eLearning Certifications

Tony Karrer

eLearning Certification?

Tony Karrer

A colleague just asked me if I knew of any organizations that provided an "eLearning Certification". and I didn't. She doesn't want another Master's degree. Does anyone know of something appropriate or have a suggestion


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Certified to Blow Your Mind: How to Manage eLearning Certificates


We’re probably all familiar with certificates of completion and accomplishment, your most expensive one probably being your diploma from university (although my personal favorite is from the 5th-grade talent show). Even into adulthood, we love a good certificate. eLearning Glossary

Do You Have an ELearning Resolution?


As you start o make your resolutions (assuming you are one to do so), I would encourage you to create one that is related to elearning. Well, it largely depends on your background and involvement in the elearning industry. If your profession is something else, then perhaps your resolution could be to take at least one elearning course from a popular MOOC platform that is related to your career. elearning

Book Giveaway and Other News

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I’m teaching at session of the Advanced Instructional Design for Elearning Certificate at the ATD ICE Conference on May 20-21 in Denver. I’m also doing an elearning instructional design certificate program at the Online Learning Conference in Chicago September 19-20. Hey folks, So Bryan Jones at elearningart.com did a very fun interview with me for his blog.

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The Benefits Of Adding Certifications To Your Linkedin Profile Or Resume


It can be a difficult task to separate yourself from the crowd, but adding eLearning courses and certifications to your LinkedIn profile or resuméis a great starting point. Adding related eLearning courses can help you stand out.

Top 24 LMS Features: The Complete List (2020 Update)


These systems help people in the eLearning industry enable their employees, partners, and customers. Certifications. Sophisticated reporting on our eLearning programs is not a big ask, and it’s one you should ensure is part of the package deal. Certifications.

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Value of an Online Degree

Tony Karrer

Related to my recent post about eLearning Certifications , someone went back through some of my older related posts such as eLearning Certification , Online Degrees Get No Respect and particularly: Lower Value of Online Degree Programs and asked: I am curious, now that things have changed over the last three years, where do you stand with online degrees, specifically, WSAC (regionally) accredited online PhD degrees? eLearning Technology.

A Good Combination

Bottom-Line Performance

I recently saw a cool example of a Supervisor Effectiveness course from Allan Interactions as part of the ASTD elearning certificate program. Tags: learning design Add new tag adult learning elearning games instructional design story telling Typically we format training into some combination of explanation or tell followed by a knowledge check or practice. It’s helpful to incorporate a compelling story and perhaps a game to reinforce learning.

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An Elearning Design Reading List

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Anyway, I typically keep a list of resources when I teach the ATD (ASTD) Advanced Instructional Design for Elearning Certificate, and I keep thinking that I should put the list somewhere. So here it is: Blogs et al: Cathy Moore — her blog and The Elearning Blueprint. Tom Kuhlmann’s Rapid Elearning Blog and Articulate’s Elearning Heroes Community. Connie Malamed’s Elearning Coach Website.

How Microsoft Can Be A Digital Learning Powerhouse With It’s Lynda.com Acquisition


It’s definitely not Microsoft’s first foray into online learning, but it might be one of its most useful; especially when you consider that Microsoft is already the most significant source of certifications on LinkedIn today. Voted one of the 50 worst inventions by Time , the annoyingly peppy office assistant did get one thing right: he was providing prescribed eLearning just when you needed it the most. Certification (Finally).

Converting Live Workshops to an Online Course (Part II)

Web Courseworks

Material from this post came from the following sources: First I conducted an interview with Bill Winfield, an instructor with the UW eLearning Certificate Program, who teaches a four-week online course. Tags: eCourse Development Instructional Design Repurposing for eLearning

Why Do Learners Want Training Certificates?


The demand for online certificate courses is on the rise. Or so say nearly 12,000 people entering the job market who, when asked , said they were turning their gaze towards certification for specific skills. This growing demand means that certificates are fast becoming one of the most important considerations for freelance eLearning consultants. Can you still take advantage of this growing demand for training certificates? Certification is motivating.

Converting Live Workshops to an Online Course (Part I)

Web Courseworks

In this first blog post in a series, we will discuss a main point of contention against repurposing face-to-face (F2F) workshops into eLearning: loss of human contact and interaction. Material from this post came from the following sources: First I conducted an interview with Bill Winfield, an instructor with the UW eLearning Certificate Program, who teaches a four-week online course. Tags: eCourse Development Instructional Design Repurposing for eLearning

Upskilling Employees: Advantages and Methods To Teach Staff More


You may also consider offering credentialing programs, meaning training that results in a professional certificate. For example, you may have instructional designers on your team who would benefit by enrolling in an intensive eLearning Certificate program. You can also utilize SMEs to assist with building eLearning content for full microlearning programs. Corporate leaders understand that employee turnover is expensive.

Here’s How You Can Change the World

Rapid eLearning

LINGOs is looking for volunteers to help some of its member agencies build elearning courses. Now you can share your instructional design and elearning skills to benefit those organizations that are working to make this world a better place. The eLearning Guild is sponsoring the E-Learning Global Giveback Competition and will announce five finalist courses and the winner at the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo in March 2010. Small elearning companies.

A Three-Step Process for Becoming an E-Learning Pro

Rapid eLearning

“I want to become an elearning pro. We’ll look at three key steps in the process of becoming an elearning pro. There are many ways to learn what you need to know to become an elearning pro. Complete a certificate program. A lot of schools offer elearning certification programs. On top of that, the elearning community has all sorts of elearning tutorials and content to help you get started. Becoming an elearning pro takes time.

5 eLearning Elements Your Online Course Shouldn’t Miss


eLearning online courses are perhaps the most productive method in staff and employee training and onboarding and can save any company hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in what would have been spent in traditional training practices. But reaping the benefits of efficient eLearning online courses requires designing a module that truly works, and missing certain eLearning elements can definitely dampen the strength of your online program. 3) Certifications.

More Answers to Your Rapid E-Learning Questions

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Where can I get free elearning assets? You don’t need print-quality images for elearning courses. Download the free assets from the elearning community. But if you need more, jump into the elearning community and ask what others are doing. Create some treatments to show before and after examples of interactive elearning. You may also want to consider an elearning certificate rather than a full program.

Escape from Compliance Training Jail - The Rapid eLearning Blog

Rapid eLearning

The Rapid Elearning Blog. If we don’t pass the certification, then just like the car, we have to go through a remedial process. Like the healthcare industry, there are many industries that require annual refresher or certification testing that has little to do with learning. Of course, when a person doesn’t pass the certification, it identifies a clear learning opportunity. It will even print a certificate at the end when someone demonstrates total mastery.