Authoring Tool Trends for 2017

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The authoring tool industry continues to evolve. If you are inquiring adoption across all learning tech capabilities and consumer demand (from the consumer marketplace and learners), then the answer is half yes and half no. . I won’t regurgitate everything that appeared and did not for that matter in the authoring tool space as a whole in 2016, but a few have crossed over in a positive light, which is pushing trend. With other tools via API.

Micro-Learning: Why Aren’t You on the Bandwagon?

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I admit that I seek small learning nuggets during my commute, while waiting for my coffee to cool, or when I’m on-the-go. Traditional learning practices that require lengthy classroom training sessions are not as effective as they used to be. Rather than forcing the new generation of employees to adapt to dated learning methods, more employers are choosing to adapt to their employees through micro-learning. What exactly is micro-learning?


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Top 10 Authoring Tools for 2017

eLearning 24-7

Before we dive into this year’s top 10 authoring tools, a funny thing happened to me this week – rib injury. dominKnow – Strong authoring tool. Evolve Authoring – Never heard of them? Not for everyone and can be used with other authoring tools for a nice suite of authoring tools for you. Every other e-learning tool today has higher SaaS than one sector – authoring tools.

12 Sales Coaching Tools for Onboarding and Upskilling Sales Reps


Most discussions about sales coaching tools involve listing a bunch of options as though all sales coaching tools are the same thing. Direct Feedback Tools Explained. Bigtincan Learning. Direct Feedback Tools: Guidance and Metrics That Count. Bigtincan Learning.

12 Best Learning Content Management System Software for Enterprise Companies


Unlike a standard LMS — which is optimized primarily for the student experience — learning content management system software (LCMS or LCMSS) places an equal emphasis on students and administrators. They have to: Get administrator access to the authoring tool.

Are You Ready for Generation Z

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They want to learn and master strong leadership skills and care deeply about their careers and finding a path to success. Training and Learning. Gen Zers know that they have to constantly be learning to stay on top of fast moving technology. According to Buckminster Fuller and his theory of “knowledge doubling,” learning is accelerating at a crazy rate. Games are the perfect tool for training. 8 Second Attention Span / Micro Learning.

Raptivity: The Tool to Build the Best Online Learning Experience


Make it easy for the learner to grasp the text with an entire library of interaction templates. Pro tip: This is good for promoting anytime, anywhere learning. Engaging micro-learning experiences. Allow learners to experience bite-sized learning. Pro tip: Microlearning can be achieved with any of your preferred authoring tool. The post Raptivity: The Tool to Build the Best Online Learning Experience appeared first on.

A Look Back at 2020 for E-Learning

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I will go thru several areas for e-learning, not just learning systems, although by far, it will be the most, since a lot has happened in 2020. . I still wouldn’t use them, but if that is where you see your learning coming from, then go for it. Learning Systems .

Raptivity 2020: The Tool to Build the Best Online Learning Experience


Make it easy for the learner to grasp the text with an entire library of interaction templates. Pro tip: This is good for promoting anytime, anywhere learning. Engaging micro-learning experiences. Allow learners to experience bite-sized learning. Pro tip: Microlearning can be achieved with any of your preferred authoring tool. The post Raptivity 2020: The Tool to Build the Best Online Learning Experience appeared first on.

Developing Online Microlearning Modules for Sales Training: A 6 Step Process

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The tiny attention spans of this new age learners is compelling organizations to come up with micro-learning modules. In this post, we will look at the 6 step process to create good bite-sized online learning courses for training your sales reps. Is the online learning nugget being developed to help them handle customer objections? Once you are clear about the purpose of developing the micro-learning course, you need to collect all the relevant learning material.

John Blackmon – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


At IBM, John was awarded a patent for software design for his work in developing operating systems. John was also Co-Founder and Lead Engineer at BocaSoft, a software company that created various utilities for the software market. ABOUT THIS INTERVIEW SERIES: ‘ Crystal Balling with Learnnovators ’ is a thought-provoking interview series that attempts to gaze into the future of e-learning. What is your advice for learning designers to create such experiences?

Is Your Organization Losing Its Brain? Collecting Stories to Transfer Knowledge

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Miss Devine Marine Lance Cpl Travis Williams For trainers, designers and learning leaders, stories become a library for learning. This carries an unquestionable authority because these are their stories and they are living witnesses to what transpired. The screen below is an example of a Small Bites Learning. With Small Bites Learning, learners, trainers, designers, workers and professionals can publish stories and ask their teams to share their own experiences.

Brain 61

Rapid Authoring Tips to Tackle Legacy Flash eLearning Content


But, with learners branching away from desktop learning and exploring micro-learning on various mobile devices, Flash-based courses are becoming redundant: Flash-based content is not supported by mobile devices or the latest browsers.

