ABOUT KEVIN THORN: Kevin Thorn is an award-winning e-learning designer & developer, consultant, and owner of NuggetHead Studioz, LLC. , a boutique custom design and development studio specializing in online learning experiences. IDs are no longer just designers.

What is Rapid Learning (or Rapid eLearning Development)?


Rapid development is changing the landscape of eLearning. With L&D costs under the microscope like never before, it’s essential that you include rapid development in your training environment. Rapid development is the best way to get time-critical training out to your people, without question. But it certainly has its place in the compliance or sales environment. But the difference with a rapid development approach is reported as a 40% reduction.


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Do You Know the Answers to These Rapid E-Learning Questions?

Rapid eLearning

Recently I participated in an interview-style webinar for the E-Learning Guild. Today we’ll look at the rapid elearning questions. What is Rapid E-Learning? In fact, I became a fan of the rapid authoring tools because they let me do much of the work myself. They enabled me to prototype and deliver elearning courses much faster than when using our multimedia team. So for them elearning was an all or nothing proposition.

Flash 65

Three Ways That These 70 Rapid E-Learning Tips Will Help You Build Better Courses

Rapid eLearning

They’ll get filled as you apply what you’re learning and gain more experience. General Thoughts on Rapid E-Learning. 3 Things You Can Only Learn from a Real E-Learning Expert : Learn to work with subject matter experts and the tech-savvy millennials; and get a definitive explanation of how to finally spell e-learning eLearning elearning leearning. Instructional Design. Graphics & Course Design.


The BIG Debate: Can Rapid eLearning Ever Be Truly Engaging?

Rob Hubbard

There are now a number of ‘rapidelearning authoring tools that enable ‘anyone’ to author elearning content. In an ideal world these tools allow your subject matter experts (SMEs) to create elearning content in a matter of days. In this nirvana they will put aside their tiresome day-to-day responsibilities and enthusiastically author wonderful, engaging elearning content. Authoring elearning takes time and thought.

The 5 Myths of Rapid E-Learning Revisited

Rapid eLearning

I came into rapid e-learning from the world of Authorware and Flash where building courses took a lot of time and cost a lot more money. As soon as I asked that question, I heard all of the bellyaching from our Flash developers and most of the custom e-learning vendors we hired. They felt threatened and raised all sorts of concerns about the future of the industry and the fate of e-learning. Myth 1: Rapid E-Learning Is Crapid E-Learning!

Escape from Compliance Training Jail - The Rapid eLearning Blog

Rapid eLearning

The Rapid Elearning Blog. Escape from Compliance Training Jail. The purpose of the course is not to learn, but instead to demonstrate what we already know. Like the healthcare industry, there are many industries that require annual refresher or certification testing that has little to do with learning. Of course, when a person doesn’t pass the certification, it identifies a clear learning opportunity. Escape from Compliance Training Jail [.].

6 Tips To Cut Online Training Costs With A Rapid eLearning Authoring Tool


There are multiple rapid eLearning authoring tools on the market that allow you to develop online training courses in a fraction of the time. They are so easy to use that even eLearning developers with no prior design experience can create memorable and engaging online training materials. But while they do assure eLearning developers of a quick turnaround, can they really save you money in the long run? Start With An eLearning Storyboard.

8 budget-friendly ways to modernize compliance training


Is your compliance online training program showing its age? In this article, I’ll share 8 budget-friendly ways to modernize your compliance training program. How to modernize your compliance online training in a budget-friendly way. Compliance training helps your organization avoid costly penalties and ensure workplace safety. Here are 8 ideas to bring your compliance training course up to date without breaking the bank. Incorporate self-guided learning maps.

Top Resources for Instructional Designers

Learning Visions

link] Cathy Moore Cathy Moore is a smarty-pants in the elearning community who’s got a bit of Kineo flair to her style with a real focus on “doing.” link] Connie Malamed “The eLearning Coach” Connie writes a lot of posts that use the word “c ognitive”. She knows about things like HTML5 and 508 Compliance. link] Kineo Website And then there’s our very own website, chock full of case studies, interviews, free guides and loads of elearning top tips.

What is shared between Compliance eLearning and Captain America and Anime Comics?

Vignettes Learning

Synthesis Cartoons and caricatures are affordable and easy to use graphical elements to enhance eLearning. Below are examples of how I use simple cartoons, illustrations and animations in eLearning development. Compliance Course on Bullying Manager This is an example of a situation showing a bullying manager. Vignettes Learning "Helping Learners Learn Their Way". games elearning instructional isd addie Interactivity rapid elearning eLearning authoring

8 Ways to Cut Costs on your Next Compliance Online Training Course


Did your last online compliance training course require more resources than you expected? Here are 8 ways to cut costs on compliance online training courses. How To Cut Costs On Your Next Compliance Online Training Course. Compliance online training courses are necessary, but they can also be resource-draining. But, are there simple and straightforward ways to save on your next compliance training course? Invest in a rapid eLearning authoring tool.

