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Business Impact of Learning: What is Customer Experience Worth to You?

Talented Learning

In both cases, employee learning directly influenced our customer experience. Wineries depend heavily on customer discretionary income. Successful high-end wineries know which aspects of their business directly influence customer decisions.

Uniquely Yours: eFrontPro Customization Options


Whether it’s a new home, a new laptop, or a new Talent Development portal, it’s only human to want to make it yours with your own customizations. to customers that need to go beyond what’s already available in the platform for everybody. Basic customization options in eFrontPro.

The case of Free SSL for custom TalentLMS domains


One of the most important, albeit technical, improvement introduced in the latest TalentLMS release is the free SSL for custom domains. Whenever you submit information on a web-page, this information traverses multiple network nodes to reach the server behind the web-page.

SaaS vs custom eLearning solution: How to Start an Online Tutoring Business?


Before you enter into the pipeline and manage the flow, you have to decide how to choose a tutoring business service, and look for its pros and cons. As online tutor, you can leverage the video format and create video lectures and other explainer videos. What are you really good at?

Comparison of SaaS vs Custom Solution of e learning platform[Infographics]


The vendors provide the software as already hosted on a cloud server with additional benefits like regular software updates, troubleshooting, and maintenance support. For example, if a user wishes for maintenance and customized LMS solutions. The payment will depend on what type of customization user wants and how much time and resources it will take the vendors to implement it. As the software vendor itself is responsible for the hosting services.

SaaS or Custom? The Pros and Cons of a Custom Learning Management System


In your search for an online training platform, you will have to make a significant choice early on: SaaS, or Custom? SaaS, short for Software as a Service, has become a buzzword across industries in recent years. The monthly subscription cost of SaaS solutions tends to be lower than the initial fee and ongoing maintenance costs of a customized LMS solution and is typically billed on user-tier basis—meaning you only have to pay for what you use. The Benefits of a Custom LMS.

5 Reasons Why You Should Customize Your eLearning Courses


Given this over-abundance of eLearning material, does it really make sense for a company to develop its own custom eLearning courses? In this post, we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should invest in custom eLearning development. Enter custom eLearning development.

LMS – A Digital Learning Repository That Creates a Learning and Coaching Culture

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Sales people, in particular, have to frequently learn about new products and services, to sell more and serve better, which will not only help satisfy and retain existing customers, but also increase the customer base. Create Forums for Collaborative Learning.

LMS Innovation: Where’s the Value?

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If you follow my writing — even casually — you know how excited I am about the direction of LMS innovation and its ability to help organizations create business value. Check out our services for LMS Buyers !

The Top 14 eLearning Template Trends of 2014

eLearning Brothers

Basically popular everywhere cricket and rugby is played, users are brewing tea, customizing their templates, sending their learners on a jolly adventure. Hello friends!

12 Things Every eLearning Template Library Member Should Know

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After your subscription ends you can continue to use the templates in courses that you’ve already created. 9 Using Templates on a Hard-Drive or a Shared-Server. 12 You Can Order Custom Templates. Yes, you can order custom templates!

Creating Online Social Learning Membership Sites with Web Development Agency Owner, BuddyPress Expert, and StudyChurch Founder Tanner Moushey


Learn about creating online social learning membership sites with web development agency owner, BuddyPress expert, and StudyChurch founder Tanner Moushey in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Tanner offers web design services at

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eLearning: Adding Videos to eLearning. The Results

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Your corporate media server (or a server you created on your own). A media service. Most developers (54%) store the videos on their computer or server. Media service placed second (38%).      If you set up your own media server, tell us your story. Top comments about this question: "Previously attempted to do this with Adobe's Flash Media Server but it was too complicated and expensive.

The Benefits of SaaS: Hosted LMS

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SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It means software that is hosted on the provider’s servers instead of servers in-house. The client subscribes to the software rather than licensing it outright and running it on their own servers.

Franchise Training Realities: Learning to Slice the Bloomin’ Onion

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On average, each franchisee employs about 60 people in a variety of roles: Front-of-the-house employees – servers, hosts, bartenders. This includes managers, as well as front-line employees who are integral to the customer experience. Alcohol service laws are a good example.

How can I start my own e-learning business?


E-learning platforms are creating a revolution in the information technology era. There are several factors contributing to your business prospects when you create your own e-learning website. The answer to all three questions is “finding a trending niche and creating online courses for the target audience in that niche. Do market research to target specific audiences for your online services. The customers only pay for a single course to develop their skills.