How to unlock engagement and retention with stellar e-learning content


Top-tier pieces of content and learning objects are what drive engagement, knowledge retention, and positive user experiences so that your audiences never stop learning. . What is e-learning content? What are the different types of e-learning content?

Articulate Implements Subscription Pricing for Their Products


If you are a fan of Articulate (or even just a previous user of their software), you may be wondering what this means exactly. This new course authoring tool emphasizes ease of use, adaptability to all mobile devices, and a minimalist approach. In addition, there is Replay 360 (a video creating & editing tool), Peek (a screencasting tool), and Preso (an iPad app for creating informal training from PDF slide decks).

The Online Learning Jargon Buster

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But fear not, Learning Designer Andrew Trotter is on hand to break down this language and help you become fluent in online learning. Online Learning AKA: e-Learning, Digital Learning. Online learning solutions that are built to meet a specific client’s needs.

How to unlock engagement and retention with stellar e-learning content


Top-tier pieces of content and learning objects are what drive engagement, knowledge retention, and positive user experiences so that your audiences never stop learning. . What is e-learning content? What are the different types of e-learning content?

Learn to learn, unlearn and relearn – Interview with Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy, in Forbes France


Learning how to learn, unlearning and relearning – and especially doing it by yourself, through digital learning for example – has become necessary in order to face tomorrow’s uncertainties. This is when employees want to learn useful notions.

The NEXT Big Thing in eLearning

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Once cumbersome processes requiring specialized skills have been replaced with rapid authoring tools. Buzzwords like gamification, micro-learning, mobile-learning, adaptive learning, rapid authoring, branching scenarios and responsive design have come with the promise of resolving all our eLearning woes… only to fall considerably short of expectations. There are several reasons for this, I’ll highlight three: Rapid Authoring Tools.

Top 10 LMS for eLearning

Ed App

Companies use Learning Management Systems (LMS) to document, track, report, automate, and deliver various courses, training, and learning and development programs to their employees. Suitable for mobile and blended learning. Pre-made learning courses available.

Top 10 enterprise Learning Management Systems

Ed App

Are you seeking to maximize the learning within your enterprise? Finding the right learning system will allow your employees to receive the benefits of a modern training program and result in better training results. One of these features is a completely free, editable course library.

Enhancing Employee Engagement with Content Delivery Platform


The Learning & Development (L&D) managers operating inside the workplace identify soft skill training as the topmost priority concerning employee engagement teams. In a bid to reduce the skills gap, talent managers are utilizing employee training software to create a diverse, skilled workforce. With 68% of employees willing to learn for advanced work knowledge and 58% wanting to keep their natural pace, talent developers are inclined towards digital learning solutions.

Top 10 training programs for small business teams

Ed App

Speaking of materials, EdApp has a world-class editable course library. If you are excited about cloud-based software, Go Skills is right up your alley, but it isn’t a complete LCMS, and its authoring tool could be better. Training program #6 – Learning.

Teams 52

The 4D Development Methodology for Modernization

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Do we want to consider micro-learning as one of the key value propositions? Is there any preference for any specific tool or technology for modernization? Change log format for communicating edits: Change log is a tool which helps bring in agility in the development process. Design and development of template library: Whatever authoring mode we choose, the key is to develop a library of templates which is reusable.

xSMART – The Framework to Drive Your Content Modernization Initiative

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In my last blog , I touched upon how organizations are looking at modernizing their existing learning material to adapt to technology disruptions and meet the modern-day learners’ demands. Consider the following scenario: An organization is sitting with hundreds of hours of legacy digital content developed using a variety of legacy authoring tools including Flash. This step is important to ensure that we do not end up developing digital learning material from scratch.

Why engagement is a critical ingredient in successful sales training?


But it all starts with ensuring that sales people at least consume the learning. If you think of learners as consumers or ‘app users’ in the modern mobile learning context, problems become a little more apparent. Just like a consumer app faces uninstalls after an initial period of usage, most learning programs suffer because they focus on creating short-term engagement. These are the apps that your users prefer to spend time on rather than consume learning.

Sales 68

Learning Experience Platform – WRONG

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I totally dislike the term, “learning experience platform” It really makes no sense, because anything and everything we do, can turn into a learning experience. I put together a tiny list (three) on learning experiences that I “learned” in just the last week: One of my dogs, Voodoo has “learned” that if he digs a deep hole he will find the gopher tunnel, because he hears them. Thus, a learning experience.

Free L&D webinars for March 2021

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If you feel sunny and ready to learn something new, why not sign up for one of the free webinars being offered this month? What can we learn from these various approaches about the use of web cameras, the approach to delivery, and the application of technology?