Cost 44

Tom Kuhlmann – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT TOM KUHLMANN (Vice President, Articulate Community): Tom Kuhlmann is the Vice President of the Articulate Community, which he has been running for the past six years, with a focus on building a committed group of rapid e-learning developers. He also hosts The Rapid E-Learning Blog where he provides practical insights and hands-on tips to develop great e-learning courses. Learnnovators: What according to you is the future of e-learning?

Two Things to Consider If You Build Compliance Training

Rapid eLearning

In a recent survey, 68% of e-learning developers told us that they build compliance training. Compliance training is a bit tricky because e-learning contains the word learning, but often compliance training doesn’t really have a real connection to learning. Here are a couple of things to consider when building your next compliance training course. And then create the best learning experience you can.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Kineo Webinar: Compliance Training Case Study

Learning Visions

Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Sunday, August 23, 2009 Kineo Webinar: Compliance Training Case Study Kineo will be holding a free webinar on developing cost-effective compliance training on Thursday, August 27, 2009. In an increasingly regulated world organizations need to both train staff in relevant regulations and demonstrate compliance. The eLearning Salary Gender Gap Phew!

BP Gulf Oil Spills – a case of “be a manager, go to jail”

Vignettes Learning

Many years ago in my one of my first business endeavors I produced seminars on employment and safety compliance. Ray Jimenez, PhD 3Minute Worlds - Learning Community Social Learning, Work and Performance 3Minute eLearning Games "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" The news suggest that there has been early signs of the oil spill disaster.

A panel podcast on compliance training

Good To Great

Good To Great In pursuit of excellence: my view on the world of learning and training Skip to content Home A bit about me ← How to write an award-winning submission Have you done your good deed for the day? At various points in the podcast, Craig refers to the eLearning Network’s event on innovation in compliance training that took place last November – there’s a great summary of the event on Craig’s blog.

Three steps to compliance greatness | Good To Great

Good To Great

Good To Great In pursuit of excellence: my view on the world of learning and training Skip to content Home A bit about me ← User-focused design for gold-standard compliance training An e-learning Christmas variety box → Three steps to compliance greatness Posted on December 5, 2010 by Stephanie Dedhar | 2 Comments My recent survey of the e-learning and compliance communities highlighted three characteristics of the compliance e-learning we’d all like to see more of.

Excellent instructional design: a 10-tip beginners' guide | Good.

Good To Great

Good To Great In pursuit of excellence: my view on the world of learning and training Skip to content Home A bit about me ← The bad reputation and rehabilitation of compliance training Help me write a Wordle → Excellent instructional design: a 10-tip beginners’ guide Posted on November 12, 2010 by Stephanie Dedhar | 2 Comments These days, not every e-learning course is designed by an instructional designer.

Kill Compliance Training

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Actually Donald Clark's post title is Compliance Killing Training. USERS care about their learning, but they don't go to their training department to get it. The driver is NOT learning or people development, it's 'fear'. This is why training departments make a huge mistake spending large headcount dollars on Graduate educated ISD professionals. This is why rapid development tools are so popular. This is what drives both the rapid development and LMS industry.

Three Ways to Motivate Your Online Learners

Rapid eLearning

We can put together great courses, but we can’t guarantee a person learns from them. Learning requires some level of interest and motivation from the person taking the course. Turn the compliance content into a relevant case study. Free E-Learning Resources.

Are you playing the role of the Subject Matter Expert instead of the Instructional Designer?

Janet Clarey

And, no doubt I’ll piss off some people for my opinion of rapid e-learning tools. Clark said: [I] just advised SME on converting to elearning, recommended Clive’s 60 mins , Cathy’s Action Mapping , and my own 7 Step program (of course). The person that I wrote the email to was questioning his ability to really create sound e-learning (using a rapid development tool); how to ‘lay it out.’

Help Your Client Build the Right Type of E-Learning Course

Rapid eLearning

My hunch is the most e-learning courses are explainer-type content, heavy on content, but light on applied learning. This is fine, especially since most of the learning happens outside the course; however, good e-learning courses should be more than content.

Why There Are So Many Bad E-Learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

Like many organizations, we have to take compliance training. Why do I shudder thinking of taking a 3-hour e-learning course? I hear all the time that e-learning courses are boring. I write this blog hoping to combat boring e-learning.

Articulate Storyline – A Tool that Supports your Instructional Design Strategy

CommLab India

Let me congratulate everyone who delivers training using the power packed authoring tool ‘Articulate Storyline’ Why are instructional designers all over the world in awe of Storyline? Because it aids free thinking in instructional designers. Let us see some of the countless options offered to a creative instructional designer by Storyline. This strategy is ideal when training employees on compliance, harassment, safety, and related topics.

