In Real Life: How to Get the Influence to Get Things Done by JD Dillon

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Juice” is the influence you need to get things done. Don’t have enough juice? Here’s how to get it. Getting Started Management Professional Development

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Jamba Juice Case Study

Wisetail LMS

Learn how Jamba Juice - a rapidly growing, award-winning franchise known for its freshness and fun - has created learning and development programs that infuse these values into new team members and improved franchise communication with their Wisetail LMS during a major growth period. The post Jamba Juice Case Study appeared first on Wisetail.

In Support of the Watercooler

CLO Magazine

Want to get your employees creative juices flowing? You can start by thanking their inspiring coworkers

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Learn to create infographics like a boss!

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

  Bring with you: examples, ideas, and some creative juice! Infographics with Piktochart: Quick Start. An effective infographic has the power to inform, impress, and influence. As learning tools, infographics can support learning transfer and retention. On top of all that, they are FUN to concoct! During this class you will explore visual communication basics and design principles as well as traditional infographic categories and when to use each.

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Articulate Storyline Templates for Auto Mechanics

eLearning Brothers

While this particular diagram is relatively easy, you can juice it up after the fact by referring to specific models and part names. These days, cars are an important commodity.

Identify Your LMS Requirements Easily Using this Powerful Visualization Tool

Absorb LMS

Rather than attempting to describe what a mind map is, here’s a mind map that explains itself: To help get your creative juices flowing, here’s a basic mind map that identifies and organizes some learning management system features.

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eLearning Design Hacks: How to Get Out of a Creative Rut

SHIFT eLearning

Waiting for inspiration to strike is agonizing, and if ideas take too long to show up, you begin to wonder if your creative juices have dried up. Do not let your creative juices dry up.

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Overview: PowerPoint Graphics Library

eLearning Brothers

Each individual shape down to the tiniest details (such as a window on a skyscraper graphic) can be manipulated by simply ungrouping it from its surrounding and letting your creative juices flow.

7 Fun Ways to Get Participation and Collaboration Going in Classrooms

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Brainstorm Invite ideas, and get your learners' creative juices flowing. Yes, I hear you. Preparing to teach a class is hard enough. Who has the time to add fun activities?

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Writing & Grammar: Can a Sentence End With a Preposition?

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

orange juice maker. While celebrating Holi in Mumbai ( [link] ) we bought drinks from the orange juice-maker. orange-juice maker. by Jennie Ruby    Can I end a sentence with a preposition? Well, yes and no. The old school rule that you cannot end a sentence with a preposition has some validity, but it has also been mocked by personages high and low. Allegedly, for example, Winston Churchill said, "That is something up with which I will not put."

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Learning Activities that Matter

Learning Rebels

This exercise gets the creative storytelling juices flowing. It is time to move away from just movement…to learning activities that matter.

How to Think Outside the Box at Work

Bottom-Line Performance

Even if your office has progressive, trendy furnishings (like ours), there are still plenty of times when a change of perspective would help get those creative juices flowing. If we are really supposed to think outside the box at work, why do so many of us sit inside of cubicles?

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The Puzzler

Jay Cross

The batteries only had 18% juice left, so I replaced them. Help me figure out what’s gone haywire with my Macs. My keyboard has gone wacko. Last night I cleaned the Bluetooth keyboard I use with my iMac.

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The Power of Surprise in Story-based design

Vignettes Learning

Scientists at Emory and Baylor used MRIs to measure changes in human brain activity in response to a sequence of pleasurable stimuli, using fruit juice and water. The patterns of juice and water squirts were either predictable or completely unpredictable.

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Book Writing Tips

Kapp Notes

I call the morning work “wet work” because the brain really needs to be juiced up to be writing and then the afternoon/evening “dry work” because to me, assembly and organization are boring.

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How to Add Color and Use Creativity at Work

ej4 eLearning

So, since we all need to use creativity at work, whether you’re putting pen to paper, or pointer finger to mouse, we have to try different ways to get our creative juices flowing. As a child, I thought creativity only meant art, music, and dance; things I liked doing but I wasn’t very good at. In school, I was the kid who used every art supply on my project even though I was only supposed to use yarn and pipe cleaners. I thought my creativity shouldn’t be limited to yarn and pipe cleaners.

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7 Statistics That Prove mLearning is Essential!

Growth Engineering

Before your employee falls prey to mixing orange juice with toothpaste, they are in bed filling their minds with glorious mLearning knowledge. Without statistics, how would we know that 0.3% of accidents in Canada involve a moose?

Trends in Learning: What’s Latest!

Origin Learning

Participating staff were awarded chances to play online “random-point-yielding games when they sold a fresh-squeezed orange juice or a 4-pack of cinnamon rolls.” A 2013 Accenture survey on Skills and Employment Trends revealed that a large skills gap exists in most businesses.