Free 89

Be a hero in 2018: Save employees from boring learning


Save your people from boring learning that at worst feels like torture and at best lulls them to sleep. Watch this webinar for the Top Ten Tips to Save Your Employees from Boring Learning. Beyond the tips in the webinar, we've got the tools and the guidance to get you there -- everything from providing highly engaging learner experiences with a best of breed learning platform and an award-winning content library.

LMS Potluck

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The blog will remain E-Learning 24/7 as will my Linkedin group. . What many people failed to realize is that they were referring to companies, such as Badgeville, which are outside of the e-learning space. Then there are LMSs and learning platforms includling subsets that have gamification features. Built-in badge library? However, one area that Axonify likes to hit upon is that they are a micro-learning system. E-Learning 24/7.

Halloween Edition – Treats and Tricks

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Have you ever bought a learning system only to find out nine months later, that the support team were actually a group of demons out to ruin your life? Allow me to open up my pack of tarot cards and read your learning system’s future. E-Learning or eLearning?

The Rise of LMS Specialists: A Tour of Learning Tech Innovation

Talented Learning

Not long ago, everyone who developed learning management systems wanted to be all things to all buyers of every size, location, industry, and training challenge. In the last decade, the rise of the SaaS business model, cloud technology and extended enterprise learning has opened the door to more than 650 new learning platforms. For learning organizations, the trade-offs are clear. We are living through the most revolutionary time in learning technology history.

What you need 2 know: 3rd Party Content

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Content these days, well, it is an umbrella term to represent courses (micro too), videos, articles, materials, workbooks, other types of learning resources, podcasts and so forth. You can build your own via a 3rd party authoring tool. And not only do they provide the “course marketplace or content marketplace”, but they are adding content for free, to when you buy the LMS or other type of learning system. Is it still micro?

NETg 50

How to build an effective online course

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I am never surprised on the number of people who do not know what this is – every day folks I am referring to, not an instructional designer or e-learning developer. In the past few weeks, I’ve had quite a few readers ask me whether or not there is a book they can buy to learn how to build a course. Then there is the continued push of micro-learning as if a course being short means great. Or that micro is something new that no one has done before. .

The big digital learning trends for 2019, according to the experts


What does 2019 have in store for digital learning trends? What’s the future for elearning, digital learning and L&D professionals? We reached out to 15 industry experts ranging from experienced in-house learning managers, established solutions providers and consultants, presenters, authors and thought-leaders, with two key questions: What digital learning trends do you think we’ll see rise in 2019? “Digital learning campaigns.

52 eLearning Experts Share their Best Tip for Creating Engaging eLearning


That’s why I decided to ask the leading eLearning industry experts to share their single best tip for creating engaging learning. Tom also authors The Rapid eLearning Blog , one of the most followed eLearning blogs, with over 100k+ readers. He is well known for his books , courses, writing, consulting, and talks on interactive learning, games, and gamification. You can learn more about Karl on his website. You can learn more about Ray and his work here.

How iPhone Apps Fit Into Online Training


M-learning — mobile learning — is a hot new topic among training professionals, but what, exactly, is it? But, as new as the concept is, most training pros still have more questions than answers about how to use, utilize, and implement m-learning programs. So we turned to Connie Malamed , e-learning consultant, speaker, and author of the popular instructional design website The eLearning Coach , to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of m-learning.

Learning = getting the job done

Jay Cross

DevLearn marked a significant shift in the field of corporate learning. In today’s world, that means trusting workers to learn for themselves. Learning is mobile. Social/informal learning is crossing the chasm to mainstream acceptance. is having a tremendous impact on every aspect of our lives, including how we consume, play, work, learn, communicate, relate, participate, and more. world for learning, organizations are meeting these challenges.

Job 41

"Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Or "Are We Dumbing Our Online Learners?"

Vignettes Learning

Nick Carr This is a MUST reading if you are into e-Learning and web-based training or any technology- assisted work. S cholars examined computer logs documenting the behavior of visitors to two popular research sites, one operated by the British Library and one by a U.K. Nicholas Carr provokes and challenges many of us to "rethink" the impacts of technologies in our work, learning and how we think and read. What happens to learning when learners skim and scan the content?

Free learning & development webinars for March 2017

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 11AM – 12PM PT: 6 Ways Every Learning Leader Should be Using Video (Free for ATD members) Melissa is a rising star at your company. This session will explore six examples of how companies are improving their learning strategies with video. Learn directly from Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, creators of the New World Kirkpatrick Model, how to start any training program right, so that value is built in and can effectively be demonstrated when it is complete.