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10 Training Tracking Tool Options To Boost Team Learning


If you’re in the market for a new learning software provider, a training tracking tool is a must. We’ve broken these out into categories to more easily digest which of these training tracking tools is the best fit. Track assigned and completed courses. Analytic functionality.

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3 Things to Know About eLearning Measurement and Tracking (And 5 Ways It Makes Content Better)

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Measurement and tracking eLearning isn’t just a bit of housekeeping to do at the end of your digital learning process. How to Use Measurement and Tracking to Inform Future Content. Getting to Grips With xAPI and SCORM Course Tracking. Blog measurement tracking

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Learning Analytics: Data Evaluation Complexity


Last week, we saw that Data Evaluation is by far and away the most common complexity level of Learning Analytics we observed in our research study. Within this complexity, we found 16 types of analysis represented, which we’ve bundled into three headings and will explore in this blog post.

From intuition to knowing for sure: a case of applying learning analytics at course level

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The value of these data is in analyzing and interpreting: what we call learning analytics. We recently experienced the power of learning analytics and gladly share this experience with you. Intuitively we felt that we were on the right track with this online learning program.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

How it’s Viewed7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pages Interactive8 The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud9 Translate Your Learning into Hundreds of Languages10 Track and Analyze Exactly how. concepts they have learned so far • Create scoring for a course and provide. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Why Use Digital Body Language And Learning Analytics?

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The potential of learning analytics to enable smart learning remains a non-investigated concept. In this article, I discuss digital body language and learning analytics. Digital Body Language And Learning Analytics. These can be used to score the learning strategy. But, how can we report, record, or track data at a micro-level? This gives rise to the question of how are we going to track our course without LMS?

Learning Analytics Categories [UPDATED]


We’ve introduced our Learning Analytics Research Study and explained how learning categories are split into dimensions. What are the categories of learning analytics? As you may recall, our Learning Analytics Triangle is comprised of the following categories: 1) Learner Analytics.

Tracking Without an LMS

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I received a couple of questions around tracking. Then today, I saw a post on TrDev about tracking without an LMS and thought I should maybe clarify what I often see as the choices around tracking: a. Click tracking b. Custom tracking c. LMS tracking Click Tracking In Click Tracking, you rely on looking at logs of what pages have been clicked on and get reports via log file analysis (web analytics) tools such as WebTrends.

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Effectus LMS For effective Employee Training Management and Tracking

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It has features like discussion boards, file sharing, virtual chats, blog, and wikis. Analytics and Reports. Effectus LMS has excellent tracking capabilities, you can effectively track online and classroom training activities. The scores of each attempt are also tracked.

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LMS reports: 7 Tips to track skill development with an LMS


LMS reports: How to track skill development with a Learning Management System. Here are 7 tips to track skill growth with the help of LMS reports. Thus, they are the ideal progress tracking tool that allows you to monitor individual skill growth.

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The Shape of Global Workplace Learning 2020: An Interview with Sriraj Mallick, President, Infopro Learning

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The move to have intelligent analytics and metrics around learning impact is something that has been coming up for the last few years. Is the training program improving sales, customer service or the net promoter score? Blog Learning Experience

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The ROI of eLearning: How to measure the success of your training program


Without a proven track record for bringing in the promised business revenues, retaining customer loyalty and offering strong value propositions, a training provider might as well close up shop. Can you show us some screenshots of these analytics?”

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7 Ways To Use LMS Metrics To Create More Targeted eLearning Resources


But is there any way for you to use these analytics to improve your online training strategy? The analytics gathered by our phones, apps, and browsers help big business, but they help us too. Another form of accessing analytics is the web browser.

Adaptive eLearning in Corporate Space – Opportunities and Challenges


Analytics of user actions and responses, which determines user’s strong and weak areas, and modifies the learning path and instructional model accordingly and/or provide necessary feedback at the right time. Blog e-Learning LMS New Ideas Adaptive elearning Corporate Learning elearning

gomo’s Enhanced xAPI Reporting Feature

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While gomo already offers built-in xAPI reporting dashboards , gomo’s Enhanced xAPI Reporting feature provides more granular-level tracking and in-depth reporting on question data. It also works well with xAPI-conformant learning record stores and learning analytics platforms (LRSs and LAPs).

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Why are we still talking xAPI?


Whether from a 10-minute Youtube video, to full laid out courses, coaching, blogs, etc. With this easy access, you are able to track learner’s performance, analyze and personalize future learning content to be more focused and easier to imbibe. Analytics.

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eLearning Authoring Tools + xAPI = A Love Story

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In this blog post from Customer Success Manager, Simon Waldram, we look at the love affair between xAPI and authoring tools, and detail four ways an authoring tool can use xAPI to drive learning value. For instance, xAPI tracks launches, question interactions, passes/fails, and more.

