Apple iPad Disappoints eLearning Industry

Upside Learning

I have great respect for Apple as an organization particularly because I use an iPhone and I think the iPhone has definitely become one of those game-changers in the smartphone world and by a large margin. I was looking forward to the Apple iPad even more so as we have been doing good stuff on mobile learning and putting up applications and tools on iPhone as pilots and on a trial basis. I have failed to understand reasons behind Apple’s continued ignorance of Flash.

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Apple iBooks Author for Interactive Textbooks and Mobile Learning [VIDEO]

mLearning Revolution

Today Apple unveiled iBooks 2 for the iPad and iBooks Author for the Mac. What I didn’t know was how easy Apple would make it for anyone to create these interactive books, using video, audio, Keynote presentations and even simple-to-create quizzes, that’s where iBooks Author for Mac comes in. The whole process feels a lot like developing eLearning courses, but with a mobile learning twist to it. Mobile Learning , mLearning , Apple , iBooks.

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The Mobile Learning Approach: What is it and What are the Benefits?


In recent years, the world has become dependent on mobiles. The rise of smartphones and handheld devices has ushered in a lot of useful and revolutionary applications and features, and one trend that has sprung from the rise of handheld tech has been mobile learning.

Apple Vs Adobe: Impact On Mobile Learning Development

Upside Learning

The war between Adobe and Apple just got hotter. Apple has revised the Developer Program License Agreement to ban the use of cross compiler tools like Unity3d, Appcelerator’s Titanium, Adobe’s Flash CS5 etc. Industry experts believe that Apple has done this solely to block the new feature of Adobe Flash that will allow the Flash developers to publish Flash files to iPhone app without any knowledge of iPhone SDK or Objective-C. on several mobile devices –.

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Adobe AIR & Flash Player 10.1– How it Can Benefit Mobile Learning

Upside Learning

On Feb 15, 2010, at Mobile World Congress 2010, Adobe announced Adobe AIR for mobile devices, a consistent runtime for standalone applications which is an outcome of Adobe initiated Open-Screen project. Mobile device platforms are diversified – from screen sizes to the operating-systems driving the devices. Apart from AIR app, the same code and assets in any AIR app can further be used to deliver a mobile browser version using Flash Player 10.1.

JoomlaLMS Mobile is on the Apple Store Now!


Dear clients, we would like to let you know that starting today JoomlaLMS Mobile App for iOS is available for download on Apple Store. To remind you, an Android compatible version was released a few weeks ago, but the release of the iOS compatible version was delayed due to a long review process. Blog articles

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24 Hours with the Apple Watch

Tom Spiglanin

My Apple Watch arrived a few days ago. The packaging itself is classically Apple. Also in typical Apple fashion, the instruction manual was a few pages at most, in a dozen languages with lots of photos. In seconds the Apple logo appeared and I walked through the setup process, pairing it with my phone in just minutes. Apple markets the watch as their most personal device yet, and this is precisely why I wanted one. Changing Workplace mobile Mobile Technology

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Providing Contextual Learning Through Apple’s iBeacon Technology

Origin Learning

iBeacon is an indoor proximity system designed by Apple Inc. For example, a worker working in an assembly plant can get information such as the plant map and layout, names and specifications of the equipment and the names and contact details of the technical staff available in the vicinity (of course, this will have the names and details of those staff members who have Apple devices themselves). The number of iPhone users has been growing steadily. From 17.5

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Apple’s New Device…Let’s Be Careful with wLearning

Kapp Notes

So Apple launched a new watch which is, I admit, very cool looking and something many people have wanted since they first read a Dick Tracy comic book. I am sure there will be many chances to use this type of watch intelligently but let’s think through those ideas first before we jump on the watch as the “ultimate” mobile learning device.

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Bigtincan Brings Day 1 Support for Apple iOS 14


It’s hard to believe it’s already September, and even in these unusual times a new Apple iOS release has arrived. Bigtincan also works great on Apple Watch 6 with support for notifications, content views, voice notes, remote presentation control and more.

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Benefits of Apple iOS Compatibility with Bigtincan


That’s why we designed Bigtincan specifically for the native mobile experience. Since 2015, Bigtincan has been a member of the Apple Mobility Partner Program. Bigtincan’s sales enablement for mobile devices is a big deal — here’s why it matters specifically for iOS users.

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Apple missing the small picture

Clark Quinn

I’ve previously discussed the fight between Apple and Adobe about Flash (e.g. Which Apple is blocking, for interactivity. Apple allows cross-platform media players, whether hyperdocs (c.f. Now, I understand that Apple’s rabidly focused on the customer experience ( I like the usability), and limiting development to content is a way to essentially guarantee a vibrant experience. Tags: mobile strategy technology

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Adobe Captivate 5.5: At Long Last. Publish Support for Apple Mobile Devices

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Kevin Siegel Anyone who created eLearning lessons using any version of Adobe Captivate older than version 5 is painfully aware that Captivate does not offer publishing options for any of the Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod). It's been a real issue for developers who love Captivate, but are required to create content for the Apple devices, and are therefore forced to use other tools such as Camtasia.

