanies on mobile when I purchased a Windows 8 Samsung Ultrabook, touch-enabled laptop. Microsoft is ahead of the game here with Windows 8 and while Apple is famous for saying that they will never make a MacBook or an iMac with touch, it’s worth noting that they have said that many time of other things and eventually have done it, so I do believe the same will happen with touch-enabled Mac laptops and desktops.

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


It addresses many of the limitations of SCORM such as the following: • SCORM needs a web browser (no support for apps). • It requires a constant Internet connection. • It requires an LMS to initiate learning. • It could track only formal learning activities (and not informal learning experiences). • It does not support platform transitions (such as computer to mobile). • It has limitations in sequencing, interoperability, and ensuring security of the learning content.

Talking Mobile Learning, Gadgets, Tablets, Flash and More [Video Interview]

mLearning Revolution

Last week Robert Kennedy III, President of RKCS Learning Solutions, invited me to do a video interview over Skype and we talked about all my favorite topics, including eLearning, Mobile Learning, Flash Player 10.2 on the Motorola Xoom, the Kindle, Apple, Adobe and of course Tablets. I’m very happy with the way the final edited version came out and I would like to thank Robert and RKCS Learning Solutions for the opportunity. Interview , Mobile , eLearning , Adobe.

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The New Microsoft Surface Tablet and the Rear-view Mirror Effect [Mobile]

mLearning Revolution

I believe this helps us understand what we are seeing today in this new era of mobile computing. Having said that, I’m not sure I agree with their approach as compared to Apple with their iPad. Microsoft is holding on to everything they know about the PC as they figure out how to compete in a mobile, Post-PC era. ” And then I heard another thing that made me think that Microsoft doesn’t really understand mobile. eLearning Mobile Learning featured

Will the iPad continue its tablet domination? A look at the market landscape


Since Apple launched the iPad in April 2010, the first in the new generation of media tablets to hit the market, it has sold more than 30 million units. March – Apple releases the iPad 2. This leaves us with just two players for the future: Apple with the iPad and Google with Android. Apple created the tablet market and holds a very strong position that it will retain for some time, even with the sudden resignation of Steve Jobs.

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