Do IT Right The First Time (3 Application Security Tips)

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And here it is: a single overlooked vulnerability can cost a user millions of hard-won dollars, and even worse, the loss of reputation and trust among its various publics. Creating, developing and building a secure application doesn’t give us much room for error.

How Can Businesses Ensure Cloud Platform Security?

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Over the last decade, organizations around the globe have increasingly embraced cloud applications in order to innovate, transform their business, manage costs and handle their increased workload. The transition to the cloud has, therefore, brought to the forefront the issue of cloud platform security. The old method of adding static walls to on-site IT assets don’t work for cloud, implying that cloud platform security needs a more robust approach.

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Cloud Cost Optimization: 6 Best Practices for Cloud Cost Optimization

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The concept of the cloud came with the promise of lower IT costs and unlimited storage. This conundrum of resources used vis-à-vis resources ordered opens up a possibility of cloud cost optimization to free up more working capital. Let’s try to decode what cloud cost optimization means and how you can leverage it to reduce investment in IT storage and computing needs. What is Cloud Cost Optimization? 6 Best Practices and Strategies for Cloud Cost Optimization.

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2020 LMS pricing guide: Here’s what makes up the cost ??


When you look at what an LMS costs at the forefront, it can look more intimidating than it should. All this to say, once you have a more tangible cost associated with your problem, the cost that comes with a solution will feel reasonable and, for your boss, more justified (no sweat needed).

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Agile Microlearning Explained

the cost of personalization. For instance, within a Module on online security, Password Security. may be a Topic, and Designing a Secure Password may be a Concept. for a password to be secure? most secure? Designing a Secure Password, the learner must demonstrate. COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN v1.1

Cloud Cost Management – All You Need to Know About Cloud Cost Management

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Instead, they can remotely connect to the extensive cloud network and access the latest programs, services, resources, and platforms in an efficient, secure, and scalable manner. In addition, the one factor which proves to be a major hindrance in the adoption and integration of cloud services is – cloud cost management. What is cloud cost management? This is why most of them rely on the creation of a comprehensive and unique cloud cost management strategy.

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Docebo powered by AWS: keeping you secure while you learn anywhere


A cloud LMS stores a ton of data though, and not only do we want you to love the product itself, but we want you to feel secure using it. With AWS hosting our platform, we’re able to confidently stand by the security of your data, disaster recovery, and business continuity, and ensure your data can be reliably accessed at all times by permitted parties, all while still providing you with a faster and improved user experience that you love. Cost savings.

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Delivering Online Training Securely


Moving your training online can dramatically reduce your costs and make training more convenient and enjoyable for your trainees, but it can also introduce concerns about security. At Mindflash we take security extremely seriously and have gone to great lengths to protect all our customers’ content and ensure their training materials are only accessed by their trainees. We have taken a multi pronged approach to security. Physical Security.

Don’t Ransack My Movies (DRM): Options Around Securing Online Video

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In this post, we take a look at the range of possibilities for securing your video content. methods of securing video content are implemented, more technically advanced roadblocks can be placed to stop individuals a wholesale download of the videos. Finally, very technical methods are available to attempt to secure streamed video content. Therefore, such complex methods of video security should be combined with some of the simpler methods described above.

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AWS Sandbox: How to Set One Up Securely and Responsibly


To ensure the security of your account, you need to define IAM policies and create a permissions boundary that blocks certain functions. Sandbox security considerations. This VPC should be managed by a security policy that only allows inbound access from your trusted IP addresses.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

handle any secure external API calls, which means. making use of the cloud in order to provide always- on, ultra-secure learning at scale. training data, you’d have had to pay a variable fee, with the potential for spiraling costs as your business. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Don't panic - security breaches


Understanding where your department sits on the security spectrum. Do you know what questions to ask to protect yourself or when investing in security software? Is there a plan in place if a breach occurs, despite rigorous security measures? What does lack of availability cost for your customers to be without access to your products and services?

Handling a hack: Data security elearning

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Preparation There are many types of cyber security breaches. The highest profile examples tend to be outside agents attacking or stealing secure data, but perhaps more common are simple lapses in protocol or mistakes in securing data. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with an area as big as cyber security so being able to offer a cost-effective, versatile approach is key. Benefits of elearning data breach data security elearning hack

Do Low-Cost, All-Inclusive LMS Packages Exist?


