10 PPT to SCORM Converters

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PPT to SCORM converters allows users to input their old PowerPoint files and transform them into more modern, useful SCORM content that is easier to distribute as learning content. It is important to utilize PPT to SCORM converters as they often have added features that make it convenient for learners to access and understand the content. PPT to SCORM Converter #1 – EdApp. PPT to SCORM Converter #2 – isEazy. PPT to SCORM Converter #4 – Scormify.

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How to Stop Worrying About a Jobless Future? An article from Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy


We also need to rethink the way training has traditionally been delivered – and we have to ask ourselves if it is realistic to expect people who work remotely and anytime, to stop everything and sit in front of a trainer with a PPT and a laser pointer for eight solid hours. This article has been originally published in Bdaily Business News. It has been written by Jean-Marc Tassetto , co-founder of Coorpacademy. To read it in its original form, it’s here.

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Why acquiring soft skills is not as hard as you think – an article from Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy, in RealBusiness


Millennials especially, find traditional workplace PPT-driven instruction or traditional e-learning courses too uninspiring. Bdaily Business News Let’s welcome a new dawn of behavioural learning analytics – TrainingZone The post Why acquiring soft skills is not as hard as you think – an article from Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy, in RealBusiness appeared first on Coorpacademy.

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10 Best eLearning Development Companies


Insightful reports & analytics. Learner analytics. PPT to SCORM package conversion. Top eLearning companies provide great service to training companies, enterprises, and training managers with their eLearning development solutions.

Personalization: The Secret Ingredient of eLearning Success


With a personalized learning, the instructors are aware of the problem areas of the students (thanks to advanced analytics and reporting ) which helps them coach students better. Similarly, some learn faster by watching a video, many prefer a PDF file or a PPT.

10 LMS Systems

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With LMS systems, you’ll have access to management features, such as authoring tools, engagement tools, analytics dashboards, and many more. . To track the effectiveness of your training programs, EdApp provides you with an analytics dashboard that includes actionable reports.

Virtual Reality: It’s The Time To Take Your Business To The Next Level


Data analytics. Traditional training programs do not provide real data such as on, completing a written document or PPT slide. All this analytical data allows Human Resources department and supervisors to analyze learners’ performance and improve their knowledge competency. From touchscreen mobile devices to real-world experiences, virtual reality has paved a new way of working and collaborating across the enterprise.

10 MLearning Training Portals

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You can use this training management software to create interactive lessons using text, graphics, videos, and even quizzes instead of only forwarding them PDF or PPT copies of training modules. Features: Real-time analytics. Analytics & reporting.

10 Training Evaluation Tools

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With its analytics and multiple data points, you’ll be able to see the highest and lowest performing courses and users, both on a group and individual level. Rapid Refresh Quiz maker – Create quizzes with an easy-to-complete spreadsheet and have access to timely analytics.

EdCast vs Degreed vs Fuse – The Analysis

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Show Content (PPT, Video, other) during session. Analytics and Segmentation. Each of the systems offer BI tool integration and EdCast and Fuse offer a very nice set of analytics and data visualization with segementation. Fuse refers to it as Universal Analytics.

How to Enable Personalized and Adaptive Learning in K-12 Education

Hurix Digital

Teachers may upload different types of content, including PDF, PPT, video, audio, eBook, documents, etc., Advanced analytics makes it easy for the management to check students’ progress and modulate the training program. .

An LMS for manufacturing will bring power to your workforce


Inability to carry out advanced analytics to understand the effectiveness of training results. They got all the default features like defined admin roles, user and course management, reports, quizzes analytics, gamification, social wall, interactive video, learning paths, among others. Under the Mobile App designed especially for the manufacturing industry, users can take some activities and files, online and offline, view word, pdf, ppt files, and download courses.

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PowerPoint: Sites for Slide Sharing (Say that 5 Times Fast)

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

To use any sort of advanced functionality (like analytics, capturing leads, or adjusting privacy), you'll need to pay for it. After uploading your presentation, you can edit settings, share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, download as either a Flash or a PPT file, or convert to a video. authorSTREAM does have basic analytic tools to track views, as well as an available presentation transcript.