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Making A Big Impact: Top Corporate Training Innovations for 2018

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It typically encompasses qualitative feedback (rather than scores) for both the learner and instructor and focuses on the details of the content and performance. The term “Big Data” tends to refer to the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics, or certain advanced data analytics methods that extract value from very large sets of data. These learning analytics tools can be used in real-time or at the end of the learning session.



A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that allows a company, school, or organization to administer, document, track, and report on the delivery of educational courses and training programs. Social Learning (Wikis, Blogs, Reviews, Comments, Mentoring/Coaching). •. ?.


The tech behind LXP de-mystified

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Most people who own and operate a learning management system (LMS) will know at least a little about SCORM, the open technology standard that enables an LMS to package and track elearning modules. They can do many tasks, such as curating and aggregating content, creating learning and career pathways, enabling networking, enhancing skill development, and tracking learning activities delivered via multiple channels and content partners.’.

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Gamification Tools Winning Sales Teams Use

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If a sales parameter can be tracked, it can be turned into a competitive aspect with Compete! The next step is to track their performance and ultimately convert it into points. If you want a gamification tool for measuring overall score of your employees, Ambition is the right solution.

7 Must-Have Features For Your SMB Learning Management System

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Tracking And Analytics. Tracking is the simplest way to monitor their progress and performance. Having a tracking feature can also help you track which employees are on top of their online training, even if they are thousands of miles away meeting with a client.

4 NextGen Gamification Solutions To Enhance Your Corporate Training

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Scores: These help learners get a feeling of achievement and as they view other’s scores, it brings in healthy competition. Leaderboards: These are the analytics elements that give learners a clear view of their own progress as well as how they are performing against others. To provide real-time tracking of the learner’s performance. Blog eLearning Gamification blog Corporate Training gamification gamification in learning

Gamification Use Case: How To Offset Employee Disengagement With A Gamified Learning Portal Approach

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Scores (accomplishment and gratification). Leaderboards (for analytics). Blog eLearning Gamification blog gamification gamification in learning Gamified eLearning Assessment

Get Data Smart: How to Measure Effectiveness Using Learner Engagement Metrics

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This blog post explores how, with a little planning, you can link learner engagement in content generated by colleagues to an improvement in their critical performance behaviors—providing you with the data you need to demonstrate the value of social learning.

How Digital Learning Became Connected Learning

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A key value that these delivery systems gave us, however, was the first sets of data associated with their use by learners—albeit often limited to a relatively small set of factors such as completion rates, assessment scores or time spent learning.

IoT/ Internet of Things and Its Application


By helping in manufacturing, administration, and tracking of both medical devices and medicines, RFID can help in reducing public health difficulties. Tracking and alerts.

Experience Matters MOOC for Learning Experience Design: Making Sense of Week 3

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If you’re still confused, think of xAPI statements as a log of a user’s learning activity which, not only enables you to track their progress, but also allows different systems to communicate this learning data securely and efficiently so that you can start understanding what this data really means. Below we have the key learning points of our data and analytics themed levels of the MOOC, as well as the resources that aid deeper understanding. Join the MOOC here: [link].

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What Defines an Ideal Learning Management System?

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In our blog post today, we will look at the key features that an ideal LMS should possess. Be it the ability to track informal learning, a dedicated mobile app, or integrating existing eLearning, cloud-based or on-premise hosting; every LMS provider is looking to innovate.

Making A Big Impact: Top Corporate Training Innovations for 2018

Time to Know

It typically encompasses qualitative feedback (rather than scores) for both the learner and instructor and focuses on the details of the content and performance. The term “Big Data” tends to refer to the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics, or certain advanced data analytics methods that extract value from very large sets of data. These learning analytics tools can be used in real-time or at the end of the learning session.

The Top 7 Microlearning Examples in Everyday Life


This is a follow up to one of our most popular blog posts, The Top 10 Gamification Examples in Everyday Life. There is a reason that mLevel has a robust analytics platform. Users are given scores and a pass or fail grade. The Top 10 Microlearning Examples in Everyday Life.

How to Build an Online Learning Program with a Limited Budget

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Track their interests by examining: Conference session and webinar attendance. Website and blog analytics. Track learner participation. Which are getting the highest evaluation scores? In addition to reviewing analytics, gather feedback from learners.

Advantages of WordPress over Moodle


It has enabled organizations of all sizes to deliver and track learning to (likely) millions of people across the globe. Patrick was kind enough to write-up his opinion on the matter and allow me to post it here on the LearnDash blog. While both are content management systems, Moodle has added features that allows for tracking and scoring of content, something that WordPress was unable to do until the LearnDash project started.

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Leaderboard feature coming soon

Ed App

Whether it’s dealing with individuals, user groups or collections of groups, this addition to EdApp’s gamification feature-set will drive learners to higher scores when performing their training. Leaderboard: Analytics.

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4 examples of using xAPI for more effective learning


In this blog we take a closer look at what xAPI is and share some real-world examples of xAPI in action. The Experience API, commonly referred to as xAPI or Tin-Can enables the recording, tracking, personalizing and improving of learning activity, both on and offline.

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