Creating Synchronized Media Events with Lectora Inspire


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Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning: Benefits and Limitations

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With the global spread and time constraints, organizations today are training their employees by embracing either synchronous or asynchronous eLearning. Here we will discuss synchronous and asynchronous learning along with their benefits and limitations.

Using Lectora to Make eLearning Accessible

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While you’re at it, include an option for synchronized captions to follow along with any narrations or voiceovers. The post Using Lectora to Make eLearning Accessible appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning Featured Lectora Resources Resources

How to Add Events to Audio and Video in Lectora and Lectora Online


Lectora® and Lectora® Online make it easy to synchronize events—add actions—to audio and video playback. This blog will show you step-by-step how to synchronize events to audio and video files within Lectora and Lectora Online titles.

5 Exciting Features of Lectora 17 to Enrich E-learning

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Lectora, by Trivantis, is the go-to solution for e-learning developers whenever they need to develop courses rapidly. This tool makes the conversion of legacy courses easy and the good news is Trivantis released the latest version of Lectora, Lectora 17 in December 2016.

Lectora 12 – Moving Ahead and Catching Up

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When Lectora 12 was released in early December, there weren’t too many surprises, as most of the new features were previewed at the Lectora User Conference in April. If you’re interested in seeing the new features in Lectora 12, check out the short, self-paced presentation below.

How to Use Lectora to Create Accessible Courses


Creating accessible courses in Lectora® isn’t hard to do. When you select this option, Lectora will automatically enable certain features in the application that will assist you with meeting Section 508 standards and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

Six Points of Comparison – Captivate 9 vs. Lectora 17

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In this blog, we will compare the latest versions of two authoring tools – Lectora Inspire 17 and Adobe Captivate 9. Lectora 17 is less user-friendly, but the new feature to create scenarios called Branch Track makes it easy to develop scenarios. Lectora 17 vs. Captivate 9.

Hell in a Cell Between Articulate Storyline 2, Adobe Captivate 9, and LectoraInspire 16

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Today, I am sharing my views on the 3 widely used tools -Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora Inspire 16. Articulate Storyline 2, Adobe Captivate 9 and Lectora Inspire 16. We can insert audios in Articulate Storyline and Lectora. Audio Synchronizing.

3 Rapid E-learning Development Tools

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Lectora Inspire. Also, you may easily cut , copy , paste , adjust sound volume and trim Captivate offers you the ability to import a wide variety of video formats (such as AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG) and synchronize it with the slide you are working on. . Lectora Inspire.

3 Powerful Rapid Authoring Tools Released in 2016

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The tool comes with superior video synchronization capabilities and enables the effective access of e-learning content offline. Lectora Inspire 17. Lectora Inspire 17 comes with two in-built applications viz. E-learning development technologies are constantly evolving.

5 Recommended Rapid E-learning Authoring Tools for Amazing Animations

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Lectora Inspire. If you are looking for simple ways to add fly animations (transition effects), Lectora is the rapid authoring tool to pick. Lectora integrates with Camtasia to allow content capturing and screen recording.

20 Frequently Asked Questions About E-learning Rapid Authoring Tools

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Answer: Articulate Storyline and Lectora Inspire are the most translation-friendly tools. Using this tool, you can edit the recordings of your live webinars, remove disturbances and errors, if any, synchronize it, and publish to HTML5. Answer: Lectora Inspire can be the ideal choice.

Take an e-Learning Break - Untitled Article

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by Lectora? by Lectora is a rapid eLearning PowerPoint plug-in that enables you to use content you’ve created in PowerPoint to deliver a self-paced, interactive Flash presentation that can be easily posted online. by Lectora course or presentation publishes to a single SWF Flash file that you can post it on the web, to CD, or any other LMS. You can also synchronize your audio and animations Video – Record yourself and allow that video to play during your presentation.

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Design Learning Experiences – Not Instructional Presentations

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Word to PowerPoint to Epic Editor, Lectora, and the all-powerful Storyline; the entire ecosystem has evolved to make eLearning innovative and interesting. Learners want to be engaged constantly, they wish to learn at their own pace, they want synchronized and seamless learning across devices.

A guide to HTML5 elearning authoring tools


Lectora. Like Storyline, Lectora Inspire is a Windows-based desktop authoring tool, although they have added a cloud-based version called Lectora Online which creates HTML5 content. Reviewing and commenting features using ReviewLink (only available in Lectora Online).

5 Best Tools to Quickly Convert ILT Material to E-learning

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Lectora 16. Lectora Inspire, one of the first tools to support the development of HTML content, has always been a preferred choice to develop multi-lingual and text-heavy courses. Here is how to use Lectora to convert PowerPoint presentations into engaging e-learning courses.