5 Ways to Use New Generation Learning Tools

CLO Magazine

Many businesses have tried to combat this by juicing up their culture with foosball tables and all-you-can-eat sushi lunches.

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Tune in to The Forge - Live Today at 2pm EST

Visual Lounge

And, Kevin McAuliffe from Digital Juice will share some music tips with us. Today is the day! You're in the right spot to tune in live for our December episode of The Forge. To watch the show live, just visit this blog post on the Visual Lounge at 2pm EST to join us! Note: you may need to refresh your browser at 2pm. What will we be talking about on The Forge today? Mostly music! You'll learn where you can find music that you can use for free and legally in your screencast.

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How to Get Started with E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

You’re not constrained by the pressures of a real course and can think about something new and stretch your creative juices a bit. “How do I get started with elearning” is one of the most frequent questions I’m asked.

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The Key to Adoption of Collaboration Tools: Process Integration

Dashe & Thomson

For example, in a Klint Finley interview called Five Principles for Improving Social Enterprise Adoption , Yakabod CEO Scott Ryser cites the importance of “political juice.” Plenty has been written about why employees are slow to adopt enterprise collaboration tools.

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How to Think Outside the Box at Work

Bottom-Line Performance

Even if your office has progressive, trendy furnishings (like ours), there are still plenty of times when a change of perspective would help get those creative juices flowing. If we are really supposed to think outside the box at work, why do so many of us sit inside of cubicles?

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What is blended learning and why it matters?


P.S. No inquiries about juice blenders please.

The Rise of LMS Specialists: A Tour of Learning Tech Innovation

Talented Learning

Wisetail is the hipster LMS with clients such as the Cheesecake Factory, Smash Burger, Zoe’s Kitchen, Soul Cycle, Jamba Juice and the Shake Shack. Welcome to the Era of LMS Specialists.

5 Challenges Facing Managers Today (And What To Do About It)

Growth Engineering

You could generate conversations to get the creative juices flowing. This week I tackle some of the top challenges facing managers and business leaders today. There are two eternal truths: Life is about change; and being a business leader can be super challenging!

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How to Choose the Right Course-Authoring Tool


It has your creative juices on a free flow! So, you have the content ready with learning objectives. You have also planned out the assessment items and completed the storyboard. The best part is, you are enjoying this instructional design process.

I’ve been depressed. You?

Jay Cross

It was physical (the juices in my head) and mental (the belief-set that controls my interpretation of the world). I’ve been depressed. Telling you this will blow my chances of running for president, but what the hell: I have been clinically depressed for the last two years.

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Voice Over Tips for eLearning – During Recording (Part 2)

eLearning Brothers

Also avoid fruit juices, ice-cold soda, and coffee. For voice over tips there are several things you can do before , during, and after recording to make your voice overs sound more professional in your courses.

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How the Brain Learns—A Super Simple Explanation for eLearning Professionals

SHIFT eLearning

While it may seem somewhat mysterious, there is something concrete going on inside your brain while your creative juices start to flow.

How to Create Learning Game Ideas

Bottom-Line Performance

These examples seem silly, but they will get the juices flowing. How to Create Learning Game Ideas. The growing body of research is pretty compelling. I don’t know about you, but the folks at BLP are sold on the value of games in learning.

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4 Ways to Design Learning Spaces That Foster Engagement


Think about it: If you’re feeling totally uninspired, getting up, moving around, and maybe even finding a new place to sit could be a simple way to get juices flowing again.

E-Learning Design Part 5: Learning through Creating (Blooms 21)


As Wright asserts, “the more churn a brain experiences, the more likely it’s going to retain information,” and so asking a learner to begin with creating is a really effective way of getting those cerebral juices flowing.

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ET and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

What makes it exciting is not just the technology but where it can still go – and that is what really gets the juices flowing – just like a nice NY strip steak (I digress). When you think of that word what comes to mind? A little creature who has cravings for Reese’s Pieces?

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How to Go From Smartphone Video to Animated GIF

Visual Lounge

Let your creative juices flow! In June of 1987, the animated GIF was born. While the file format is just slightly older than the majority of millennials, it is widely used by people of all ages. The use of the GIF has peaked in popularity in recent years…the reason?

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Build Awesome Scenarios

eLearning Brothers

Here are some examples that we created to “get your creative juices flowing&#. Scenarios are a great way to make courses more engaging, effective, and fun. We’ve recently launched some new products that can be combined to make some sweet scenarios.

Discover 4 Ways to Find Your Creative Zen at Work


When your tech is outdated, slow, inaccessible, or inconvenient, it can seriously disrupt your creative juices. Feng shui and meditation aside, tapping into your office zen doesn’t necessarily mean yoga at your desk.

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