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Top 50 Learning System Rankings (#39-#21)

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Reporting, Analytics are wins, e-commerce is outstanding. #37 Big wins exist in analytical data and reporting including KPIs and heat maps. Mobile native apps include functionality for managers and instructors; for managers big wins include monitoring employees and their courses, communicating with employees, checking analytics, running reports. Watershed LRS is built into the system, a major victory for metrics and analytics. #25 Analytics and reporting is very good.

10 Micro Learning Tools

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If you have old PowerPoint slide decks on hand, you can take advantage of its rapid PPT converter tool. PPT converter tool. Learnie is essentially a free app for everyone, but if you’re an enterprise, you can have access to private spaces, analytics, and more upon subscription to a paid version. . This platform can also help you track learning progress through an analytics dashboard and proficiency heatmaps.

10 Online Training Platforms

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What’s more, this online training platform is built with an advanced analytics suite that helps you track the learning progress of your employees. Highlights: Template-driven authoring tool, comprehensive microlearning courses, advanced analytics suite.

10 Elearning Development Tools

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The real-time analytics dashboard of this eLearning authoring tool can also be used to monitor employee performance and uncover social learning trends. It integrates skill analytics that gives you a holistic and measurable view of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

CourseMill vs Docebo LMS: Find out which tool is better?


Educators can upload and share training materials in a range of formats including PPT, video, SCORM, and Tin Can files. With robust reporting and analytics, CourseMill offers a variety of reports to measure learner’s progress.

Docebo vs Cornerstone: Find out which tool is better?


Users can upload and share training materials such as PDF, PPT, Tin Can, Video, and SCORM files. . . Additionally, there’s also an option to provide certification to ensure compliance and use analytics to monitor engagement. . . Introduction.

Docebo vs Moodle: Find out which tool is better?


Users can upload and share training materials such as PDF, PPT, Tin Can, Video, and SCORM files. Moodle Analytics provides analytical data regarding the learner’s progress based on the current behavior and historical data. Introduction.

KITABOO – Enables Uninterrupted Education with Online eBooks


Doc,pdf,xls,ppt,txt,rtf,pps,html,htm,docx,xlsx,pptx,zip,sme,ggb,accdb are the different file formats that can be used to foster student learning using KITABOO. . In-depth analytics to understand learning behaviors. KITABOO provides in-depth analytics about eBook consumption.

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Solving Real Problems with Learning Technologies [Webinar Q&A]

gomo learning

If you use gomo hosting, you get dual tracking, SCORM in your LMS, xAPI analytics in gomo. PPT slides are not optimized for mobile devices, whereas content created in gomo displays accurately and beautifully on all devices.

TechKnowledge 2012 – Post Assessment

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For PPT lovers, you can synch video files with PPT with drag and drop. We also provide some reports and some analytics” Me: “Okay, you are an online authoring system” Him: “No. “ Him: “Only ours” Me: “Okay, you can create your courses with your SaaS tool, upload them into your system – and only your courses built with Brainshark, you have some reports and analytics.” Last week, I attended TK 2012 in Las Vegas.

Top 10 E learning LMS

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You can also import your own courses from PPT files if you already have them, or import courses from the course library and then modify them to meet your needs. It also keeps track of vast amounts of student data to create analytics and view learner progress. What is an E Learning LMS?

10 LMS for Nonprofits

Ed App

EdApp’s automated analytics suite can instantly provide you with an overview of your learners’ performance as well as identify users who are lagging. Highlights : SCORM compliant authoring tool, editable training materials, branding options, automated analytics suite. The analytics will help you identify whether or not their courses are working well for them, and if there’s anyone who is currently falling behind. .

10 Digital Learning Platforms

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You can also keep your team engaged by mixing these formats – instructor-led training and assessments with self-paced courses or video and PPT with quizzes. 360Learning is a digital learning platform designed with an authoring tool, a content integration system, and an analytics dashboard.

