Are Digital Textbooks More Effective for K-12 Curriculum


The K-12 curriculum is increasingly being dominated by digital textbooks as educational institutes are adopting this new form of study material to teach school students. Hence, publishers are making a move towards digital publishing to meet this growing need. But what makes digital textbooks preferable over paperback textbooks? Let us have a look at why digital textbooks are more effective for K-12 curriculum: 1.

Digital Badges for Educational Achievement

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Digital badges are a type of micro-credential , meaning that they are smaller in scope than traditional credentialing systems such as degrees and certifications. To effectively convey your badges’ value, position issuer and requirements information up front. Is Your Organization Ready?

The Role of Technology in Digital Publishing


This change has been primarily driven by the evolution of digital books or eBooks as they are commonly called. While the eBook industry is steadily moving from ePUB2 standards to ePUB3 and from Mobi to KF8, for many publishers, digital publishing remains an alien planet.

Driving The Pace Of Digital Transformation For Lucrative Business


Digital Transformation – different people have different understanding of this word and different versions are doing rounds in the market. However, most companies don’t know the right approach or how to get their companies Digitally Transformed.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

outcome with the most effective and efficient set. effective learning solution or curriculum. specifies the most effective and. project charter can be an effective tool to determine if content belongs. need to create multiple versions of. effective meetings.

Digital habitus

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So what of our habitual use of digital media? What are the effects of our fearsome fascination with mobile phones, our predilection to video games, our inexorable gravitation toward social media? Do these constitute a digital habitus?

7 Highly Effective Tips on Technical SEO

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In SEO parlance, it’s optimizing your website and server to enable search engine spiders to crawl and index your site more effectively. In mobile-friendly versions of the website, these structures act as better organizers if placed better on websites with deep structures.

How The 8 Effects of Arts Education Are Changing Online Pedagogy, Part 2


s Director of Business Development, to discuss the distinctive effects arts-led learning is having on online learning design. Here he introduces the fictional-reality effect and the reflection effect. The Fictional-Reality Effect. The Reflection Effect.

Digital Courseware – Definition and its Impact on New Age Learning


Digital Courseware is the electronic learning content used in online learning or elearning, as a learning tool it’s a reality of the modern education system. Built as a software, digital courseware works standalone or is delivered via learning management system or lms.

Webinars – Providing the Flexibility of Digital Learning with Human Interaction

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Webinars = Flexibility of Digital Learning + Human Interaction. These instructor-led sessions, held in brick and mortar buildings, are very effective tools of educating people. A webinar is the digital version of a seminar.

AI Powered Cloud Based One Touch Conversion for Fast, Accurate Digital Publishing

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Not only are virtually all publishers creating, publishing, and/or distributing digital as opposed to print materials, but they are doing so in many different ways. No matter what model they’re following, every publisher wants to convert existing print materials to digital form. Some may also wish to enrich the digital versions with videos, sound, and other multimedia features. Converting Complex Print Materials into Digital Texts.

Corporate learning in the digital age

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Some are ditching their training rooms in favour of digital delivery of content, and bosses that are forward thinking are investing in social learning, social media and mobile devices to support the learning of their employees. Learning in many organisations is going through radical change.

Top 4 Digital Learning Tips

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As the market for e-Learning will be worth over $50 billion by 2016, organizations need to improve their practices in order to deliver effective digital learning resources. Some people may not have the latest devices or software versions that could support such activities.

Make 2017 the Year of Training Effectiveness


And if you’ve always been a classroom trainer, you might want to look into how digital media can make your efforts more effective in the classroom. But then, after gathering feedback on this early rough-cut version, you update it with edits and focus on the most important content areas.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: e-Learning Content & Version Control

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007 e-Learning Content & Version Control Earlier this week, Janet Clarey wrote about the " Preservation of e-Learning Content." After reading Janets post, I talked with our CTO about some ways that we could build a little bit of "version control" into our Flash Course Development Templates. As Janet mentioned, "most companies have digital document control procedures that include e-Learning content."

4 Ways to entice the Unwilling Learner: Solutions for effective learning


In addition we also created a separate version of the module – directed towards direct selling to the customer. This version was only 5 minute long, a short capsule with a separate audio track and animated figures explaining various offers and products in layman terms.

The Snowball Effect: Documentation and Training for Global ERP Systems

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The scribes were quickly succumbing to the flurry of documents, back and forth, seemingly endless versions in various states of completeness. These projects added two more languages to the document versions maintained by the scribes, but blessedly few SAP changes.

Global 197

18 Must-Know LMS Training Topics for Effective eLearning

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As an instructional designer, L&D manager, or LMS administrator, your job is to provide digital learning experiences through the Learning Management System to continuously train and educate your people. Upgrades and new version releases typically present different features and user or admin changes that learning professionals should be aware of. The post 18 Must-Know LMS Training Topics for Effective eLearning appeared first on eThink Education | Hosted Moodle & Totara LMS.

