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Overcoming the Objection: 3D Virtual Worlds Look Too Much Like a Game

Kapp Notes

Here is her advice when someone says that 3D worlds look too much like a game. For many business users, their experience with virtual worlds has been as consumers- they, or their children, have used game platforms, either on line or on machines in their homes. An avatar can be created, dressed and can come in-world.

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An Introduction to Scenario-Based Learning

InSync Training

Training Industry Webcast Recap. In the virtual classroom, all the EdTech bells and whistles in the world will not replace good old-fashioned relevance. Adult Learning Principles tell us that adults learn best when they believe information relates to their responsibilities.


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Blended Learning: Not your Mother’s, Grandmother’s, or Possibly Even Older Sibling’s Training

Association eLearning

Create “how-to” webcasts or videos, using programs like Camtasia or Jing and upload them to YouTube. Try online virtual classrooms or worlds, such as Second Life. Leverage online chat or messaging capabilities for access to experts. Use audio/video conferencing for regular check-ins.

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Is hybrid learning a better way of instruction than traditional classrooms?   

Creativ Technologies

There are a lot of advantages of this kind of learning which are: Better way of learning: Schools all over the world have shifted to this way of teaching. They can talk with their classmates to have conversations and work virtually on presentations. Teachers must plan more in a hybrid learning model.

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What is cybersecurity and how to implement it?

Creativ Technologies

It’s better that you have virtual meetings to teach about cybersecurity. When there is a virtual seminar, employees can also put up their questions. Cybersecurity training is a problem because the employees are located in different parts of the world. It’s better that you have virtual meetings to teach about cybersecurity.

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Synchronous Learning: Advantages & Disadvantages


In the business world, with many employees working from home, companies have also had to adapt their traditional synchronous training to online synchronous models. The post Synchronous Learning: Advantages & Disadvantages appeared first on ELM.

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What is crowd-accelerated learning?

Origin Learning

Technology advancements, latest gadgets, and emerging concepts in the world of business are making organizations look at newer methods of skills training and imparting impactful development lessons. The script of learning is changing rapidly. Self-taught and web-taught are words that are finding a growing resonance!