Tips & tricks for self publishers – Part 3

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If you’re like me, you’ll now want to create a hard copy – a “real” book. I had imagined that books created via CreateSpace would be a bit dinky. I had problems with PNG files (they outputted fuzzy) so you might consider TIF or JPG instead.

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Tips & tricks for self publishers – Part 3

E-Learning Provocateur

If you’re like me, you’ll now want to create a hard copy – a “real” book. So please find below Part 3 of my series which explains how to self publish a paperback… I was considering using CreateSpace to create my paperback version of Ryan the Lion because it’s the sister service of Kindle Direct Publishing (the service I used to create the e-book version).

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Creating Transparent PNGs in PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is also useful for creating cool visual effects outside of a presentation. I also use it to create graphics for my e-learning modules. Creating a Cloud. Let's go ahead and create a cloud. Now adjust the colors and formatting to create a white cloud.

Best Practices for Creating Online Courses

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There are many things to think about when creating eLearning. Always create an outline of the course. Content creating will go more quickly. (it’s it’s faster than creating content and then starting over). These are challenging times for the financial services industry. These are challenging times for the financial services industry. Import the.png, jpg, gif into PowerPoint for best quality.

Supercharging PowerPoint interactive presentations with VBA (Part 2)


But how does the user know that the object you’ve created the link for is an active object on your slide? What you need to do is to create an invisible shape which resets the hover state of the icon as you hover over this invisible shape.

The 10 basic online tools every trainer and online facilitator should know

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Furthermore, as a facilitator of a group you can create a list for others to follow, participants or around a particular topic. Padlet - a brainstorm wall Padlet is an example of a brainstorming wall where participants don''t have to create an account. It is useful as a trainer or facilitator to create your own playlists which you can later use whenever needed. Bigmarker - or other webinar software I was tempted to write webinar tool, but the other nine are actual services.

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The 18 Essential Steps of a Course Design


Your task is to listen to the customer and create a course from scratch. Create the course outline, divide it into sections and present it to the customer and SME for approval. 4) Create a Prototype. Determine all issues and feedback and create the next version of this course.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

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This low poly generator creates a great looking in a matter of seconds. Video Kit – Curated resources to help you create and market videos. Mobile Mockup – The simplest way to create beautiful mobile mockups. Fotor – Another option for online photo editing AND creating pro-looking designs. VectorMagic -Easily Convert JPG, PNG, GIF Files to PDF, SVG, EPS Vectors. Maglr – Great looking tool for creating visual, interactive content.

Rickrolling, Snagit and You.

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If you'd like to make your own Snagit custom stamp, you can take any PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF or BMP. Chris McQueen from our Training Department will show you how to create and use a custom stamp in this handy screencast.

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What Is Crawling & How The Search Engine Bots Work Whole Together?

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Now each showroom is a unique document like a web page, JPG, PDF, etc. This can be done in a fraction of seconds because the search engines have created huge data-centers worldwide. So instead of relying on internet service provider for DNS, that deals with the translation of server’s name into a specific address Google has a dedicated DNS for them to minimize any delay. We all know what Search engines are, but very few of us know about how the search engines Bots work.

Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 3/15/2007

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Click on the image map for a super large jpg (it might take a few seconds to load). One way is to be able to peer ahead, consider the trends specific to your industry as well as those in the social, technology, business and political climate, and create a product or service aligned with those trends. I'm talking here about Tim Berners-Lee, who, in trying to find a simple way to share scientific papers, was instrumental in creating the World Wide Web

JPG 32 Announces New Electronic Book.Kindle

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No monthly wireless bills, service plans, or commitments—Amazon takes care of the wireless delivery so you can simply click, buy, and read. JPG,GIF,BMP,PNG) to Kindle for easy on-the-go viewing. Others have tried to create a digital book with the ability to call up any book, article or other traditionally hard copy item and read it as if it was on paper but they've never taken off, Sony's Digital Reader is one such example.Bezos claims Amazon has done it this time.

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What Tools Should We Learn?


Knowing how to use graphic editing tools and being able to create your own graphics is essential. It is however imperative to understand the differences between a GIF and JPG, vector vs. raster, and transparency vs. flattened. Create a bookmarking site and share it.