Hike: How Free Offline Messaging Works

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The app also gets extra brownie points from people who’d rather have their privacy by not being tracked on when they were last online. With the coming of affordable 2G and 3G networks for mobiles , it is like we have been hardwired to Instant Messaging (IM) on our phones.

Deactivating Raptivity in Online and Offline mode


This time we will share with you quick videos on how to deactivate Raptivity in both online and offline modes. In our earlier blog post of video series we talked with you about Raptivity activation.

Turning Offline Content into ELearning


Naturally, when it is time to create an online course, it only makes sense to leverage already existing material. But what if the only material available is in the form of offline content? There are other options for bringing offline content into an online form.

What an offline player means for your learning community


Well, we are getting towards this with an Offline Player for your LMS. An offline player, in the context of elearning, is a program which allows learners to download elearning content when they are connected to the internet, then complete the training later when disconnected.

Can web training software replace your offline training?


All the familiar ingredients of an enterprise (offline) training session circa 2000. No wonder most enterprises have since embraced online training with both arms. Offline training is costly. Offline training is a disruption. Offline training is ineffective.

Offline Publishing and Viewing Options with Articulate Storyline®


One of the most popular questions coming from our clients in relation to Storyline-authored content is about offline viewing options. What does “Offline” mean? Offline viewing means the ability to open and run a course without being concurrently connected to Internet.

When YouTube really does have to be offline

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I like to have downloaded copies of my favourite videos so I can use them in presentations and workshops without needing to be online. FastestTube is a browser extension that currently works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari (IE version on the way).

Bringing Your Offline Content Online: Welcome to the eLearning World!


As professional training and instruction moves online, subject matter experts, in-person instructors and offline trainers are facing new obstacles as they reinvent their offline content.

Watch Interactive Videos on Your iPad…Offline!

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app from the App Store, but the benefit is that your interactive videos are playable offline (as opposed to just playing the MP4 video using the iPad’s native player). If you host it online with the Smart Player or put it on Screencast.com, no problems.

TalentLMS Goes Mobile (and offline) With Our New & Free, iOS App


Rather it aims to be its perfect companion for delivering offline learning , micro-learning and micro-certifications. What’s best, your progress will automagically get synchronized with the server when you go back online.

10 Common Problems faced by Learners in Online Learning


One of the key goals of any Instructional Designer, educator or SME of an online course, is to engage learners into the course and help them successfully achieve the learning objectives. To know why, we need to look at online learning experiences from learners’ perspective.

5 Online Engagement Strategies

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An engaged online campaigns is a strategic business asset that enables business to inspire, motivate and mobilize its employees to achieve defined business goals. Let’s talk about the top 5 strategies for initiating and maintaining online engagement. Rules of Engaging online community.

3 Simple ways to gamify your online learning


Here are three simple ideas to help you get started with using gamification in your online learning. Build your online learning in a way that encourages learners to strive to reach the next stage. The post 3 Simple ways to gamify your online learning appeared first on Docebo.

5 Tips to Conduct an Effective Staff Training Session Online

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Nowadays, with companies having many employees in different offices in different cities, countries or even continents, online training is growing in popularity. However, there is a big difference between online and offline training.

Online Courses Are Golden: Can an LMS Help Your Business Cash In?

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Do you sell learning content online ? And if you already offer online courses, you’re probably looking for ways to expand this line of business. Why Are Online Courses So Attractive? However, the cost of online training content does not always correlate with its quality.).

Why Choice Matters in Online Learning


The evolution of online learning is in full force. The online learning space has always been one to adapt to change. But in addition to the way content is delivered there are shifts occurring in the way the learner interacts with online content.

5 Online Tools To Make Your Job Easier

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Here are 5 online resources that are helping employees to improve their performance levels and develop their knowledge on a daily basis. Mapit is an online resource for accountants and accountancy students to study for ACCA and CIMA accredited courses.

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Designing mobile SCORM for the eFrontPro Android app


Is mobile SCORM on the eFrontPro Android app available offline? In order to make the content offline-accessible, the LMS will send a link to the app consisting of the unit content in a compressed format. Offline SCORM is as easy as that!


SCORM goes mobile with eFrontPro for Android


Starting from eFrontPro’s Android application’s latest update, we are proud to announce that we’ll be supporting mobile SCORM in both online and offline learning modes. Product News Android App Android SCORM Mobile SCORM Offline SCORM


How to organize for deep (not superficial) learning online?

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This year my question is: How to organize for deep learning online? You can find a video online and start the action. But does online engagement also facilitate deep learning? They all believe in deep learning online and each has a different angle in responding to our question.