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Apple Proves Mobile makes the Desktop better: A lesson for us in mLearning and eLearning

mLearning Revolution

I think it’s fascinating that Apple is bringing Mobile features such as notification and Dictation to the Mac. Like millions of people around the world, I too was glued to my computer on June 11 2012, following closely every news announcement Apple shared at their annual WWDC event. The next version of Apple’s iOS was also shown and it comes with some nice features, including Passbook and Maps, just to name a few. eLearning Mobile Learning featured

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How a Mobile App Can Benefit Online Learning


Your courses are available via web browser on a mobile device. For most course creators, their website is their main learning platform, and most have done a good job of choosing mobile themes so that their users can access their content on the go.

iOS 7 Prepares The Ground For Apple’s Hybrid Tablets

Upside Learning

With the launch of iOS 7 it is now apparent that Apple will soon be coming out with hybrid laptop/desktop and tablet devices. Patently Apple reports that Apple has already filed a patent for hybrid notebook/tablet whose display can be removed from the base containing the keyboard. Mobile Learning Apple''s Hybrid Tablets iOS 7

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Mobile App Trends for 2018

Origin Learning

We look at some of the key mobile app trends and examine the categories of apps that will gain popularity in 2018. Our big bet in terms of mobile apps is on ‘ Blockchain’. Mobile LMS. Google’s ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ project gave an added fillip to those who were creating content for mobile phone users. From responsive websites, which rendered content seamlessly on smartphone screens, to dedicated apps, and mobile-only websites we have come a long way.

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Mobile Time

Clark Quinn

At the recent DevLearn conference, David Kelly spoke about his experiences with the Apple Watch. This is similar to the way I’d seen Palm talk about the difference between laptops and mobile, I was thinking about the time you spent in using your devices. mobileBecause I don’t have one yet, I was interested in his reflections. There were a number of things, but what came through for me (and other reviews I’ve read) is that the time scale is a factor.

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Finally, the official Moodle app on Apple Store

The E-Learning Curve

Finally the official Moodle mobile app for iPhone is now available for download from the Apple App Store. Finally, the official Moodle app on Apple Store is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. e-learning apple app elearning LMS Moodle

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This Week on #TalkTech: Apple Slows Innovation, PKM Not a Technology, and Digital Natives

Bottom-Line Performance

Sure, the new iPhone looks faster and sexier…but is it really going to move us forward when it comes to embracing mobile learning? Whether or not you think exposing infants to tablets and smart phones is a good thing is not the issue here — we must ask ourselves what our youngest generation of learners will someday demand from mobile learning experiences when THEY are in the workplace. New York Times: For a Baby – Mobile Screens to Shake and Rattle.

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Designing Mobile Learning Solutions


With so much of our lives lived “on the go”, mobile learning has acquired a new paradigm. However, to be successful, mobile learning solutions should not simply aspire to become classroom lectures on a tablet or smartphone. Question Mobility: Before plowing all your resources into developing a mobile learning experience, ask whether the subject lends itself well to mobile delivery. If you’re a CourseArc subscriber, your content is already mobile-friendly.

10 Mobile Learning Solutions

Ed App

With the widespread use of smartphones, mobile learning gives an innovative avenue for supplemental training, making it the future of learning. Mobile learning solutions offer: . EdApp is a mobile learning solution that specializes in microlearning.

3 Types of LMS Mobile Application Branding

Absorb LMS

Given the nature of the modern learner, it’s imperative to provide access to eLearning via mobile devices. The typical approach is making the LMS interface responsive, which means it will work equally well on a PC screen or a mobile device. However, in some cases, it’s preferable to have an app for training as some users favor apps on mobile devices vs. accessing resources via a browser. Limited LMS mobile app branding.

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Mobile hardware future will heavily involve Apple


Mobile hardware future will heavily involve Apple. It's been a strange year for the mobile hardware market, with tablets' resilience causing fewer re-purchases and premature reports that the hardware category is on its way out of favor. Smartphones have become an omnipresent business accessory and companies that don't let workers use mobile devices are finding that these employees will just go ahead and do so anyway. What's next for Apple? Mobile Readiness.

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The Real Killer Feature in Apple iBooks Author is Preview

mLearning Revolution

This morning I have been reading lots of articles on the new Apple iBooks 2 app and the iBooks Author software, that enables anyone to easily create interactive eBooks. It seems that a lot of people are excited about the news (including me), but there’s also an unhappy camp of people who are not at all content with Apple’s EULA and walled garden approach that Apple is once again taking on authoring and publishing these interactive textbooks.