The business of learning: Building a profitable training center


The definition and boundaries of enterprise learning have rapidly expanded to include any link in the business value chain, including customers, partners, franchisees, vendors, and other external audiences. Articles Customer Training eCommerce Enterprise Learning Sell Courses Online

eLearning at scale: 8 LMS features for large enterprises


Too many modern software platforms just offer a Cloud edition — which, while great for many use cases, it is not necessarily a good fit for every company or organization, especially one that wants to control all aspects of its enterprise servers and corporate intranet.

Infrastructure Requirements for E-learning Implementation and Delivery

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Server Type: The main piece of hardware you need is a server. There are many options such as a cloud server, dedicated server, or shared server – each with its advantages and disadvantages. You need to configure the server accordingly.

E-learning Deployment – Considerations and Tools


In this post we’ll try to give a comprehensive list of all the tools, services, accessories and software you’ll need for your e-learning deployment. You also get the benefit of having an expert team making sure your server and LMS run smoothly.

How Avaya Built Its Own Version of Khan Academy

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Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the semi-annual Technology Services World (TSW) Conference , hosted by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) on the Avaya Mentor program, which I had also written about last August. Customer Stories Camtasia Studio

Conventional vs. Cloud – Why Is Cloud-Based Training So Popular?


Classroom corporate training usually require in-house installation of software applications on company IT servers and the on-going maintenance that comes with that. If you overbook, you often must rent out additional space and servers.

SharePoint Observations

Learning Developments

The problem is that most of the teams I've observed have no clue what the best practices are for creating a collaborative There are ways that SharePoint can be customized. Depending on the complexity of the project built-in customizations can certainly improve the usability. But you still can not fully customize the look and feel of a teamsite without additional development work. I've been looking into SharePoint web services lately.

The 5 Best Open Source Learning Management Systems

Your Training Edge

With an open source Learning Management System (LMS), you can customize your experience and programs based on your business goals and department directives, allowing different groups of employees to access hundreds of learning modules. You can customize Totara to your heart’s content.

ScreencastCamp 2013 Session Content

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Creating Re-usable Templates in Camtasia. Troy presents how to create re-usable templates in Camtasia. Rob talks about the benefits of Wistia as a video server. In the presentation you’ll find out about cost, security and service involved with Wistia.

What is a Learning Management System? (2019 Update)


Sophisticated AI technology grows to understand each learner’s behaviour, creating unique, personalized learning experiences, and social learning lets learners consult peer mentors, ask questions, and collaborate. Cut down training/onboarding time for employees, customers, and partners.

Virtual Labs & LMS Integration for Enterprises


User and customer education is a vital step toward maximizing the value of your company’s software solutions. There are many reasons why companies are turning to learning management system (LMS) virtual labs to streamline training, customer onboarding, and other procedures.

Security Awareness Tips for LMS Administrators

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As the software industry continues to move away from purchased client/server applications and toward cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) solutions, LMS administrators must rethink the means that they employ to keep their system free from attack, and most importantly, keep their data secure.

10 Sales Engineering Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter


As a sales engineer at Citrix, a communications service provider, Chris Edwards loves AI, robots, and the Internet of Things industry. The software company he works for focuses on cloud computing, server technology, and networking products.

The Rise of the Servant Leader

CLO Magazine

I would like to think that the 21st century will be remembered as a time when leaders realize that in order to produce the greatest results for their employees, their customers and our planet, they must serve rather than be served. With tears in his eyes, he apologized for his poor service.

Scheduled Maintenance on September 20th, 2013 from 10pm to 11pm EST – for 1 hour


The maintenance session is being undertaken to add 5 new custom result types and upgrade our internal server. This will ensure that you have a smoother experience while creating quizzes and courses. Why: To improve system response time and add 5 more custom result types.

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What is Big Data?


Social media platforms alone are creating vast quantities of digital material. People upload millions of photos and videos daily, post millions of tweets, exchange billions of messages & comments and create billions of documents daily.

Cloud: the good, the bad and the better


It seems obvious, but it’s incredible how many software packages and services are offered with an unwieldy “one size fits all” mentality. The Cloud is great because it frees you from having to deploy and manage your own application servers. Same goes for customization.

Monotonous to Fascinating: Changing Employee Training Module


So, we plan to create an engine which will allow us to develop games, specifically for learning. Instead of having like one Central Core, we decided to have multiple small services which kind of aggregate the entire API level.

Security Awareness Tips for LMS Administrators

Web Courseworks

As the software industry continues to move away from purchased client/server applications and toward cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) solutions, LMS administrators must rethink the means that they employ to keep their system free from attack, and most importantly, keep their data secure.