10 Training Management Software

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Analytics. You may use this training management software to create interactive lessons using text, graphics, videos, and even quizzes instead of only forwarding them PDF or PPT copies of training modules. It also includes analytics for monitoring the performance of your sales staff.

Product Review: Microsoft Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint 2013

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On the plus side if you have it, it will work with both 32 bit and PPT 2013 and 64 bit and PPT 2013. You can still add transitions and everything else that exists in PPT while creating your mix. Below your slide screen you will see a https:// link – this is the link to share with others and by doing so you can now track who views it along with some additional analytics. Analytics.

4 Best Dropbox Enterprise Alternatives (An In-Depth Comparison)


Content usage analytics. This also benefited GBT because the HTML experience seen by clients during the demo and an on-brand presentation made more impact than putting together some information on a PPT and presenting it. Content usage analytics.

10 Litmos Alternatives

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Through its learner analytics, you can make data-driven decisions by looking into populated demographics to learner trends and determine where learners are finding challenges with. Analytics suite. If needed, you can also add PDFs, Word, PPT, and other files to your course content and make them downloadable for self-paced learning. We’ve created a list of Litmos alternatives to help you create, manage, and deploy training more efficiently.

10 Tools for Corporate Trainers

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The analytics will show you the outcomes, and you can use them to develop training and other initiatives to improve your employees’ performance. Analytics. Training will always be a worthwhile investment to develop your employee’s knowledge and expertise in their roles.

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10 Onboarding Software

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Analytics. Instead of sending them PDF or PPT files of training courses, you can use this onboarding software to build interactive content with images, videos, and assessments. Analytics.

E-learning: A simpler approach, please?


In e-learning, we never progressed beyond the SCORM view of the world and that dominant PPT metaphor. Likewise, you cannot get detailed analytics unless you know xAPI, which is again another coding skill.


10 Corporate Learning Sites

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Aside from helping increase learner engagement , it also supports training managers in streamlining tasks and deploying training programs more efficiently through their authoring, course management, and analytics tools.

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Strengthening The Frontline Squad – Complete Guide For Frontline Workforce Development


On the second day, s/he can go through PPT to understand the customers and the common pain points. Through deep analytics like productivity score and skill score, you can determine the time-to-productivity of the frontline and take real-time actions to reduce it. “Hi, Good Morning.

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10 Scorm Creator Software

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In case you have non-SCORM training content in video, PPT, and PDF, there’s no need to worry! Highlights : Learning paths, native authoring tool, video role-playing, analytics and insights.

2014 Authoring Tools – State of Affairs

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Use of PowerPoint in rapid content authoring tools – this has been a big irritant of mine, since the days when PPT first made its appearance in rapid content authoring tools. Some vendors use chapter-page approach with PPT, but there are plenty who do not (why?). Studio always has done a great job with their PPT integration because they use the right terminology, and offer a TOC, offering non-linear for those that want it.

10 Corporate E Learning Solutions

Ed App

Using materials that have been part of a previous training is a breeze thanks to the integrations with other platforms, the PPT conversion tool , and the ability to upload multimedia resources.

A Conversation with Reuben Tozman

Kapp Notes

Legacy content includes PPT files that are broken up and tagged slide by slide, Microsoft Word documents that can be tagged at the paragraph, image or even word level, images, videos, PDF’s and flash assets. So the impact of semantic web technologies and cloud computing doesn’t only impact the learning materials and the model for learning, but clearly affects the analytics around learning as well.

10 Docebo Alternatives

Ed App

Similar to Docebo, EdApp also offers an automated analytics suite to help you track your learners and measure the impact of your training programs. Key features: Intuitive authoring tool, interactive elements, Canva integration, expansive content library, editable microlearning courses, automated analytics suite. Some of their expertise include content authoring, which supports various file formats like photos, videos, PDF, and PPT. Are you looking for Docebo alternatives?