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Docebo Launches Major Mobile App Feature Update Borne From Customer Ideas Portal


Docebo’s award winning mobile app now supports course catalogs, in which learners can self-enroll, and deep linking. Despite a healthy learner appetite for mobile platforms that enable these experiences, more than a third of the learner population doesn’t have access to a mobile solution that truly connects with them. Course Catalogs Are Now Included Within The Mobile Experience. Mobile Deep Linking Now Available.

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Rotten Apple!

Learning with e's

I have had no problems with my Apple iPod at all. Now my iPod languishes unused on my bedside table, in a manner reminiscent of that thoroughly stupid cartoon advert about turning your discarded mobile phones into cash. Experts point to the lithium ion batteries Apple use as the source of the problem. As you would, Ellie’s parents contacted Apple to report the incident and ask for a refund. Cor, what a rotten Apple!

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Apple announcements point to mobile content future


Apple announcements point to mobile content future. When it comes to the future of mobile devices, manufacturers and content producers have one common goal: It would be better for all parties if tablets and smartphones remain not only popular but indispensable. If these devices remain a constantly-on part of individuals' lives, the case for mobile-friendly content distribution formats for products such as eBooks becomes ironclad. Apple's next OS.

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How To Take Your Mobile Learning Experience To The Next Level


There is little doubt about the value of mobile learning , especially with Millennials and Gen Z now making up the majority of the workforce. In fact, over 70% of millennials say that they connect more with mobile learning than L&D activities delivered via desktop or formal methods and many learning technology companies have responded with mobile apps. A mobile app is only part of delivering an incredible mobile learning experience.

10 Mobile Workforce Management Software

Ed App

Managing a mobile workforce is, without a doubt, a huge challenge for managers and L&D leaders. The sheer number of mobile workforce software tools on the market can be quite overwhelming. Mobile Workforce Management Software #1 – EdApp.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

Origin Learning

Global mobile data traffic grew 69 percent in 2014 and was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. Mobile video traffic exceeded 50 percent of total mobile data traffic for the first time in 2012. Mobile network (cellular) connection speeds grew 20 percent in 2014. These are just some excerpts from Cisco’s Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update for 2014 to 2019, but they clearly prove a point.

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The Docebo Discovery Lab: The Next Era of Mobile Learning


But how do you ensure brand consistency within your learning experience, especially with more and more learners turning to mobile devices? On the other hand, the flexibility afforded to L&D pros to configure their mobile learning experience has been limited to mobile apps listed under the name of the learning technology provider, where you can only change a few items, such as the logo, images, and colors. . Want to learn more about Docebo’s Mobile App Publisher?

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Apple Announces Textbook Revolution

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

This morning Apple held a press event to announce their entry into the world of textbooks. Apples iBooks will sell for no more than $14.99. But the exciting thing is that if you are familiar with Apple apps then it won't take much more than that for you to start writing a fully interactive textbook of your own. But like I said, this is an Apple app and that's just how you do it. From the Apple web site.

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The Essentials of Mobile Learning

Origin Learning

We have reached a stage where mobile is no longer the future of learning. In this blog post, we will examine the importance of mobile learning in modern workplace learning, why organizations should invest in it, the growth of mobile learning apps, and the elements of an ideal mobile learning program. Stats from industry analysts show some interesting numbers: Around 50% to 55% of organizations integrate mobile devices as part of their training programs.

Influence of Mobile Learning is Growing


True mobile learning has been around for close to a decade, right around the time when the first smartphone and tablet (Apple) wereintroduced and opened up a new world of possibilities for training and education. Enough time has gone by where today’s youth is exposed to mobile devices from the day that they are born, and as such they are very much accustomed to using it for both learning and entertainment. ed tech mlearning mobile learning

Interviewed on mobile

Clark Quinn

A student from Florida Gulf Coast University interviewed me on mobile. Here’s the (largely unedited) transcript she provided for me: What is your definition of mobile learning? Using a mobile device to make us more effective, either in the moment or developing us over time. A mobile device is a small portable device that is with us all the time and we are doing something with it because of where we are. Would you consider a laptop a Mobile Device? mobile

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This Week in mLearning Podcast – 09 – Apple’s Post-PC vs. Microsoft’s PC-plus

mLearning Revolution

4- Apple iPad Mini 2012 rumours. 5- Microsoft´s PC Plus era vs. Apple´s Post-PC. 7- The mobile experience brought to the desktop. eLearning Mobile Learning Podcast 1- Impressions about Nexus 7, the new Android tablet by Google. 2- Brief discussion about Android vs iOS. 3- Google+ in the iPad. 6- Thinking differently: the impact of the iPad. 8- Nokia Lumia 900 is reduced 50%. 9- Amazing Alex, the new game from Angry Birds creators, Rovio.