Possibilities of Augmented Reality in Digital Publishing

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Pokemon Go can arguably be considered the first augmented reality (AR) experience we have had via mobile phones. Take the example of the classic children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which has been converted into an AR-driven app that allows children to see the creature amidst their things and into their world. Publishers today are adding life to the pages of books by adding interactive experiences with the help of AR and VR (virtual reality).



In fact, I’d argue any content can be converted to the comic medium! Yes, I believe any content can be converted into an instructional comic, but as you mentioned in your first question, “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”. KEVIN THORN - CRYSTAL BALLING WITH LEARNNOVATORS.


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Top Posts from August - Augmented Reality - Social Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

Don’t Convert! Augmented Reality (12). AR mobile quest part 1: first steps taken for mobile augmented reality with Android phone , August 2, 2010. Augmented Reality App from the Museum of London , August 27, 2010. August was a little quiet in terms of traffic numbers and vacations, but there were some really great posts you may have missed during vacation. I know I did.

Developing A Layar Application

Upside Learning

This link will help you in converting to required format. Related posts: Augmented Reality – Upside Pune Layar eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #12 Google Goggles and Mobile Learning. Tags: Future Learning Innovation Mobile Learning augmented reality Augmented Reality App Developing A Layar Application Layar Application Layar Browser We believe Layar , the AR browser can have a significant role to play in mobile learning.

Big 4 Virtual Learning Constraints and How To Conquer Them

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Augmented Reality (AR). Virtual Reality (VR). Read More: Converting Instructor-Led Training to Virtual Learning. According to McKinsey , roughly one-half of in-person learning programs scheduled for the first half of 2020 were postponed or canceled.

Adobe Captivate 2019 release

Adobe Captivate

While we may not be able to immerse learners entirely in reality, this version of Captivate takes a few big steps toward that direction. For a few years, I’ve been listening to other Captivate developers talk about virtual reality and the dream to design 3D eLearning. That dream is now a reality with Captivate 2019. You can now create a virtual reality eLearning project that learners can view on their computer screen, mobile device and even using a VR headset.

[Case Study] Using Photogrammetry to Immortalize a Historical Landmark


The process involves taking overlapping photographs of an object, structure, or space, and converting them into 2D or 3D digital models.” Augmented Reality (AR). Virtual Reality (VR). Related articles: Virtual Reality 101. Accessible Virtual Reality?

Free learning & development webinars for April 2022

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PT: Action Adventure in Serious Games (Free for I4PL members) In this session, you’ll look at how to design serious games using augmented reality, film production methodologies and advanced methodologies, such as procedural generation.

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Is mixed reality doctor consultation the future?


Doctors and patient use Microsoft HoloLens 2 and view the digital twin in mixed reality to interact like never before with the state-of-the-art technology. Using augmented reality just took that to a whole different level. The post Is mixed reality doctor consultation the future?

50 Best eLearning Posts Of 2012

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Converting ELearning To Tablet Learning: Cost-effective Solutions. Augmented Reality – Making Paper Interactive. Google’s Glass Project – Wearable Augmented Reality Glasses. We hope you have had a good start to 2013. We are going to make it even better! We have compiled the 50 best eLearning posts of 2012 from our blog. It’s a chance for you to catch up on some interesting stuff you might have missed the last year.

Aligning eLearning Levels of Interactivity with Articulate 360

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As e-learning developers we are often given slide decks to convert into self-directed eLearning modules. Now, not all slide decks deserve to be converted, in fact most eLearning developers would cringe and shy away from just converting a slide deck and handing it back as an eLearning module. It can be converted easily to a Level 2 interactive eLearning module using Presenter and some instructionally sound Engage interactions.

How Modern Techniques & Technology Are Transforming Your eLearning

Online education using WordPress as LMS

Simply converting your existing courses into eLearning training strategy don’t compel learners to immerse themselves into the training program. The world of eLearning or online training is constantly changing.

How To Design eLearning That Delivers Results With Tim Slade

TechSmith Camtasia

Tim advises that you make a conscious effort to augment your learning. If you’re looking to convert something that was done in-person into some virtual format like eLearning, really strip it down and reimagine and figure out what is it we want to accomplish?