Developing Mobile Content — Fast and Far-Reaching


Over the last few years, tools like Articulate Storyline and Lectora have evolved to suit the needs of the mobile platform and can develop content which is ready to be rendered on the mobile platform as well.

Too Little Time to Develop E-learning? Go for Rapid Development!

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Day 3-6 :The development team works on the graphics, animations, and synchronizes audio files with the course content, using the storyboard as the blueprint. Same is the case with Adobe Captivate and Lectora , which are packed with features.

iPad for eLearning


As the demand for eLearning courses developed for iPad increases you should be sure that the major organizations in the eLearning industry will find a solution such as eFront (LMS) and Lectora (Authoring Tool).

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Creating Accessible eLearning: What You Need to Know


Most authoring tools, like Lectora ®, provide a way to define the alternative text or ALT text for visual elements in your course. In this case, you need to provide synchronized captioning. Use synchronized captions for any video in your course.

Confused with learning technologies? Choose your best option

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You also have other popular authoring tools such as Lectora or Captivate which can produce responsive content. Lectora provides both desktop and online versions. Training progress will get synchronized when there is internet connection and the device is connected.

Developing a Section 508 Compliant E-learning Course

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Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora Inspire are rapid e-learning authoring tools that help develop Section 508 compliant courses. E-learning allows for learning without the barriers of time and place. It is a given that it should be accessible by everyone.

A Complete Training Portal for Multi-device Mobile Learners

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When you add new training content to the training portal, it will synchronize it with the mobile app. Training progress can be stored in the mobile player and training records are synchronized with the server when Internet connectivity is available.

6 Tips to Create Engaging eLearning Courses


Employing synchronous and asynchronous learning has proven to be a particularly engaging strategy; using a wide range of eLearning resources and approaches increases interest, curiosity, and commitment, elements which are fundamental in creating engaging eLearning experiences.

Using Text-to-Speech in an eLearning Course

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A general approach in which developers use any standard authoring tool such as Articulate or Lectora and use stand-alone TTS on-demand services/products to create audio files that are then linked or embedded in the presentation.

Free L&D webinars for October 2019

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You’ll recognize how easy it is to integrate a chatbot with what you’re already using: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora and Microsoft PowerPoint. Karin also works extensively with InSync Training and ATD as a certified synchronous facilitator and designer.

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Quick User Guide to Creating Engaging eLearning with Adobe Spark

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Adobe Spark sits within Adobe’s Creative Cloud framework and the three integrated apps are synchronized with the Adobe Spark web app.

Here’s an idea to free college: 100% asynchronous based courses (self-paced), yeah e-learning

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I won’t go into my diatribe on why synchronous based learning is setup to fail, why students who dislike online learning usually refer it to the courses themselves (the way they appear specifically and the content involved tied to how it looks) and why MOOCs are a way for companies to offer their employees an alternative yet free method of learning. . It won’t match the power of say Storyline or Lectora, since they are authoring tool companies, whose primary focus is authoring.

How to Buy a LMS

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It does not mean that the system comes with a native app nor offers online/offline synchronization. Common brands under RCAT – Articulate, Lectora, Captivate, Rapid Intake, dominKnow Claro. Requires a native app (self-contained) on the mobile device and enables online/offline synchronization. Online/Offline synchronization allows the learner to take courses, etc.

Growth Accelerates CellCast Solution Innovations

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Our updated CellCast Solution platform now scales to meet these ever-increasing demands using the industry's most efficient methods for content compression, distribution and synchronization. We're pleased to report the adoption and use of mobile learning by enterprise customers has been accelerating throughout first half of 2010 -- yeah!!; And as with any measurable change in market direction, this new-found momentum comes with advantages and challenges alike.

Latest #LMS Takeaways Plus Did you know?

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Oh, and from the HE, all the courses were linear in nature – in other words, synchronous based, not asynchronous (which is self-contained and people bounce around to focus on what they are interested in learning – I know, a radical concept!). Nor Lectora. Hello from Berlin. As OEB 2015 wraps up, Friday (today) being its last day, the air of excitement still reigns supreme. But that and the complete review for the conference is next week (Wednesday).

2010: mLearning Year in Review

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the ability to seamlessly manage and synchronize assignment access, delivery, review and completion between their desktop PC and their mobile device(s). A.K.A. How our January 2010 Predictions Played Out!

What Tools Should We Learn?


Lectora , Articulate , Captivate , Rapid Intake ProForm , and many others are great tools. Fundamentally, eLearning is asynchronous most of the time, but at times there is need to conduct synchronous training.

OEB15 Review

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Which really is interesting since the majority of HE LMSs push synchronous based courses. No one used Claro, nor Lectora. Welcome wherever you are! Well, back from OEB15, which stands for Online Educa Berlin. And as you can probably guess, it was in Berlin, Germany. Where to start?