A Quick Tip on Developing Course Content

Rapid eLearning

Here’s a quick tip for those building e-learning courses: as a course developer you serve as the intermediary between the organization and the learner. Not All E-Learning Courses Require Learning. Performance-based Learning Objectives.

Breakthrough eLearning: Time = Money: The Driver for Rapid eLearning

Breakthrough eLearning

Breakthrough eLearning Reflections on how to break through some of the barriers that prevent the achievement of excellence in eLearning.The 5-E Framework: Establish Value / Effect Change / Engage Stakeholders & Learners / Experiment / Evaluate Results Wednesday, May 03, 2006 Time = Money: The Driver for Rapid eLearning There has been a lot of hype lately about "rapid eLearning." Or, in the case of a learning institution, after the new semester has started.

Three Ways to Create Engaging Courses that Aren’t Boring

Rapid eLearning

Today we’ll look at how to deal with the bored people when building e-learning courses. E-Learning Courses Should Be Relevant and Meaningful. There’s a lot to learn about instructional design with all the theories and models. In your e-learning course?

How to Create Performance-based E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

E-learning courses generally fall into one of two buckets: tell people something or show them how to do something. The reality is that a lot of e-learning is information-based and mostly driven by compliance requirements. Performance-based E-Learning.

What’s Wrong with Retrofitting an Accessible E-Learning Course

Rapid eLearning

Many e-learning designers are challenged because they don’t often build accessible e-learning courses. So, they’re not sure what accessibility means and how it impacts course design. Understanding Accessible E-Learning. Want to learn more?

Help! My E-Learning Course is Boring.

Rapid eLearning

One of the top questions about e-learning is how to make boring course content more engaging and interactive. Considering the state of many e-learning courses, it’s a good question. Much of it is regulatory or compliance training. Free E-Learning Resources.

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Is This as Good as It Gets? Two Reasons Why E-Learning Isn’t Better

Rapid eLearning

I see a lot of e-learning courses and to be honest many of them are not as good as they could be. They tend to be what we anticipate from corporate e-learning: screen after screen of content with lots of next buttons and then a final quiz. E-learning software is one thing.

Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


The Top eLearning companies in India are ready to receive 2019 with new versions of their products and releases of new specialized services for companies that are interested in increasing their workforce and training capacity. We have prepared this list with the companies that we think, are the better options to look for training , content , development , IT solutions or eLearning matters in India. Top eLearning companies in India. Zeus Learning. Upside Learning.

What is an E-Learning Course?

Rapid eLearning

What do you think when someone says, “We need to build an e-learning course?” ” An “e-learning course” can mean many things and serve many purposes. It could be simple compliance training or information about policy changes.

Instant and Rapid One-Minute Learning for mLearning and eLearning

Vignettes Learning

Synthesis: In a rapid, constantly-changing, technology-enabled work environment, which one works best – linear or random learning? How do we rethink or reformulate to make the linear content friendly to random learning? How does this benefit instant learning for busy learners? Which image helps instant learning on sexual harassment? Five Steps in Formulating Instant Learning 1. Test it Test using Recursive Learning Analysis.

Proof of Direct Link between Learning and Performance

Vignettes Learning

He asked what is new in learning systems that can demonstrate learning impacts on the job. The first question is like searching for the Holy Grail in training and learning. However, under certain conditions, we can use software to link learning with tangible numbers in performance. Background “Our key leaders in branches abhor learning since it takes away income from performance bonuses. “ At the heart of the solution is a metrics driven learning program.

How the Communication Process Impacts E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Effective e-learning is more than putting together screens of information and presenting them to learners. Today, I’d like to take a quick look at the basic communication process and how that impacts what we do with our online course design. I like a backwards design approach.

4 Ways to Quickly Do a Needs Analysis for Your E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

What about compliance training? Odds are you don’t need to do a needs analysis for compliance training. If you can’t get out of your cubicle and go onsite, assemble a team from a pool of your learning audience. The nice thing about today’s e-learning tools like Storyline and Rise is that you can quickly prototype your courses and build interactive learning experiences. Upcoming E-Learning Events. Articulate Roadshow: Learn more.

What to Know Before Building an E-Learning Course

Rapid eLearning

Before committing resources to your course, it’s important to understand what type of e-learning course you need to build. E-learning courses tend to be one of two types: Information. It’s also typical of a lot of compliance training that are less focused on changing behavior and more on awareness of key policies. Types of E-learning Courses. Upcoming E-Learning Events. Free E-Learning Resources.

Three Ways to Make Your E-Learning Content Meaningful

Rapid eLearning

The reality is that many e-learning courses are irrelevant to the needs of the person who has to take them. Lawsuits and regulatory compliance dictates a lot of demand for e-learning courses. It puts instructional design on the back-burner and end-of-year certification becomes the priority. It may be compliance-based content, but there’s a relevant context for compliance. Free E-Learning Resources.