9 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest –22

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Converting an existing classroom course to an online format can be a tricky, time-consuming undertaking. Game-Based Learning: Hype Vs. Reality. Know if game-based learning is a hype or reality, or both. Augmented Reality and Web 3.0. and Augmented Reality? Weekly Digest Augumented Reality Best eLearning Links Classroom Training eLearning elearning weekly digest Game Based Learning Mobile Applications QR code Top eLearning Posts

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Review: Learning Everywhere by Chad Udell

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Udell categorizes mobile learning into four different types of content: Converted Content : This is your existing content converted for mobile. This includes content that is only possible because of mobile tools–GPS, augmented reality, and using other sensors on phones. The “converted content” category is what I’ve usually been thinking about as mobile learning. I am still very much a novice in mobile learning.

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Do You Need a Content Authoring Tool for LearnDash?


Speaking of PowerPoint, we are often asked by users if there is an easy way to convert PowerPoint presentations to video to embed in a course. Augmented Reality is still a new eLearning technology, but it’s allowing educators to innovate with new instructional design ideas.

An explanation of cmi5 in (mostly) plain English

Rustici Software

xAPI came along and was designed to track all kinds of learning activities across different technologies that often sit outside of an LMS, like mobile apps, gaming, simulations, virtual reality and augmented reality.

How to Make Workplace Safety Training Modules Future Ready


After this announcement, organizations around the globe are hurrying to convert all their Flash-based content to HTML5. Add (Augmented Reality) AR in training: Augmented reality is the new big thing in the training industry. Using augmented reality visuals for safety training can be an effective way to make users understand the concepts and best practices better. Safety training is an indispensable part of organizational training.

6 Immersive Self-paced Learning Strategies to Maximize the Efficiency of Virtual Training Programs

EI Design

With travel restrictions and social distancing, L&D teams are looking at approaches to convert the classroom/ILT sessions to Virtual Trainings. What Are the Options to Consider as You Convert the Classroom/ILT Sessions to Virtual Trainings? Introduction.

8 Best eBook Hosting Platforms for Digital Publishing


The digitally enriched content can also be rendered via augmented reality (AR) on KITABOO. With KITABOO, you can easily convert your eBook into ePub format. However, you will have to convert it into a different format such as text file, PDF or ePUB. .

H1 2021 Accomplishments: Industry Awards Review


Did you know that eLearning gamification can boost employee motivation and convert customers into brand advocates? Virtual reality, augmented reality and business simulations give learners the opportunity to practice real-life scenarios without the fear of failure, risk or damage.

Still More Alternatives to Second Life: More 3D Worlds to Explore

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Participants can choose from a range of display options including PCs, handheld augmented reality devices, or holographic and large Immersive Display environments. Product Animations uses its proprietary software to convert standard operating procedures, 3D models and animations into virtual machine simulations. Here are even a few more alternatives to Second Life for you to check out. OpenSimulator or OpenSim Building in OpenSim. OpenSimulator is a 3D Application Server.

9 Biggest Myths about Digital Publishing finally debunked!


Fact – Digital publishing platforms can convert eBooks to mobile compatible formats, which enable the reader to download and access the content offline at their convenience. Converting publications in digital and mobile compatible formats is expensive.

The Evolution of the “Common eLearning Man”

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Some content was converted/repurposed from textbooks to PDFs or interactive CD-Roms. Augmented reality. Isn’t it amazing to think how far eLearning has come since the early 1990′s? It is truly remarkable how things have evolved so rapidly. When writing this post, I’ve been amazed how quickly technology is progressing and how it is starting to impact the methodology of content delivery. Without a doubt, eLearning is evolving for everyone.

L&D: Learning and Dystopia

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All the recent buzz around virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, wearable technology, and the like made me realize that this stuff would sound like science fiction to someone from back then. We’ve temporarily converted them into… observation rooms,” she explained as she glanced into the first of several windows. “We You know that feeling you get when something is hyped as “the ultimate solution”?

4 Ways To Revamp Your Outdated eLearning Content In 2021

Tesseract Learning

Reasons Why You Should Convert eLearning Content. There are many reasons why you should convert your outdated eLearning content, but here are 4 reasons that you might find helpful: 1. You can convert your outdated eLearning courses into mobile-friendly HTML5 format.

