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A Lesson Plan for eLearning

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Thanks @hjarche for sharing @AnnaMuoio ‘s 2000 @FastCompany article @Cisco ‘s Quick Study: A #LessonPlan for #eLearning [link]. A version of this article appeared in the October 2000 issue of Fast Company magazine written by @AnnaMuoio. A Lesson Plan for eLearning.

Lesson 164

College Students Take a Swing at Running a Baseball Team

CLO Magazine

Before purchasing the team, the university already had an internship program with the baseball team until it ceased operations in 2015. Another aspect of this crucible environment, the small class size also means that more positions will need to be multitasked in order to achieve their goals.

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Focus on Millennial Learners to Benefit Members of All Ages

WBT Systems

There are countless articles describing how we need to change the way we deliver learning to attract and engage millennial learners, but many of these articles seem to forget that organizations must deliver learning to learners across multiple generational groups.

The Rise of the Consumerization of Learning


One of the core failings of business training is that it has for too long ignored the lessons of adult learning theory. A Multitasking, Multi-screening Learner. By offering learners the opportunity to read short articles, engage in an online reflective activity, complete a self-assessment, watch a video, or any other self-directed activity, they are already engaged and informed when they come to a live session.

10Q: Cathy N. Davidson

Learning with e's

In today's article, Cathy responds to my 10Q interview questions: Who are you? They argue that multitasking is making us inefficient, distracted, shallow, lonely, incapable of reading long or deep works, unable to memorize anything any more. Cathy N.

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