Answering Some Virtual World Questions

Kapp Notes

The metrics or measurements we need to use in 3D virtual immersive environments must be the same we use in physical environments. We must tie virtual world training events to real world outcomes and that requires pre- and post-test measuring with a comparison to gage impact of the 3D virtual world intervention. We can’t use paper and pencil assessment to measure virtual world outcomes, instead we must.

Engaging Participants 4: Virtual Engagement

Your Training Edge

Most organizations have turned to various forms of online and virtual training because it is cost effective, it reaches a wide audience, and it serves many generations of learners. And for audio learners, the option of hearing a voice is always a good one.

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Chatbots and Virtual Assistants in L&D: 4 Use Cases to Pilot in 2018

Bottom-Line Performance

When I say AI, I’m not talking about killer robots taking over the world. The big barrier preventing L&D from adopting learning approaches driven by machine learning will be figuring out what data matters and how to collect it at scale from diverse sources.

Day 4: Tone of voice, style and character

Good To Great

It doesn’t have to mean virtual world style characters; many of the same benefits can be achieved simply through adding photographs of narrators or characters, for example. So how do you make your course’s voice more conversational?

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8 Scary and Uncomfortable Reasons for the Growth of Virtual Worlds

Kapp Notes

While I think there are many legitimate reasons why an organization should partake in virtual immersive environments (VIEs) for learning and collaboration, there are also some "less-than-comfortable" reasons organizations are leaning in this direction. They are looking for safer alternatives to meeting face-to-face and virtual worlds is an option. Come on, a disembodied voice with endless PowerPoint slides.any alternative has to be better.right.

Learning on the Job in a SaaS-Driven World

Origin Learning

Virtualization and cloud-based services have well and truly made setting up IT firms easier. The stats make it quite evident that SaaS-based companies are going to see an upward swing as more organizations adopt SaaS based products to cut down on costs and maintenance overheads.

Virtual Instructors: Almost as Good as the Real Thing

CLO Magazine

Virtual instructor-led training enables organizations to spend less per learner while delivering more training to more people. Virtual training allows for obvious cost savings. VILT establishes a protocol for how people connect by adding valuable voice, video and presentation elements.

The 5 habits of master virtual trainers


Virtual training is a wonderful career option for digital nomads, who prefer to work while traveling and getting to know what the world has to offer. Master virtual trainers adopt five habits that might be useful to you too. Pleasant voice.

Future of Virtual 3D Environments for Learning

Tony Karrer

Do you think these have a great future in the world of learning for adults?" The basic point of the article is that despite not hearing as much about Second Life and other virtual worlds, a lot is happening where you can’t see it. My personal experience with Second Life is that there's something really compelling about conducting meetings and events in virtual worlds. I think this changes the adoption dynamic entirely.

What Google and Microsoft are Up To in AR and VR?


The AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) immersive technologies play a big role in swaying decisions in your brand’s favor. Read Also: 3 technologies race to again: AR, AI, and Voice-First ). Stay tuned as we bring in more details about updates in the world of AR and VR.

Artificial Intelligence And How It’s Changing E-Learning

Your Training Edge

Thanks to AI, the academic world has become more personalized, thus changing the way of e-learning. Read on to find how AI is changing the world of education for the better. Besides being an active blogger, he loves to travel around the world.

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Build a better flipchart and the world will beat a path…

The Learning Circuits

Alice herself had other things to do than dream of the world on the other side of the looking glass. We are (at least for others) our voice. ODEO - absolutely free of charge - allows anyone to communicate with voice or already recorded audio to selected people (e.g.

Over the Horizon.

Learning with e's

The recent Horizon Report attempts to set the scene for the wide adoption of new technologies into teaching. One of their predictions is that time-to-adoption of virtual worlds will be 2-3 years. Sloodle , a mashup between Second life and Moodle , and most recently, ' Voice in SL ' have been launched to the consternation of some and the delight of many others. Tags: Sloodle Second Life education virtual worlds learning

xAPI xAPRIL: Celebrating 5 Years of the Experience API


Join us as we celebrate xAPI xAPRIL and recognize five years of the Experience API—including free resources, real-world xAPI case studies, and prizes! s xAPI adoption mean for L&D? Why Don’t I Hear about More xAPI Adoption?

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My 5 Favorite Holiday Movies and What I Learned


Kevin easily adapts to unexpected situations, openly voices his thoughts and feelings, hurries to help, respects other people and values friendship. Elf ” is a 2003 comedy that centers on Buddy, a human who was adopted and raised by Santa’s elves. Let’s talk about me.

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Motion Based Learning: A Modern Turn On Game-Based Learning


Special needs of different trainees can also be understood by motion-sensing through gestures or voice recognition. Induction programs could also benefit from motion-based learning through a virtual exploration of the organization or orientation for a foreign location.

