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How Microlearning videos deliver better engaging Learning Experience

Online education using WordPress as LMS

Today, videos are an effective method of training and learning new concepts. Microlearning videos focus on delivering specific concepts, topics, and learning objectives to the learners in a shorter time. WPLMS Memory game MicroLearning Element.

Multimedia, Microlearning and Fluid Boxes

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If so, what are the design implications when building, and finally does the sequential learning object approach work? I thought, since this is new, I would bring you along on the journey so we can learn together, in a serious of posts — if it interests you. Competing for their time and attention, particularly at project-cycle-end is difficult, as resources are diminishing and deadlines are fast approaching. I created this microlearning course to address this.


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Why Adopt Microlearning – 15 Questions Answered

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While the concept of content chunking to create short training has been there for decades, microlearning is the flavor of the season and for several good reasons. This article addresses 15 questions on microlearning covering its definition, benefits, usage, impact, and why you should adopt it. Why Adopt Microlearning? What Is The Relevance Of Microlearning Today And Why Is It The Flavor Of The Season? Challenge 1: Limited Attention Spans. What is microlearning?

Ways Gamification Implements Emotions in Microlearning

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However, it is only since 2010 that corporates have begun to use this learning engagement as part of their training strategy. This is a learning strategy that mixes game mechanics and content to engage learners and thereby turn the entire learning process into a game.

Microlearning – the next big thing is small!

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Of the many sessions on our radar at the DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas recently, microlearning was one of the most talked about topics, filling the room each time. This may sound obvious, but it isn’t always uppermost in the mind of business stakeholders when specifying the build of training courses. What this means is that we need to design learning with the following in mind: Today’s learners are short on time. Learning needs to be readily accessible.

Microlearning and Adult Learning Go Hand In Hand

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When was the last time you learned something that lingered on your senses for long? That’s what microlearning does. Wonder what microlearning is? Read on what it is and how it supports adult learning principles! For instance, a microlearning module on product features can help a sales rep draw more prospects as he can impress them with good product knowledge. Freedom to learn. Learning hardly takes place when the learner is forced to.

10 Advantages of microlearning in online training


Their beetle toes, eyes of newt or fairy wings are learning management systems, subject matter experts, sound content design, or any other thing that is considered a basic requirement for training courses, online or not. If drop and small were not enough clues, here’s an obvious answer: microlearning. 10 Advantages of microlearning. Of course microlearning is not the perfect solution to every training challenge, but this is the subject for a different post.

9 Tips to Create Engaging Microlearning Content


At the risk of stating the obvious, microlearning is a brief and targeted learning approach where learners consume instructional content in short chunks or bites. Millennials learn differently: they want to pull information on their own at the time they require, rather than being pushed from the other side. Their attention span is also falling, and the world is shifting fast from degree-based to skill-based learning pedagogy. Microlearning Examples.

8 Unexpected Ways To Use Microlearning Online Training Activities


Microlearning improves knowledge retention and gives employees the ability to brush up on skills whenever it’s most convenient. In this article, we’ll discuss 8 unexpected ways to integrate microlearning online training activities in your corporate eLearning program. How To Use Microlearning Online Training Activities. Here are 8 unexpected ways to integrate microlearning online training activities into your current online training strategy.

Top 4 Proven Instructional Design Strategies to Enhance eLearning for Corporate Training

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eLearning when designed correctly with sound instructional design strategy has the potential to bring organizational excellence with a positive eLearning ROI. ” An instructional strategy is an action plan or a method to help people learn. It defines the approach to achieve learning objectives using various learning devices, techniques, resources, and various learning theories. Story-Based Learning – Keep Them Intrigued.

Corporate Learning: Make It A Daily Habit In These 5 Ways


Do you find it difficult getting an organisation to learn something new every day? Do corporate learning initiatives fizzle out after a while? How can we make corporate learning a success? . Effective corporate learning begins with adopting a digital mindset. So, aside from convincing top management, we need to rethink the learning habits of employees. After all, learning goes beyond our years spent in formal education. Develop a learning community.