An LMS with mobile capabilities enables a user to access company information (which is stored securely in an online location), including training-related resources like online courses and quizzes. While companies are eager to secure flat-fee, all-inclusive learning management systems , all too often, steep price tags put eLearning systems just out of reach. Thankfully, Software as a Service (SaaS) LMSs are making these all ­inclusive packages available at unbelievably low costs.

Making the ask: securing a learning budget during economic hardship

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We often see individuals begin to negotiate against themselves; a project that costs $100,000 and requires 30 project management hours often results in an ask like, “We would need around $100,000 in budget, or whatever budget we haven’t exhausted or frozen, and some PM support … but worse-case scenario, I can take on the extra work. This is very different from, “This project would cost $100,000 and require 30 project management hours, based on the extensive preparation we have done.

Top 5 Courses for Online Security


Yahoo’s 2016 security breach, which comprised one billion user accounts and cost an estimated $4.8 The post Top 5 Courses for Online Security appeared first on GO1 Learning. Business & Management Compliance Tips & Tricks cyber security online courses online securityThe threat from online insecurity is no laughing matter for organizations doing business in today’s market.

Why Microlearning Is An Effective Way To Provide Cyber Security & Online Safety Training

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Cyber security and online safety are essential to understand, particularly in corporate organizations where cybercrime has become commonplace due to technological advancement. However, most corporate organizations train their employees on cyber security and online safety once or twice a year and expect them to remember each and every thing. This is exactly why microlearning is an effective way to provide cyber security and online safety training in corporate organizations.

How to Seriously Reduce Compliance Training Costs


How to Seriously Reduce Compliance Training Costs. Looking for the Training Cost Checklist? I see many articles on the subject of reducing training costs. And to be honest, most focus on relatively vague and unhelpful ideas or obvious ‘linear’ ways to reduce costs; They talk around the edges. In this post I will indicate whether each cost-saving idea is a tangible, or intangible cost. Paper and Printing Related Costs. COST TYPE: TANGIBLE.

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How to Keep Your Cloud-Based LMS Software Protected

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So, whether you’re training people internally or externally, LMS security is paramount. According to Sophos , the average cost of a ransomware attack on a business is $133,000. 2FA creates an additional layer of security around your LMS by requiring all users to identify themselves twice – with a password and some kind of information only they would know. Mobile Security. Which means that everything previously said about LMS security applies to mobile as well.

Investing in cyber security prevention


A data breach has occurred when an individual’s name plus Social Security Number (SSN), driver’s license number, medical record, or a financial record/credit/debit card is tendentially put at risk. . IBM’s Data Breach Study reports that on average, the cost per record stolen in the United States is $221, and that the average time to just identify a malicious attack is 229 days. Hackers prey on human error by stimulating strong emotions to create gaps in security.

Investing in cyber security prevention


A data breach has occurred when an individual’s name plus Social Security Number (SSN), driver’s license number, medical record, or a financial record/credit/debit card is tendentially put at risk. . IBM’s Data Breach Study reports that on average, the cost per record stolen in the United States is $221, and that the average time to just identify a malicious attack is 229 days. Hackers prey on human error by stimulating strong emotions to create gaps in security.

Measure Strategic, Visible and Costly Programs


Programs like leadership, onboarding and sales are strategic, visible and costly and should be measured. Performitiv is designed to measure learning impact from strategic, visible and costly programs. Data collection is simple and secure, reporting is engaging and empowers users to act on the data by telling a story of impact while identifying improvement areas. Integration features automate data collection for a practical, scalable process in a secure environment.

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Top 5 Cloud Management Challenges And Tips to Overcome Them

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Security and Privacy . Keeping confidential data safe and secure is among the topmost priorities for businesses. Cloud security essentially refers to a set of robust technologies to safeguard data. . Related Read: How Can Businesses Ensure Cloud Platform Security?

Handling the Security Challenges of E-Learning and Online Training


Handling the Security Challenges of E-Learning and Online Training. Security is an issue for your company whenever there is data involved, especially if the information in question is available online. Often, however, not enough attention is paid to data security when developing e-learning courses. This is changing as organisations in Dubai realise security challenges exist with e-learning so then take steps to address them. Provide Security Advice to Learners.