How To Create Online Training For Digital Nomads

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In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to create online training for your digital nomad workforce. . Digital nomads are always on the go and ready to take on the next adventure. Digital nomads must be able to login to the LMS platform using their device of choice.

Why yesterday’s skills and development strategies aren’t enough to survive today’s digital transformation

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Digital technologies have steadily been making their way into organizations and now impact every facet of organizational behavior, both externally and internally. lack digital skills and 14% have none [2]. lack adequate digital skills [4]. Digital literacy.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

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Private and public organizations, educational and corporate institutions, are all being closely examined to see if they follow the various mandates that require that digital materials be accessible. How About: Accessible Elearning Is Effective Elearning. the version 2.1

Navigating the Digital Ecosystem, Preselling, and the Problems with the Culture of Free with Robin Harris


Navigating the digital ecosystem, preselling, and the problems with the culture of free with Robin Harris in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. The digital ecosystem is all the pieces that play together for us to be online, be productive and have a business.

New ideas in a digital age

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Before the digital age, we had mass media to do the job - TV, radio and newspapers and prior to that, more primitive technologies were employed to spread news. Another social effect is the self-help user groups that spring up to support the product and its application.

Ideas 91

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

The Learning Dispatch

Private and public organizations, educational and corporate institutions, are all being closely examined to see if they follow the various mandates that require that digital materials be accessible. How About: Accessible Elearning Is Effective Elearning. the version 2.1

The Death of Textbooks: 5 Reasons to go Digital


This book-related crisis has us wondering why students put up with it, and why more colleges don’t offer digital textbooks instead. Digital is Cheaper. First thing’s first: Producing digital textbooks is extremely cheap. Digital is Easier to Amend. Digital is Accessible.

What’s the most effective type of Performance Management?


One of the problems with this practice is that it fails to create real value and is incredibly time-consuming, thus costing too much in resources and non-effective worktime. Today, many performance management solutions focus on both the models described above providing effective results. As a bonus, it is done digitally on any kind of device and can be changed from yearly intervals into quarters or other intervals. You’re right, there’s not only one answer to that question.

How Sales Process Training Can Be Made Effective With eLearningc

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According to a recent survey , it has been found that 98% of organizations are ready to use videos as part of their digital learning strategy this year.Video-based learning is an effective way to explain the sales process as videos are engaging and keep learners hooked to the session.

10 Point Checklist for Publishing Higher Education Textbooks


The medium of higher education textbook consumption has shifted from physical books to digital devices. Merely transferring the content from a paper to a digital document does not conform as a well-designed e-textbook. We have put together a checklist for publishers to refer while publishing higher education textbooks, in digital formats. In digital publishing, we have two types of layouts – reflowable and fixed.

How Docebo 7.7 Helps You Amplify Digital Learning Experience to Produce Better Learning Outcomes


Personalized learning is one area of learning and development (L&D) that, until now, has been limited (and cumbersome) because the technology required to do it in an effective and meaningful way hasn’t been there.

Corporate Training Problems Solved by Effective Learning Solutions

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There was a time when many organizations struggled to provide training that their employees needed to perform their jobs effectively. Interesting Tidbit: Half of an individual’s digital skill set becomes obsolete in 2.5

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


They help us make learning more engaging and effective and ultimately help learners succeed. Big Data refers to the large amounts of unstructured data flowing through numerous sources in our digital world every second. and not just digital ones! DIGITAL TEXTBOOKS.

Online Course Marketing Tactics from Six-Figure Digital Entrepreneurs

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When digital entrepreneurs—those who make their living selling online products and services—see a need in their market, they design a revenue-generating online course to meet that need. Amy Porterfield , who teaches online marketing to aspiring digital entrepreneurs, is one of many digital entrepreneurs whose courses have put them in the six-figure club. Digital entrepreneurs are driven by purpose and profit. Digital entrepreneurs know they’re in the sales business.

3 Golden Rules For Delivering Effective Technical Training — Without The Boredom

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Technical training is usually required during a period of digitization. Or it could be simply that your company is switching to the newest version of Microsoft Office. Keep pace with the digital world. Your kids are digital. Your workplace is digital. Your favorite music and television programmes are digital. But all these tips will help you to develop effective technical training programs — and boost the employee training process.

The Transformative Journey of Corporate MOOCs


Based on our research findings since then, we have been doodling about the limitations of the present-day MOOCs (Designs), and have also been exploring possible ways that could help transform these great tools into more acceptable and effective medium for today’s workforce.

Why PowerPoint is Effective for Training New Employees

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PowerPoint is a highly sophisticated tool with an array of animations and effects, but all the bells and whistles are not much use outside their own environment. Import your deck into another format, try sharing online – and the effects you sweated over three nights in a row are gone.