Creating a continuous learning environment at Aspen Dental

CLO Magazine

Mentoring via virtual reality. That included replacing the in-person new doctor mentoring program with a virtual reality solution. So the L&D team adopted Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, an augmented reality technology to provide virtual mentoring in an immersive environment.

7 Interactive eLearning Solutions for Employee Training

Hurix Digital

One way to implement an interactive training program is to convert all PDFs into eBooks. You can offer an immersive learning experience to employees through augmented reality and virtual reality. .

Verizon’s Lou Tedrick combines innovation and servant leadership to meet the needs of every learner

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Within days of the pandemic’s start, Tedrick was working round the clock to convert all of Verizon’s training to virtual. Then they converted all of the content that learners and leaders needed to thrive in a virtual environment.

Personalize Your Learning Experience Using the Modern LMS App


Also, m learning authoring tools convert as PowerPoint and Word documents into HTML5 to ensure a flawless training experience. . ? We created an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile LMS application for one of our esteemed retail clients. In today’s tech-savvy world, many organizations are focusing on using mobile learning management systems to train globally dispersedemployees.

3 Powerful Rapid Authoring Tools Released in 2016

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Convert text-heavy classroom content, such as compliance training materials, into engaging online courses. Related Posts Lectora Inspire, Articulate Storyline and Now Adobe Captivate 8 – Expert’s Advice 10 Answers to the Commonly Asked Questions About Lectora 11 Using Augmented Reality in E-learning and M-learning. E-learning development technologies are constantly evolving.

The Customer Education Experts Directory


Co-written ‘The Customer Education Playbook: How Winning Companies Use Training to Engage, Convert, and Retain Customers’ Additional Content: Q&A with VP of Learning Strategies Daniel Quick.

Are We In This Virtually Forever?

Innovative Learning Group

Within a few weeks, learning functions were forced to convert their offerings to virtual-delivery. I see this as an opportunity to ask for the budget you need for things, such as upgrading your LMS and acquiring a learning experience platform, selecting or upgrading your e-learning tools (authoring tools, graphic packages, video and audio editing tools), or selecting augmented reality or virtual reality tools. Five Actions to Take to Advance Your Learning Future.

How to Create Interactive Content for Sales Enablement


Engaging interactive content can transform conversations with sales prospects and convert them into customers. Creating interactive content for sales enablement is an effective practice to convert prospects into loyal customers. That being said, if content for marketing and sales is well-aligned, the sales team can better leverage it across various touch-points on the buyers’ journey to convert a prospect into a loyal customer.

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A Look Back (and Forward) at Ed-Tech Trends in L&D

The Learning Dispatch

The iPhone may not have reinvented learning, but people use their smartphones to learn in both new ways (using augmented reality) and to channel older forms of training (completing traditional web-based training, well, anywhere).

How To Use Interactive Video-Based Learning To Enhance Your Training’s Impact

EI Design

You can convert any of your existing videos (in traditional format) to an interactive video-based learning format and create more engaging and higher impact training. Integrate other interesting components like gamification, Virtual Reality, or Augmented Reality to create highly immersive learning experiences. The adoption of video-based training is on a roll.

Why Do Large Businesses Use Digital Publishing Tools?


With so much content available you have to go the extra mile to attract your audience and convert them into sales. . Some of these multimedia elements include audio/video files, hyperlinks, images, both static and dynamic, virtual reality and augmented reality.

ILT: How To Make It Safe During COVID-19

Roundtable Learning

While virtual instructor-led training (VILT), eLearning , or extended reality training ( virtual reality and augmented reality ) are still safer options, not every organization has much of a choice, especially in financially unstable times.

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4 Ways To Revamp Your Outdated eLearning Content In 2021

Tesseract Learning

Reasons Why You Should Convert eLearning Content. There are many reasons why you should convert your outdated eLearning content, but here are 4 reasons that you might find helpful: 1. You can convert your outdated eLearning courses into mobile-friendly HTML5 format.

4 Ways To Revamp Your Outdated eLearning Content In 2021

Tesseract Learning

Reasons Why You Should Convert eLearning Content. There are many reasons why you should convert your outdated eLearning content, but here are 4 reasons that you might find helpful: 1. You can convert your outdated eLearning courses into mobile-friendly HTML5 format.