Reasons to Convert eLearning Into Micromodules

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There is a popular adage that says, “good things come in small packages” This even holds validity in the eLearning industry when it comes to microlearning or bite-sized learning. Dwindling attention spans and time constraints of our workforce have resulted in traditional e-learning courses becoming a passé’ . A study by the Journal of Applied Psychology shows that learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient.

Augmented Reality Training: Pros and Cons

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If you’re in learning and development, you’ve likely seen or heard of augmented reality as a corporate training solution. There are three types of AR: Image target , in which you overlay a real-world 2D image with video, text, images, or 3D objects . That lends itself to microlearning.

When to Use "Face Time" and When to Use Webinars and Virtual Meetings - Tip #171

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Online learning affords learners more independence in learning content at their own pace. However, the need for expert guidance is still a critical factor in the learning process. Thus, "face time" with learners is more important in online learning than ever. Face time" energizes online learning but only if used effectively. There’s such a thing as “ hangout creep ”--we know it better as “cognitive overload,” a failure of attention.

Learning Management System – LMS

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LMS stands for Learning Management System. Its name is very helpful in understanding what it is: a system which enables educators and trainers to manage student learning. The first item in the above list (on-demand content) is a key feature of a learning management system.

Cut The Clutter: 8 Tips To Create Focused eLearning Courses That Meet Individual Needs


It also has the power to distract online learners from the core learning objectives of your eLearning course. Define Expectations And Learning Objectives Up Front. This comes in the form of expectations, learning objectives, and desired outcomes. You should also mention the overall learning objectives of the course and which behaviors, skills, or tasks you’ll explore. Let Online Learners Choose Their Own Learning Path.

Best No-Code LMS Mobile App Builders for mLearning Courses


Mobile learning is the new black since it allows companies to speed-up employee onboarding, increase workforce performance and retention, and keep employees engaged with their training materials, wherever they are. Join the mobile learning revolution. Ultimate Learning Experience.

Top 10 Tips for Using Videos in eLearning


While doing this you can also think about how you’re going to efficiently present the information the learner needs to achieve their learning goals. But don’t take microlearning too far. Your videos still need to have substance to ensure it meets your learning goals. By turning on video tracking in your Learning Management System you activate two distinct features. This ensures they’re giving their full attention to the course content.

Best Compliance Training Ideas for BFSI Employees


Bite-Sized eLearning or Microlearning. Modern learners typically have a very short attention span, which makes the delivery of lengthy compliance-based training courses ineffective. Also Read: Best Use Case Scenarios and Benefits of Microlearning. Game-Based Learning.

How to Use an E-learning Company to Develop Training Assets

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You have recently got a brand-new Learning Management System (LMS) installed in your organization. Now, you wish to populate it with SCORM compliant digital learning assets which could support your vision towards digital training. You can hire a team of learning experts, instructional designers and multimedia developers to develop the resources or. Outsource the requirement to an e-learning development company. Microlearning or Mobile Learning Modules.

Online Retail and Hospitality Training – Why mLearning May Not Work!

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Businesses with a strong learning culture enjoy 30-50% higher employee engagement and retention rates than those that don’t. mLearning has been thought of as a natural training avenue in this scenario -after all, everyone has a smartphone, this lends itself well to self-learning, and content can be made fun and engaging. Making these workers train outside their usual working hours definitely sounds bad; but, is there another solution to this?

Make Money Selling Coaching Online: Your 2022 Guide to Success


And finally, you’ll get a brief overview of our powerful LearnWorlds features that will elevate your coaching programs to a true learning hub. Hybrid, which combines in-person coaching with online workshops, coaching sessions, and learning material available on a centralized platform.

10 Online Training Platforms

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There are many reasons why training managers are now shifting to online training from traditional learning. First, online training gives you the ultimate flexibility to train and learn anytime and anywhere. Scroll down to learn more.

5 Must-have Elements of Game-based Mobile Learning Courses

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When Einstein said, “ Games are the most elevated form of investigation “, nobody had an idea he was hinting atits unparalleled power to revolutionize learning. Learning designers have cashed in on this trend and now, game-based learning has become a crucial part of how we acquire knowledge today. Game elements are incorporated seamlessly into mobile learning (bite-sized learning modules) because it is fun, helps learners learn faster, and retain more information.

