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by Willam van Weelden,  COTP     As more companies make the move to Google products ( over 5 million and counting ), more content is created with  Google Docs. Personally, I use Google Docs all the time to make content reviews easier and avoid attachments in email.

Things You Must Consider Before Selecting an eLearning Company

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Do you have the hardware, server and required bandwidth to host the course? Skill Set Offered by the eLearning Companies: Developing eLearning courses does not simply mean transferring your existing Word docs or PDF files online.

100+ LMS Integrations to Unify your Learning Ecosystem


If yes, will it be internal or from external resources like Google Docs, FTP servers, Box, YouTube, cloud-based labs, and other websites? We, at Paradiso Solutions, can get going with any of the LMS integrations of your choice.

Learning Record Stores with Tim Martin #ASTDTK14

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There’s much more here: [link] ) TinCan allows simulators, servers, mobile devices, etc to communicate. It uses a RESTful web Server (and yes, I had to ask what this is: a more commonly adopted web service architecture. So text doc sends statement. These are my live blogged notes from Tim Martin''s session at ASTD Tech Knowledge, wrapping up today in Las Vegas. Tin Can 101: It’s a shared system for two systems to talk about the things that a person does.

How to Create a Leaderboard for eLearning with Google

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I know a lot of you use Google Docs every day. You may not realize that Google allows users to develop add-ons and applications on top of Docs using Google Apps Script (GAS). GAS looks a lot like JavaScript and it hooks into Google Docs to enable you to create all sorts of new tools.

Google 101

3 Productivity Tips for Naming Files in Lectora

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Rather than copying them directly into the Lectora AWT file, images are automatically copied into an “images” folder, the audio or video into the “media” folder and other files such as PDFs or DOCs to the “extern” folder.

Mitigating the Risks of BYOD in corporate learning


Consuming all elements within the LMS: Most LMS support multiple formats including text docs, PDFs, ePub and HTML. Each entry gets validated at the organization’s server and an app inside this zone can’t interact with apps outside.

What is an LMS?


Create courses – Develop elearning content and support training with the help of videos, docs, PPTs, tests, exams & quizzes. Cloud-based – Also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), the solution providers host the software on their servers which the users can access online.


This Week on #BLPLearn: Gingko, Firebase, and Games We Care About

Bottom-Line Performance

Below are links to the two docs I’ve written. They can’t afford (or at least don’t want) to pay for a custom back-end database, because well, we need to host it, so we need to cover our asses in case they have requests, the server has downtime, we need to increase capacity for load, etc.

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Web Conferencing Services

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I found a Google doc via delicious that I have a feeling wasn't intended to be public, but it has such a wonderful comparison of the various web conferencing tools that I felt compelled to copy it here and as a new Google Doc in case the document goes away.

Setting up Xapian on Centos


In the following we assume that an eFront instance is already up and running on the server. From now on, every time you upload a pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx or txt file, it will be indexed and a full-text search will be performed on its contents when you search for a string in eFront.

Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

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He helped me pull together the following evaluation of a few different solutions: ClassMarker Quia ProProfs Google Docs Forms Creator, and Quibblo. Google Docs Forms Google Docs has a built-in Form document type that allows the creation of a set of questions. This can be an interesting quiz / test tool especially if you already use Google docs. No, however, everything is backed up on the server.

Reach for the clouds

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in the cloud) and are accessed locally from a web browser, while the software and data are stored remotely on servers. I can’t imagine too many organisations rushing to shift their sensitive customer details onto unseen servers in foreign jurisdictions.

Top 10 Cloud myths busted, pt. 2


In this model, the Cloud provider just gives you virtual (cloud-based) servers, and you get to manage them and build whatever you want with them, in the same way you would with physical collocated boxes. Mythology. We use to think of it as something ancient societies did.

SAAS LMSs and Vendor Client Lists Questions

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What is SAAS and why is hosted better than having it on your own servers. The bottom line without getting technical or overly detailed, the solution is hosted on your vendor’s servers and not hosted on your internal servers. So in the case of a LMS/LCMS, it is hosted on your vendor’s servers and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and a browser (that they support), anywhere in the world. Hosted Server Question to Ask.

SAAS (Hosted) LMS and Vendor Questions

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What is SAAS and why is hosted better than having it on your own servers. The bottom line without getting technical or overly detailed, the solution is hosted on your vendor’s servers and not hosted on your internal servers. So in the case of a LMS/LCMS, it is hosted on your vendor’s servers and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and a browser (that they support), anywhere in the world. Hosted Server Question to Ask.

TCC08: Wikis and Blogs and Tags: Oh Why?

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Google Docs. Privacy issues: Edublogs may be better than Blogger, or do it on your own servers to control information. Presenters: Alice Bedard-Voorhees, Colorado Mountain College, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA. Lisa Cheney-Steen, Colorado Community College System, Denver, Colorado, USA. Starting with an intro to Web 2.0. New tools pop up all the time. Why not just use the features in your LMS? Information or Presentation. Social Connection. Collaboration.

Wiki 170

Blogging to Build Your Business

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If you are somewhat technical but don’t want to deal with loading things to a server, this is a good option. I collect them all in a simple (albeit messy) Google Doc as the ideas come to me.

The Golden Keys to Personal Productivity

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You can now easily share your calendar, your tasks, and even your current projects with colleagues and clients using web-based applications like Google Docs. Here are a few tips on how to disconnect when not at work: Turn off your email server when you leave work.