How to secure the health and longevity of your company


Cost, retention and staying competitive Continuous learning has its cost benefits. A possibly more nightmarish scenario is when employees are disillusioned and don’t leave, costing you silently. Beyond cost benefit Financials aside, getting the right knowledge, to the right people, at the right time, empowers them. Workforce Success secures the health and longevity of your company. The secret? Continuous, lifelong or incremental learning.

Using eLearning As A Cost Effective Training Solution


Employee eLearning has great potential to offer a cost effective solution for many businesses. It can increase employee confidence and their feeling of security. Companies that provide employee training, or are looking to, will want to know where the cost benefit lies and what the rewards of training online are, especially in these trying times. It gives companies the ability to improve employee knowledge of the organisation, and create loyalty and internal buy-in.

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Are your retail associates prepared to handle a security threat?


McIntosh and his team work around the clock to make sure their retail associates know how to deal with any security threats, so that their customers don’t have to. So how do you prepare your retail associates for security threats? Safety procedures and security training aren’t things you institute to simply check off a box, they’re integral to the success of your business. One slip up can cost you millions.

Flash to HTML5 Elearning: Costs vs. Benefits

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They require a flash player to play the content and most modern browsers, tablets, and mobile devices will simply not have anything to do with flash player for security reasons. While Flash to HTML5 elearning conversion costs may seem unasked for, they will help you salvage your learning content wealth. How to Reduce Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Costs.

How to Make Cyber Security Training Suck Less [White Paper]


Cyber attacks and security breaches are on the rise, and so are their associated costs. And while there are technological solutions to help minimize risk, one of the largest threats to your organization's security posture is your employees. In our white paper, Why Information Security Training Sucks (and what to do about it) , you’ll learn why many cyber security training programs fail. Information Security Employee TrainingBig data is upon us.

10 Low-Cost Ideas for Employee Training

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So, What Will it Cost Me? In terms of pricing, Microsoft PowerPoint (standalone, not including full Microsoft Suite) will cost you about $109, for 1 user (both PC and Mac) in the Microsoft Store, but you can shop around and check out other vendors such as Amazon, Overstock or Office Max/Depot. So, What Will it Cost Me? ON-DEMAND WEBINARS On-demand webinars are a great and cost-effective way to train your employees - as they can access the content anytime, anyplace.

The role of L&D in developing a culture of security at work


By some estimates, the cost of cybercrime each year in the U.S. It seems strange, then, that security is often something of an afterthought for many companies. We tend to treat it as a costly additional component rather than an essential aspect which must be integrated into every facet of our business. The role of L&D in developing a culture of security at work. We know that security protocols have a place in the initial training of employees.

Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream Implications for the IT Security Workforce

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Addressing this IT cloud security challenge is a two-fold challenge. Changing Roles of IT Professionals First, while cloud computing and SaaS business models can enable IT organizations to lower infrastructure costs and enable more agility to support customers, they are fundamentally changing the roles of many IT and IT security professionals. Not so long ago, IT security staff worked to protect the organization’s IT perimeter.

3 Ways to Avoid Low-Cost LMS Challenges


That’s why you may be considering a low-cost LMS. A low-cost LMS will likely provide limited (if any) data collection tools or analytics services. A low-cost LMS is unlikely to offer the task automation services that save your team time and protect workflow. On the tech side of things, platform security and software updates are critical to the success of your LMS. A low-cost LMS will often leave software update management and platform security to you.

Preventing Data Security Breaches on an LMS

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What does it take to prevent a costly information heist? Let us now look at some of the common challenges to the security of information stored in LMSs. This is arguably the biggest information security challenge in the use of an LMS. For instance, it is advisable to have proper procedures to change passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your LMS and ensure the security of your confidential information. How can you ensure the safety of your confidential data?

Security for WordPress Websites with Kathy Zant from Wordfence Security Plugin


Learn about security for WordPress websites with Kathy Zant from Wordfence security plugin in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Kathy shares her story of entering the WordPress security space and several tips and tricks for online course creators to help protect their platforms. Security is incredibly important. Website security is like an insurance plan. Kathy Zant: Security is incredibly important.