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Alternative to the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation


If you have been in the elearning (or training) industry for any amount of time, then you are most likely aware of the Kirkpatrick model of learning evaluation. For many of us in this industry, it is the go-to methodology for gathering training related metrics and reporting on training success. Kaufman’s 5 Levels of Evaluation.

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Kirkpatrick Revisited | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

I have included Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation in every proposal I have ever written, and I wanted to hear from Kirkpatrick himself regarding his take on the current state of evaluation and whether his four levels are still viable. Well, based on where Kirkpatrick and his son James are today, I was completely wrong.


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Measuring ROI of Custom eLearning Development Solutions

Infopro Learning

An online learning program can be effective when the value outweighs the cost. Organizations delivering personalized training programs use ROI as an essential metric to evaluate workforce performance, measure training impact, and unlock business success. Creating a Learning Success Plan.

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Level Up Learning: How the Kirkpatrick Model Helps Businesses Deliver Effective Training


What is Effective Learning? When learning is truly effective, it influences behavioral change , which translates into measurable results like more efficient operations, better workplace safety, increased sales, or improved customer service. Let’s explore each level and how it relates to learning and development.

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Navigating the Learning Impact Spectrum: The Science of Translating Data into Tangible Outcomes

Infopro Learning

This empowers trainers, organizations, and learners themselves to evaluate the tangible and intangible effects of training, answering crucial questions: Beyond immediate reactions, did the learning experience spark sustained shifts in learning behavior that stick? These metrics encompass 1. Informal or qualitative feedback.

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Measuring the Impact of Localized Training: Key Metrics and Evaluation Methods

Hurix Digital

After deciding on a localization strategy , it is essential to raise questions about the effectiveness of the training. Apart from these, certain evaluation methods and key metrics can be used to measure the impact of the localization of software. Table of Contents: What are Training Evaluation Metrics?

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Training metrics you should include in your learning analytics report


For every organization, it is highly essential to generate and evaluate training reports from learning analytics either for effective employee training or to determine the ROI of training programs or both. However, that makes it difficult to determine what training metrics are the most essential to be included in your report.

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