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Innovation at Work


Innovation has been a corporate buzz word over the past several years and, in the Learning and Development (L&D) world, it has become a hallmark of cutting edge companies. Our AR solutions can give employees step-by-step directions and guidance as the navigate real world situations.

Free L&D webinars for March 2020

Limestone Learning

Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 9AM – 10AM PT: Becoming a Virtual Trainer Is a Hero’s Journey The path to becoming a virtual trainer is a hero’s journey, one filled with adventure, challenges, disappointments, excitement, determination, and great success and achievement.

3 Topics for Medical Society Execs to Watch

Web Courseworks

We turn to the American Association of Medical Society Executives to learn from leaders in this space and hear their experiences adopting to change. You will also hear about current and planned provisions like “virtual groups” in the QPP intended to help solo and small group practices.

7 Tips To Use Serious Games To Resolve Workplace Conflicts And Facilitate Team Building

EI Design

A world where a version of yourself can roleplay, practice skills or take a risk is a liberating prospect. As virtual teams become the norm, members can “meet” in serious games. Changing your approach as a result, and then succeeding; that will transfer into the real world.

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How to Accelerate Sales Productivity for Financial Services


Using Allego, our sales, marketing, and product leadership created the agenda for idea-sharing and dispersed it virtually via the tool to facilitate collaboration and learning. If you have a myriad of voices singing different lyrics to the same tune, you run the risk of cacophony.

2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

Talented Learning

Virtual classrooms. Adoption of productized integrations will accelerate rapidly as organizations abandon the concept of custom integrations. The business world already has systems that track all that. Lessons learned from real-world programs. New year. New decade.

Finding Influences in Unexpected Places: Top Design Trends for 2019

HT2 Labs

As learning designers, we often look to the worlds of web or graphic design for inspiration. This will allow us to dive to the depths of what trends are taking off in the design world and interpret what works in those areas to create great learning experiences.

Top eLearning Trends Of 2017 So Far


In this and previous years, many voices in the world of online training have predicted a rise in Virtual Reality as a learning tool. But the reality may be that virtually every company in the world can’t afford to develop something as ambitious as VR training!

Best Practices for Creating Engaging Microlearning Content

Hurix Digital

In a fast-paced, digital world, it is bite-sized information that matters. And so, enterprises are now adopting microlearning content as a means to impart training to their employees and also to provide the information they need in a fraction of time.

Headed to DevLearn? 8 Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

Knowledge Guru

You’ll also learn how to use UX as the overall framework for any engagement technique you adopt. Many instructional designers and trainers are stuck in the rut of event-driven learning, whether that means eLearning courses, face-to-face sessions, or virtual training sessions.

Training Millennials: Engaging Gen Y in Training 

Growth Engineering

Millennials – Early Adopters. The important thing to note is that they’re not doing things differently just to be contrary – they’re just early adopters. The first step to meeting the changing demands of the workforce is to understanding how they relate to the world.

Train 101

The Sound of Silence | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

If you had to choose an eLearning provider solely on the basis of samples, and one gave you a module with just text, and the other gave you a module with text and a voice-over provided by professional talent, you’d be likely to think the latter represented the better product.

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Free L&D webinars for July 2019

Limestone Learning

Top organizations are embracing coaching as an integral part of leadership performance, and in response, the Goleman EI team has launched new training strategies with executive coaches from around the world. Adopt best-in-class experiential exercises to reinforce team dynamics.

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Twitter as Social Learning: Seven Ways to Facilitate the Exchange.

Dashe & Thomson

Although Twitter has a relatively small user base (approximately 200 million users compared to Facebook’s 600 million), these are your early adopters, your super-users, your friends that seem to know a little about everything and your friends that know absolutely everybody.

The big digital learning trends for 2019, according to the experts


Trends: Virtual Classrooms will get a new dawn, as humans are needed to prop the rise in digital. This is in contrast to digital content generally (videos, infographics, articles, animations, quizzes, scenarios) which have changed the world – just not the world of work.”

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ET and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Numerous schools around the world have used/are using Kinect technology in the classroom. Beyond just the whole virtual world experience, you can use Kinect technology with Leap Motion technology (more on that in a sec.). I’m a major early adopter. Voice Recognition.

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Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

eLearning 24-7

Backup your computer’s hard drive – used by early adopters, but the general mass wasn’t using it for this reason. Virtual Desktops. Virtual desktops not only mimic a desktop on a cpu, but they include such things as a calendar, clock, media player, wallpaper background, desktop icons, online storage, word processing, high file size upload (some go up to 150mb per file) and e-mail. Text to Speech, Automatic Voice Recognition, Audio Social Learning.


Harnessing the Power of Data for Disaster Relief

General Assembly

New Light Technologies Enlists General Assembly Students to Ideate Solutions for FEMA and the World Bank. Data is the engine driving today’s digital world. to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

10 E-learning influencers to watch in 2018


You might find at least one voice that is not only worth following but actually inspirational. He is a world-renowned e-learning expert, industry analyst and speaker, always taking the pulse of the industry.

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