Slack Vs. Hipchat: Which Works Best for Informal Learning?


Those questions and docs then become searchable for later recall, which cuts down on the time and frustration often associated with formal learning methods. Still, corporate social media networks on secure servers are a possibility–with the proper privacy considerations, of course.

Most popular posts about Working Smarter for July 2012

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This transformation keeps gathering speed, as we transition from the connected economy of PCs, browsers and web servers to our increasingly hyperconnected economy of smart mobile devices, cloud computing and broadband wireless networks. Importing HTML into Google Docs spreadsheets .

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My Workflow with Synergy

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However, when I’m waiting for something to happen on my laptop (like synchronizing files with the server through Dreamweaver), I’ll pop over to my desktop computer for a few minutes to read something in Google Reader. Collaborating with SMEs in Google Docs. This is a follow-up to my post on the features of Synergy. My last post covered how Synergy works. This post focuses on how I work with Synergy, both when I’m in live online events and during my daily work.

Teachable Alternatives

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We can not only handle simple content like audio/video/docs etc but also complex course content such as SCORM, and other types of HTML5 content. In return, you get the following: Powerfully hosted WordPress LMS platform on our dedicated servers. Are you looking for a Teachable alternative? Are you currently using Teachable to sell and market your online content and courses?

5 eLearning trends to wave goodbye to today!


The PDFs, PPTs and DOCs that have dominated the eLearning content scene for too long are the first to see the door. Our growing mobile dependency has shifted the corporate learning scene from the traditional, server-driven and browser-based experiences to the Cloud.

Skills Series: A Beginner’s Guide to JavaScript

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The ability to submit information entered into a Google Doc, survey form, or online payment system. Developers can also use it for a website’s back end, which is executed on servers, or specialized computers that run websites behind the scenes.

A.nnotate - Love the functionality but REALLY love the thought out into pricing

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You want us to load docs to your server AND load notes to your server as well? I am all in favor of products that fit into existing workflow and have potential to make that workflow easier and/or faster. At first blush, A.nnotate seems to fall into that category. So the functionality is one that allows you to add comments, notes, etc to online documents - nice but I also like the thought they put into handing the notes.

SharePoint – Social Learning Savior?

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Do you already have servers available or will you have to purchase a few more? Do you offer load balance with those servers, because if you have 10,000 or more employees hitting it, you will want it. A FB like page, profiles, a blog, maybe a micro blog – but often not, sharing of docs and files, and the magical word, “collaborative&#.

CMS: An Alternative to a LMS for those who seek Portals or Communities

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When I say “web&# , this means the course sits on your server or if you are using a 3rd party and they are hosting a server for you – it is located there. The course sits in the “server&# will all its files, etc. Thus, the server would be the same server that you house your CMS, and then you can launch from within the CMS for people to access. flv), HTML5, docs, pdf, etc.

Free Quiz and Test Maker Tools Plus My Top 3

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Easy Test Maker K12, A, PY, M/C, T/F, FIB, MAT, S/A, MA, Unlimited number of tests, DL as word doc., AVI,mpeg, Quicktime, can be published on net or local server, works with IE, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome; Offers.FLV format, Results can be saved on server or via e-mail, lots of capabilities – Very Nice. While this market has always existed, it is clearly taking a whole new form in two areas: Strong emphasis to embed into a web site or blog.

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Web Conferencing 101 – The Basics

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Vendors who offer the ability to upload your PowerPoint, word docs, slides, etc. So you can have your PPT or whatever docs and upload them into the presentation while you are taking. Upload your PPT or docs or whatever ahead of time. Does the recording stay on the vendor’s server and attendees access it? If it is on their server, what data do you get?

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Capture Learner Data with Google Spreadsheets


Not only are Google Spreadsheets easy to navigate, they have many benefits: Access to Google Docs (now Google Drive) – for sharable document management. Log in to Google Docs: Click the “Create” button. Use Firebug , a web development tool, to “listen in” and monitor the browser’s communication with the server via the website code. Forum. Logins. Lectora Online - USA. Lectora Online - EU. ReviewLink. CourseMill LMS. Community Forum. Products. Authoring Tools. Lectora Inspire.

Here Are More Than 200 Free Rapid E-Learning Tutorials

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Use dropbox as a free web server to share your projects. Use Google Docs to create a free project review process. A few weeks ago I offered some advice on how to become an elearning pro without spending a dime.

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

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Elgg is a social networking engine and publishing platform for running your own social networking site on a public or private server. Do you have a training or information need that could benefit from a social media strategy?

Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

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To hold photos, images, media files – eventually moved to word docs. Why are people using such products as Google docs? Eliminates the “storage&# content component of learning management systems that sadly continues to grow- to offset systems’ bandwidth and server costs. What always stuns me are vendors who state they know what their learners want, but in reality have no clue, because they themselves do not see the technology and its usage among the masses.


e-Clippings (Learning As Art): GDC Update 5: Player Generated Content in Casual Games

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Flex, not well designed for complex apps, problems with security model, Thorny Issues: Local client code supported, server-side code is not supported, no DRM Will Harvey - imvu, starts with video in which every single avatar is some kind of hyper-realized female form, I wonder what the VP from lifetime thinks, 35K developers have created almost 1.5