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8 Innovative Virtual Learning Design Tips To Engage Your Remote Teams

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Virtual learning is an essential component in the learning and development toolkit, and it is widely used for training and educational purposes. Here are some design tips from the instructional and visual perspectives to give your virtual learning a real boost. Design Your Virtual Learning Assets for Success. The definition virtual learning and its usefulness in meeting employees’ learning and development needs have long been under discussion.

How 3 Real Clients Received Multimedia Success


Multimedia can sound like a great thing on paper but how does it stack up in real life? ELM created a multimedia solution that would support engagement while we supported each learning objective in the module with a strong visual interpretation that included custom illustrations. They approached us asking for us to find a better way for their internal departments to interact and understand each other’s’ business objectives.

How to Avoid Cognitive Overload in eLearning Courses

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Okay, sounds simple right? Our working memory is where new information is held briefly for processing during a learning activity. Schemas are where we went our learning content to end up. For example, a visual arts student learning about a specific Renaissance painting, may be able to link this information to what they have already learned about the Renaissance period in their history class. Have clear links to what students have learned previously.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


Active Learning. Active learning is a strategy focused on encouraging learners to actively participate in training. Examples of active learning activities include practical tasks and problem-solving conducted in small groups. It’s a five-phase framework that instructional designers use; a guideline for building effective training and learning support tools. In today’s fast-paced learning environments, the AGILE method is often seen as more efficient than ADDIE.

How To Enhance Employee Engagement In Compliance Online Training

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Create Microlearning Online Training Resources. Microlearning online training resources are quick and convenient. For example, they can watch a 2-minute online training tutorial to learn how to safely operate heavy machinery or clean up a hazardous spill. Microlearning online training resources are valuable “moment of need” support tools because they address specific performance issues or knowledge gaps.

4 Things E-learning Developers Can Learn From Instagram Videos

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They make the communicator’s intention clear and grab the attention of viewers. E-learning developers can learn a lot from Instagram videos in terms of engagement and brevity. In this blog, we’ll look at four things e-learning developers can learn from Instagram videos. As of now, e-learning developers are developing bite-sized videos of three- to five-minute duration. However, it’s high time we relook the length of microlearning videos.

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Free L&D webinars for February 2018

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In this webcast, Maria Ho, senior manager of ATD Research, will discuss learning benchmarking data from ATD’s 2017 State of the Industry report. The webcast will explore trends in key learning metrics, including: Direct learning expenditure The average number of training hours used by employees What methods of training companies are using Content areas that companies are focusing on Whether companies are using on-the-job learning. Sound familiar?

Learning Myths

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Well, the sad fact is that the training/learning and development worlds aren’t immune to these kind of urban myths embedded into their own professional beliefs and practices, either. In this article, we’re going to debunk a few of the most common learning myths for you, as well as point you toward some resources where you can learn more. In a future article, we’ll write about some solid, evidence-based training methods that DO improve learning.

Free L&D webinars for June 2018

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These skills are learned over time, not overnight. Learn how to design an enterprise-wide strategy that supports the growth of employees’ social acumen to build the organization’s social capital and fuel future growth. In this webcast, you’ll learn: The eight networking competencies. They need the skills required to adapt skillfully and seamlessly to the unexpected, while still maintaining a laser-sharp focus on achieving the objectives of the session.

Free learning & development webinars for June 2017

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With good weather tempting us away from our desks, now’s the time to work efficiently and capitalize on short bursts of learning. Thursday, June 1, 2017, 9AM – 10AM PT: Beyond Video: Why Every Learning Organization Needs a "Knowledge Hosting" Strategy With video on the rise for online learning in organizations, it's time to ask the question: "Is my approach to video learning really up to snuff"? What you'll learn: What "knowledge hosting" is, and why it matters.

Free L&D webinars for November 2017

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As learning specialists, we’re always thinking about how to make knowledge digestible and palatable—like those chocolate bars you wish you hadn’t eaten, only good for you! Unstable skills mean workers need to continuously learn to keep up with changes happening in the world, their industry, and their company. One of the most important ways that L&D practitioners can help with the current and coming job and skill chaos is to help people learn faster, easier, and with less stress.