6 Tips To Create Customized Online Training Content For Your Corporate Learners


Are your employees looking for online training courses that meet their individual needs? Do you need to provide them with targeted online training resources and activities to help them improve their job performance? If so, then customized online training is your best bet.

Re-Energize Online Learning for Members

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If you have been providing continuing education programs or professional development training via your website or learning management system, but your members don’t seem to be interested in the training you are offering, how can you re-energize online learning for members?

Lectora Online: 5 Reasons to Use the Online Tool

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Lectora Online , on the other hand, is a web-based/cloud-based authoring tool that allows you to craft e-learning courses in the cloud. A cloud-based authoring tool means that you don’t have to rely on your personal computer every time you want to create online learning courses.

How to Create and Distribute a Responsive Online Course


Today, people are keen to learn new things through online training courses. The reason behind that is online training courses are readily available, accessible and compatible with any device you are using. How to Create a Responsive Online Course?

ROE Tips for Your Association’s Online Community

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Your Association’s online community is where your members can engage with not only each other but with your association’s resources. I recently reached out to Andy for his return on engagement (ROE) tips for association’s online communities. Many of the ideas presented in 10 Ways to Engage Members in Your Online Community are still extremely relevant. With those in mind, I decided to compile a few of my own ideas on engaging members in your online community.

9 Ways to Increase Online Student Engagement

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Online learning presents additional challenges. Online students must have the motivation and discipline to work in isolation. A lack of face-to-face accountability makes it easier for an online student to give up without anyone noticing. An online course that merely provides information is no better than any other in today’s competitive lifelong learning market. 1 – Prepare students for the online learning experience.

How to Boost eLearning Productivity with 10 EdTech Online Tools

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At the moment, she is working on her first eBook dedicated to online learning. Online learning requires commitment and planning; otherwise it may turn into a struggling project that wastes your time without providing successful results. Online Studying Tools.

Online Learning for Career Progression


Online learning is an important tool to further your career and gain new skills that enable you to climb the corporate ladder within your current organization. Read on to learn more about how your organization can maximize professional online learning. Become acquainted with the online learning environment. Learning online is not taking the easy road. When taken seriously by committed students, online courses simply offer the convenience that traditional study may not.

What Employees Love in Online Training Courses


But, with a powerful online employee training software solution and a bit of creativity, all of this could turn around. In comparison to such an approach, online courses promise utmost accessibility. If it functions in offline mode as well, even better!

11 Differences between a MOOC and an Online Course

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I love this definition of MOOCs by Ignatia Inge deWaard in her e-book, MOOC Yourself: “A MOOC is a non-defined pedagogical format to organize learning /teaching/training on a specific topic in an informal, online, and collaborative way.” This captures the key essence of a MOOC highlighting the key differentiators between a MOOC and an online course. Here are some of my thoughts: Unlike an online course which focuses more on content, MOOCs focus more on context.

How to succeed with online learning for colleges and universities

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If you are a bricks and mortar college or university, you may be considering offering online courses. When you ask folks what was the first 100% online university most will say the University of Phoenix. The first was Jones International, which also was the first accredited online university. After Jones International, the number of “for-profit” online universities started to pop up everywhere. Research on online universities.

Online training best practices


Online learning can offer a wide range of benefits. Here are just a few of the best practices of online training which help to better facilitate the elearning process. Teachers and elearning establishments should encourage a strong sense of community amongst their online students.

4 Online Video Tips for Manufacturers

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Did you know that 78% of people watch videos online every week already, and it is predicted that by 2018, video will take up 79% of all consumer Internet traffic? So, it’s no surprise that many organizations across industries are increasingly capitalizing on the power of online video – and this includes manufacturing companies. 90% of industrial buyers research suppliers online, and only 34% of manufacturers say that offline promotion is effective.

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What does a facilitator of an online learning trajectory do?

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I'm helping different people to facilitate online trajectories. It's always funny to see that people who are experienced facilitators face-to-face are so scared for an online process. And then suddenly they see they can use the same basic facilitation skills online. Somehow online, participation seems lower because the people who are reading with attention are not visible. The online facilitator has various tasks, ranging from technical to social.

Online 104

The gradebook module


For all the columns that refer to an online activity we can fetch directly the data from the lesson. For offline activities we have to manually add the scores.

Read This! Before Choosing an LMS For Multi-Platform Online Courses


So, the online courses created should not only support these delivery platforms, but also pack the same punch as that of desktop eLearning experience. Use the tips enlisted before you choose an LMS for your multi-platform online courses. Check if the LMS allows offline access.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Theories and Models Of and For Online Learning" (First Monday)

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